Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 19 – 30, 2021)

Published on July 20, 2021.

Quinn, Carter and Eric will all struggle with temptation, coming up on The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B). Are we talking about revenge, lust or power? How about all three?! Also, Finn’s parents introduce a smorgasbord of storyline speculation, while Ridge considers getting his hands dirty. Let’s look beyond the spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for July 19th through 30th, 2021!

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12. Another Olive Branch

As viewers saw last week, Justin offered up years of incriminating evidence against Dollar Bill, should Ridge and Thomas be willing to look the other way about his “lapse in judgment”. Knowing full well that Ridge remembers previous lapses (like when Justin threw him out of a helicopter not so long ago), the attorney will come back offering another olive branch. Could Barber have evidence that could land Bill right back in the jail cell he just left? Or will it involve personal indiscretions that might impact Katie and Will, just as Bill is making headway with his family?

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11. The Power Of The Sword

It was telling that when Eric walked into the office, Ridge quickly concealed Bill’s sword necklace in his pocket. Bill’s sword necklace has had a lengthy history on B&B, and has come to represent the Spencer’s cutthroat ruthlessness. Ridge has had his own history with the necklace (once even destroying the symbol), so having it back in his possession suggests that Ridge plans to take a page out of Dollar Bill’s playbook. This rivalry will heat up again.

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10. Ridge And Brooke Reconnect

These two have had a lot of distractions lately, what with Hope’s imprisoned husband, Thomas’s disappearance and the public humiliation of Ridge’s father. Now that the drama is dying down, they’ll spend some quality time together. It’ll be nice to see them enjoy each other’s company, after so much friction. She’ll also suggest broadening her area of expertise at Forrester Creations; could she be eyeing her rival’s old job?

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9. Steffy and Finn

Was it just a romantic notion when Finn suggested that he and Steffy marry each other right then and there at home, with only a newborn baby to act as witness? Because Finn seemed pretty serious about it! There’s a simmering panic beneath Finn’s laidback vibe, and it’s likely because the clock is ticking down until his parents get involved. What is Finn trying to accomplish before they arrive?

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8. Finn’s Parents

Viewers won’t have to wait much longer to find out! As previously reported, Finn’s father and mother will make their first appearances on B&B on July 30th and August 2nd, respectively, and we expect that drama won’t be far behind. Ted King, who will portray Finn’s dad, recently told Soap Opera Digest that his relationship with Li (played by Naomi Matsuda) will be “a lot more complicated than [Matsuda and I] thought”. What will this mean for Steffy’s future, let alone little Hayes?

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7. A Bit Physical? 

The other tidbit of information King was able to offer is that he and Finn had established their father-son connection when they “exchanged some physicality” in scenes together. Could this mean that Jack Finnegan’s parenting style was very hands-on? If Steffy isn’t enamored with Jack’s parenting methods, perhaps she will worry that Finn’s sole notions of fatherhood and masculinity will be passed down to their newborn boy.

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6. A Second Mom

What we know about Li Finnegan so far is that she is a bold, career-focused surgeon who realized later in life that she’d wanted a child. While Finn’s existence seems to support that her wish was granted, there’s more than enough ambiguity there to suggest that Li is Finn’s adopted mother. So while she and Steffy will work to bridge their unique perspectives, Finn’s biological mom — who has long been rumored to be on canvas already — might also be revealed.

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5. Tensions Will Rise

Regardless, Li is also Finn’s mom, so we’ll see how she and Steffy get along. Will someone as accomplished as Li encounter feelings of jealousy, since Steffy was able to manage both children and her professional development? Will Li expect Steffy to be a stay-at-home mother now? There will definitely be some differences of opinion between these two when it comes to family roles.

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4. Shauna and Donna Compete For Eric

Eric’s ego might be a little bruised following Quinn’s affair with Carter, but he won’t be a bachelor for very long. And B&B spoilers suggest that two women in particular will be hoping to lock eyes with the Forrester magnate: Donna Logan and Shauna Fulton! While Donna may be the odds-on favorite going into this love triangle, don’t count Shauna out of the picture just yet! Things would get mighty awkward around her bestie, Quinn, if Shauna won Eric’s heart. (Also, when was the last time Shauna had a good storyline?)

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3. Will Carter Sabotage Eric’s Divorce? 

Carter is head-over-heels crazy about Quinn, and B&B spoilers indicate that Quarter will recognize that they’re much more serious about one another than their fling anticipated. Will Carter be able to separate his feelings for Quinn from his responsibility to represent Eric in divorce proceedings? Or, will he intentionally botch his obligations to Eric, so that Quinn receives his shares of Forrester Creations?

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2. Eric Pulls The Strings

Is Carter’s role in Eric’s divorce intended to be the ultimate test of loyalty, or is Eric planning to use his divorce attorney as evidence of Quinn’s adultery, thereby ensuring that his personal holdings remain his? It seems cold but then again, Eric has been pretty demanding with Carter since the affair went public. Perhaps he’s looking to humiliate Carter in his arena much like Eric was humiliated in his own home.

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1. Quinn Picks Her First Target

Quinn will put on a brave face in the coming weeks. She’ll tell Eric she accepts that their marriage is over and she won’t fight for him. She’ll even tell Carter that they should stop seeing each other, to salvage his career at Forrester (good luck with that…). What’s fuelling her stoic acceptance of the life she’s lost? Why, revenge towards the people who stole it from her, of course! Why else would Wyatt be so worried about his mom? Will Quinn target Paris or Brooke, and will she involve their loved ones in her plot? If B&B viewers have learned anything, it’s that nobody crosses Quinn and gets away with it.

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