Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 20 – July 1, 2022)

Published on June 21, 2022.

The drama is heating up this summer on The Bold and the Beautiful! Spoilers hint that Quinn may try to fight for Carter’s love, while Li could face tragedy as Sheila seeks revenge. How will these storylines play out in the coming weeks? Let’s look beyond the spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for June 20 to July 1, 2022.

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12. Quinn Tries to Convince Carter

Carter has been conflicted whether his heart belongs with Paris or Quinn, but he’ll ultimately make a decision in the coming weeks. B&B spoilers indicate that Quinn will attempt to convince Carter out of proposing to Paris, but will her pleas work? We predict that Carter will still pop the question to Paris, despite the extra work it may take to convince her that he’s committed to their future.

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11. Will Carter Stand Up to Grace?

Grace is another factor that Carter must consider when committing to a future with Paris. Grace has made it very clear that she doesn’t approve of the union between her daughter and Carter, but how far will she go to try to break the two apart? And will Carter stand up to his future mother-in-law to insist the nuptials are happening whether she approves or not?

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10. Carter Makes a Confession to Ridge

Carter may move forward and propose to Paris despite his confusion, but could his true feelings come back to haunt him? B&B spoilers indicate that Carter may open up to Ridge and confess how he truly feels. Ridge will voice his concerns, but it will likely only push Carter and Paris to move their wedding date forward. Carter will admit that his love for Quinn endures, but that he knows he should move on and be with Paris.

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9. Eric Finally Makes a Decision

Eric has been torn between Donna and Quinn, but B&B spoilers indicate that he may have finally made a decision about who he wants to be with. While it’s good news that Eric has finally made up his mind, could his decision come too late and end up hurting one of these two women?

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8. Quinn Teams Up With Bridget

Things will get messy when Quinn and Bridget team up and sniff out the truth about Eric! B&B spoilers reveal that Bridget will join her stepmother for lunch at the club Eric belongs to. Could they stumble upon some interesting revelations about Eric’s activities during their visit?

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7. The Truth About The Closed Pickle Ball Court

B&B spoilers indicate that the truth about the closed pickle ball court will come to light while Bridget and Quinn have lunch together. Could a waiter spill the truth about the closed pickle ball court and Eric’s private bungalow? If so, we can assume it won’t be long before Quinn barges in on Eric spending time with Donna!

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6. A Dramatic Car Chase

B&B spoilers reveal that Li and Sheila will get into a dramatic fight which could end with a car chase! Li will decide to make a run for it, with a furious Sheila not far behind her. Could Sheila run Li right off the road?

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5. Will Li Get Hurt?

A dramatic car chase is in the cards between Li and Sheila, but how will this end? B&B spoilers predict that Sheila may run Li right off the road, which could lead to some devastating consequences. Could Li be seriously injured or worse? If so, we wouldn’t count on Li being gone for too long, especially considering how often characters come back to life!

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4. Sheila Recruits Mike Guthrie

Sheila will go into panic mode following recent events, which will lead her to turn to her former partner in crime, Mike Guthrie. B&B spoilers indicate that Sheila will recruit Mike for her latest project in hopes that her master plan will work out.

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3. Quinn Loses Two Loves

Quinn will be devastated after learning about Eric and Donna. She’ll feel as though she’s lost two loves, especially after Carter moving forward with Paris. Could the situation be the push Quinn needs to fight for her future with Carter?

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2. Could Quinn Interrupt A Wedding?

What length could Quinn go to fight for her love with Carter? Spoilers hint that B&B may be setting the stage for a classic soap moment where where Quinn interrupts Paris and Carter’s nuptials. Could Carter leave Paris for Quinn or will he stay true to his word when he gave Paris an engagement ring?

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1. Will Cater Leave Paris at the Altar?

One of the biggest questions in the world of B&B right now is about who Carter will choose when he’s put on the spot. If Quinn interrupts his wedding with Paris to confess her love, will Carter leave Paris at the alter? Seems like some major drama is on the horizon in the land of Salem in the coming weeks!

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