Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 21 – July 2, 2021)

Published on June 22, 2021.

How will Brooke Logan set about destroying her rival Quinn, now that Paris has confirmed all of her suspicions? Also, does anyone stand between Justin Barber and his devious plot besides Wyatt? We have loads of questions as The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) heats up, so let’s get some answers with our B&B plotline predictions for June 21st through July 2nd, 2021!

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12. A Baby Brings The Family Together

Although Steffy has been preoccupied with Liam’s imprisonment lately, she will be over the moon when she gives birth to a healthy, baby boy. Everything about the water-birth will go according to plan, and Finn will be by her side throughout the joyous moment. But spoilers tease that this little bundle will be just a primer, as other, less expected relations are bound to show up from Finn’s side of the family.

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11. Finn’s Parents

Will the impending birth of a little brother for Kelly catch the eye of Finn’s estranged family? You bet! With Ted King and Naomi Matsuda just cast as Jack and Li Finnegan, viewers will finally meet Finn’s parents. Although we can expect these two to arrive on canvas shortly before Steffy gives birth, Entertainment Weekly warns that Finn’s backstory will be “very dramatic”. We suspect that there is more to Finn’s parents, and their arrival will complicate the couple’s wedding plans.

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10. Eric Brings Carter Into the Ceremony

When Quinn envisioned Eric and herself renewing their wedding vows, she definitely wasn’t thinking of Carter being up on the podium as well! But that’s the suggestion Eric will bring to the table, and how can either half of Quarter refuse? Ironically, it may have been Eric catching Quinn and Carter’s embrace the other day that gave him the idea to have a “mutual friend” officiate their vows. Quinn may think that excluding Paris from the guest list will solve any awkwardness at the ceremony, but she’ll be wrong.

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9. Brooke Learns The Truth

Paris will struggle with her knowledge of the Quarter fling and debate whether or not to tell her sister the truth. In a moment of weakness, she’ll find it easier to break the news to someone else namely, Brooke Logan! Brooke has harbored suspicions about Quinn and Carter for a while now, and will ask Paris to leave the burden of truth with her.

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8. Eye For An Eye

It’s almost too easy to see where this is going, as the stage is now set for Quinn’s comeuppance. After all, viewers will remember it was Quinn who sabotaged Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party last year, when she inserted a video of Brooke and Bill kissing onto Ridge’s digital photo collage. What better time for Brooke to exact her revenge than at Queric’s vow renewals?

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7. Thomas Breaks Good

When Thomas unblocks Vinny’s number and discovers invaluable text messages, he’ll instantly be closer to solving the mystery of his friend’s passing than Chief Deputy Baker ever got. When he realizes that his rage over Liam and Bill’s guilt was misplaced, he’ll immediately act to vindicate his enemies and secure their release. Perhaps Thomas really is a changed man, and his actions will be rewarded in due time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he won’t have to pay for his past crimes first.

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6. Justin Imprisons Thomas

When Thomas realizes that Justin is responsible for Vinny’s demise, he’ll try to reason with the attorney over doing “the right thing”. Justin will remind the Forrester that he didn’t take his own advice when he left Barber’s niece, Emma, to die on the roadside. Justin will lash out at Thomas, knocking him unconscious and imprisoning him in a cage underneath Spencer Publications. While locked up, Thomas will have a lot of time to ruminate on his failures — not only with Vinny, but Emma as well. Will his imprisonment make him regret coming to Liam and Bill’s defence, or give him redemption?

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5. Flashbacks of Vinny

Although Justin will share his masterplan with a caged Thomas, B&B will mark the conclusion of Vinny’s murder mystery in more sweeping style. Actor Joe LoCicero will reprise his role as the deceased lab technician via flashbacks that seek to explain what happened to Vinny from the time of his text messages to his last breaths.

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4. Hope’s Last Stand

Unaware of all of this, Hope will be struggling to keep up a brave face for her family. Despite her attempts to keep her husband upbeat, Liam will tell Hope to accept that he’s been charged with, and confessed to, manslaughter. How might her affections change, not only in light of Liam’s attitude, but also when she learns of Thomas’s selflessness?

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3. Justin Breaks Bad

It won’t go unnoticed by Wyatt that Justin isn’t exactly showing a lot of concern for his clients in prison. Justin seems totally immersed in his new role at Spencer Publications and the lifestyle it affords him. As Wyatt is working harder than ever to ensure that his family’s business survives this PR nightmare, will he uncover some evidence that puts Justin’s loyalty in doubt?

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2. Building a Case

Wyatt might even learn that Bill never gave his attorney permission to take over Spencer Publications. However, he won’t run to his father about it. Having been on the receiving end of Bill’s anger a lot lately, Wyatt won’t try to convince him that his best friend has just betrayed him. Instead, Wyatt will try to gather evidence on Barber’s true objective.

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1. Wyatt’s Test

Wyatt’s snooping on Justin might begin with company paperwork but there’s a good chance it’ll end in the basement of Spencer Publications, with the discovery of Thomas. Will Wyatt and Thomas work together to bring about Justin’s downfall? Or, might Barber catch onto Wyatt’s suspicions and gain himself an extra prisoner? Wyatt isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but this could be his moment to shine.

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