Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 20 – July 31, 2020)

Published on July 20, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases that, after a motorcycle accident, Steffy will end up in a coma and Ridge will blame Bill for putting her there. Also, Shauna will begin to worry about Flo when she can’t get in touch with her daughter. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for July 20 to 31, 2020.

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12. Bill Is Contrite

Dollar Bill will continue his acts of contrition towards Katie. He is still seeking forgiveness for kissing Brooke and breaking Katie’s heart. The Spencer magnate wants to put their family back together with Will and he will tell his fiancé he’s more than willing to accept the consequences of his actions. But viewers know that Bill always expects an exception to every rule and there’s one thing he will not accept – losing Katie and their son Will. How will Katie react to Bill’s latest apology?

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11. Remorseful Quinn

Quinn will try her best to make amends with Eric for sabotaging Brooke and Ridge’s relationship. Eric is still angry with her for causing trouble and ruining Bridge’s reunion. All he wants is peace in the Forrester family. Quinn will never be sorry for uploading the video to the digital photo frame, but she is remorseful that her actions have hurt her husband and she will try to make it up to him.

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10. What Is Shauna Hiding?

Ridge will attempt to contact Shauna, but he won’t be able to reach her. Speculation teases Shauna may be hiding an explosive secret from Ridge. Some viewers noticed Shauna and Ridge’s VIP Vegas night out on the town ended with the pair smooching in front of a wedding chapel. But Ridge was so drunk that has no memory of the entire evening. Did Ridge and Shauna get married? And if so, did the fashion designer file the papers and end his marriage to Brooke, or has Ridge become a bigamist?

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9. Carter Takes Center Stage

Katie will vent to Carter, telling him all about Brooke and Bill’s kiss and how Quinn manipulated the situation by uploading a video of the smooch to a digital photo frame. Carter will then be stunned to find out from Zoe that Sally has a fatal illness and Wyatt and Flo pretended to break up for Sally’s sake. They’ll also discuss Zoe’s whirlwind and ill-fated romance with Thomas.

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8. Steffy In A Coma

A B&B spoiler video shows Steffy in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines. Spoilers tease she’ll be out for a ride on her motorcycle when Dollar Bill accidentally hits her with his vehicle. Bill will be stunned when he sees Steffy’s motionless body on the road and will have her rushed to the hospital. She’ll end up in a coma, and Bill will face the unhappy task of having to call The Dressmaker to tell him what’s happened to Steffy.

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7. Ridge Is Out For Blood

Ridge will be out for Bill’s blood when he finds out his daughter is in the hospital because of Bill. He’s never liked Bill but hates him more than ever for destroying his relationship with Brooke. The fact that Bill hit Steffy with his car will be too much for Ridge to bear and he will confront Bill at the hospital. But will the two men come to blows?

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6. Stuck In The Middle

Brooke will find herself stuck smack dab in the middle of the huge argument between Bill and Ridge in the hospital hallway. Although she will want to support Ridge, she’ll also think he’s being unreasonable. Brooke will try to talk her husband down, telling him there’s no way that Bill would try to harm his daughter on purpose.

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5. Dr. Finn Is Smitten

Steffy’s attending physician, Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan, will find himself immediately smitten with the Forrester Co-CEO and he will work hard to make sure Steffy makes a full recovery. Finn will know it’s wrong to be this fascinated and enticed by a patient; however, he won’t be able to help himself. But will the attraction be mutual when Steffy finally awakens from her coma? All signs point to yes!

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4. Steffy An Addict?

Another rumor swirling around on social media states that Steffy will be on heavy painkillers after her motorcycle accident and Dr. Finn may inadvertently cause her to become addicted to them. However, other speculation asserts that the doctor may treat her addiction and help her to overcome it. This will ultimately lead to the two of them falling in love.

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3. Wyatt Is Concerned

Wyatt will become concerned when there’s no sign of Flo at his beach house and his living room looks like an altercation of some kind had taken place. Unbeknownst to Sally and Penny, Wyatt had received a text from Flo, letting him know she had something to tell him about Sally. But strangely enough, Flo is nowhere to be found. Later, when Sally tries to seduce him, he will angrily ask her if she knows where his girlfriend is.

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2. Shauna Worries About Flo

B&B speculation teases Wyatt won’t be the only one who’s concerned for Flo’s well being. Shauna will be troubled when she doesn’t hear from her daughter. She’s used to either texting or speaking with Flo just about every day. So, when she texts and calls Flo and doesn’t get a response, she’ll begin to worry that something may have happened to her daughter.

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1. Flo Held Hostage

When Flo wakes up, she’ll be stunned to find herself handcuffed to a radiator in Penny’s apartment. Flo will vaguely remember being hit in the head and she’ll wonder if Penny and Sally are planning to do away with her. Then she’ll be horrified when Sally describes her plot to get pregnant with Wyatt’s child, so she can hold on to him forever. Penny will also be astonished to hear Sally’s plan. Will the doctor regret her actions and free Flo? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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