Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 16 – 27, 2020)

Published on November 17, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Quinn will confront Shauna when she discovers she’s still living in the Forrester guest house. Also, convinced that Thomas is faking his wellness, Liam will continue his quest to prove it. Plus, Thomas will teeter on the edge of delusion and reality. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for November 16 to 27, 2020.

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12. More Begging

Speculation teases Quinn will beg Eric to take her back again. Although she’s grateful to Flo and Wyatt, Quinn is tired of living with them. She believes her place is at Eric’s side and she’s not going to rest until she’s back where she belongs – in the Forrester mansion. Will Eric feel any sympathy and consider a reunion?

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11. Shauna’s Secret

Other spoilers indicate Shauna has a secret she’s keeping close to her chest. She told Quinn she would move out, but Shauna is still living at the guest house on the Forrester estate. Is that her big secret, or does Shauna have some other hidden agenda? And will Eric forewarn Shauna that Wyatt knows she’s there and will likely tell his mother?

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10. Laying Down The Law

Speaking of Wyatt, he will accuse Shauna of going after Eric. Rumor has it, Flo will have to act as referee between her mom and her boyfriend. She will, however, take Wyatt’s side in the argument and the couple will lay down the law and tell her to stay out of Eric and Quinn’s marriage.

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9. Quinn Confronts Shauna

Quinn will blast her former bestie when she finds out Shauna didn’t move out, even though she promised her she would. Shauna will continue her song and dance routine about staying there to plead her case, but Quinn won’t believe her this time. She’ll ask Shauna outright if she’s planning to steal her husband from her.

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8. Congrats All Around

Everyone at Forrester will be congratulating Zoe and Carter on their engagement, including Zoe’s little sister Paris, who seems to spend more time at the design house than many of its employees. Regardless, as the good news spreads, everyone will give the couple their best wishes. But not everyone is thrilled with the match.

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7. Zende Hides His Feelings

One of the only people who won’t be sincerely happy for Zarter is Zende. Sure, he’ll tell them he is pleased for them and will offer a hearty congratulations. But it’ll have a certain sting for him, as he had begun to develop feelings for the runway model and had been considering pursuing her himself.

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6. Photo Shoot

Speculation teases that Forrester International publicist Eva will arrive on the scene in the next two weeks. Hope is pleased with both Zende and Thomas’ designs and wants to feature them in a photoshoot. Since Eva helped out with both the Paris and Amsterdam photo shoots, she seems like the perfect person to help with a Hope For The Future PR campaign.

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5. Liam On A Quest

Spoilers indicate that despite how Steffy and Hope feel about Thomas these days, Liam is not giving up. His gut instinct is telling him something is very wrong with his rival and he will continue to harp on it to both women. Liam will tell Steffy he thinks Thomas is faking his change, but she will reiterate her feelings that her brother is getting better. Hope is getting fed up with Liam’s accusations and recriminations and she’ll also stand up for Thomas.

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4. Never Cry Wolf

Liam will be stunned that no one, including Finn, believes him about Thomas’ state of mind. He’s sounded the alarm bells about Thomas and his motives so many times now that everyone just thinks he’s crying wolf. Maybe he and Charlie should have a conversation because he seems to be the only person in LA who is also suspicious of Thomas.

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3. Is Charlie In Danger?

Speaking of Charlie, when he found out Thomas had the mannequin, he interrogated him extensively on why he hadn’t said anything when he’d been looking for it. Charlie also asked him what it was he was doing with the dummy. Of course, Thomas could have just told him it was none of his business, but instead, he came up with an excuse. If Charlie keeps digging about the mannequin, could it put him in danger? Would Thomas harm the bumbling security guard?

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2. Hallucination Or Reality?

Reality and fantasy will begin to merge in Thomas’ mind as he has trouble distinguishing what’s real and what’s hallucination. He has been fighting the Hope mannequin’s demands for weeks now and always tells it “you’re not real.” Soon enough, however, Thomas won’t be able to differentiate between the factual and the non-existent.

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1. Puzzle Pieces

Speculation teases Finn will put together the pieces of a puzzle in the coming weeks. Fans believe the doctor will recognize serious signs of mental illness when he has another bizarre conversation with Thomas. But will Finn figure out something is dangerously wrong with the designer before he does something to harm himself or someone else? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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