Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 26 – August 6)

Published on July 27, 2021.

Brooke will be working overtime to advance her status at Forrester Creations, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Ridge will find himself in an impossible position when he learns the ongoing truth about Carter’s fling with Quinn. Also, Steffy and Finn will have a lot on their plates as they prep the Forrester “wedding of the century”! Let’s look beyond the spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for July 26th through August 6th.

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12. Brooke’s Gaze

Brooke’s hate-on for Quinn knows no bounds as she’ll continue chipping away at her rival’s legacy at Forrester Creations. She’s already attempted to scrap Quinn’s jewelry line to no avail, but that’s where Brooke will find her silver lining. It was Carter who prevented Quinn’s work from being unraveled, and now he will be under Brooke’s hawk-like gaze. Will she still think Carter is being duped by Quinn, or realize that he’s an equal — and still willing — participant?

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11. Carter In the Crosshairs

Ridge pointed out that Carter had managed to show Quinn’s true colors to Eric, and Brooke admitted as much. But in her quest to push Quinn out of her (and everyone’s) life, Brooke will also try to uncover Carter’s true colors. Will she simply question the Forrester COO in order to gauge his feelings towards his “former” fling, or will she sneak into detective-mode? Given how little self-control Carter has when it comes to Quinn, this will be bad news for him!

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10. The Dressmaker Knows

Despite Brooke’s intuition, there’s a good chance that her husband will be the one to discover that Carter is still seeing Quinn. Ridge saw Quinn’s dress draped over Carter’s couch during a video call, so if he sees it again particularly on Quinn he will find himself in a very difficult position.

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9. Alone With The Truth

Who will Ridge turn to, once he connects the floral print dress on Quinn to the one in Carter’s loft? Does he confront his best friend and end up becoming part of a conspiracy against his father? Or, does he tell Eric and see his best friend’s reputation destroyed? And how will he navigate this discovery around his wife, who’s blinded with rage at the very mention of Quinn?

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8. What Sword Necklace?

On the subject of Ridge, there are zero spoilers connected to his possible alliance with Justin. By taking Bill’s sword necklace, did Ridge accept Justin’s terms? B&B viewers will have to assume that’s the case, as Justin hasn’t been arrested or seen since that meeting in Ridge’s office. If B&B writers are putting a pin in that storyline, it might be further proof that Ridge will already be too busy, embroiled in the ongoing Quarter drama.

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7. And Where’s Thomas?

On the other hand, B&B might be putting the Justin storyline on hold because Thomas hasn’t been on canvas since that same scene in Ridge’s office. That’s because actor Matthew Atkinson took some vacation time following his big storyline. However, Atkinson’s absence from the set will have to be explained on canvas, especially since he hasn’t met his new niece and will likely miss Steffy’s wedding. Perhaps Thomas will visit his mother Taylor, who’s in Paris, to decompress from his recent ordeal.

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6. Sinn In A Hurry 

Speaking of Sinn, they will be happily planning their wedding day, unaware that their life at the cliff house is about to become very complicated! B&B spoilers indicate that Steffy will excitedly tell her dad about her imminent wedding, and be disappointed by his reaction. Ridge will worry that they’re rushing into things when nobody knows enough about Finn. Steffy will tell him not to worry, but she’ll remember his words over the coming weeks.

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5. Jack Finnegan Arrives

There has already been a lot of speculation (both here and elsewhere) about Finn’s parents arriving over the next week. Much of the speculation rests on the notion that the Finnegans will be a very different group than the Forresters, and that Jack and Li will have family values that conflict with Steffy’s views. When Finn’s dad, Jack, arrives at the cliff house unannounced at the end of this week, he’ll put Steffy and Finn on edge. Is this because he plans on staying with them for an indefinite amount of time? Does he want to play a particular role during the ceremony?

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4. What About Paris?

Beyond the parental drama, Steffy and Finn might find themselves equally put off by their new housemate, Paris. While it’s a totally bonkers development for Steffy to invite Paris (a virtual stranger) to live with her family, it sets the stage for a new storyline. Could Paris become an enormous problem in the lives of Steffy, Finn and the kids? Seeing as how Steffy has repeatedly mentioned that she and Paris will be able to “share” so many things together, could Paris try to get cozy with Finn?

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3. An Unknown Part To Play

What do we really know about Paris? She seems thoughtful and well-meaning, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of character development since she joined the canvas. And if we look at her family tree — Zoe’s obsessiveness and her dad’s baby-stealing ways — it begs the question: why would Paris opt to move in with this family? Is her motivation purely altruistic, or will we finally see some depth in this character? It stands to reason that she’ll have a part to play in the Sinn drama.

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2. Mystery Woman? 

A vague but juicy spoiler states that a mystery woman will show up on the doorstep (probably the cliff house, but possibly Forrester Estate) right around the time of the wedding. This will apparently occur after Finn’s mom, Li, arrives. So, is it possible that Finn’s biological mom — long rumored to already be on the canvas — finally makes an appearance, or could this woman be a total stranger to everyone? Everyone, that is, except Jack!

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1. Brooke’s Power Play

In the midst of all this drama in Steffy’s life, could Brooke be planning to steal her step-daughter’s CEO title right out from under her? The seeds for this coup were laid when Ridge walked in on a photoshoot with Brooke for an article that pronounced her co-CEO alongside Ridge. After it had been published and Ridge caught wind of its angle, he suggested that she have the story pulled, or at least insist that the details be changed to reflect Steffy’s rightful place as co-CEO. But viewers didn’t see that happen. Whether she’s at home or at work, Steffy had better keep her head on a swivel!

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