Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 23 – December 4, 2020)

Published on November 24, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Liam will walk into Thomas’ apartment and will think he sees him embracing Hope. Also, Flo and Wyatt will face challenges as Quinn wreaks havoc on their relationship. Plus, will Donna finally get another chance with Eric? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for November 23 to December 4, 2020.

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12. Shauna Disappears

With actress Denise Richards confirming she’s been back in Spain filming a movie since late October, this means Shauna will be missing in action for weeks. Since it looks like she won’t be forgiven by Eric anytime soon, will Quinn drive her bestie away? She may still be angry with Shauna for staying in the guest house as long as she did.

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11. Portrait Comes Down

Speculation teases Eric will decide not to take his wife back. He’ll discuss the topic of Quinn with Brooke and Ridge and they’ll both tell him he can do better. He still loves her, but he just can’t excuse her latest manipulation. Eric will decide once and for all that he’s done with Quinn and he’ll have her portrait taken down from above the fireplace.

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10. Donna’s Chance?

Will Donna step in to give Eric a shoulder to cry on, as he mourns the loss of his marriage to Quinn? On Friday, November 27, viewers will see a repeat episode from Thanksgiving 2018. It features Donna showing an interest in reuniting with her ex, even though he was still married to Quinn at the time. Will this prove to be a hint of things to come?

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9. Flo And Wyatt’s Challenges

Other spoilers indicate Flo and Wyatt will have their own challenges in the coming weeks. Although their mothers seem to have made up, Eric still hasn’t forgiven Quinn and she’ll continue to live with them at the beach house. Quinn will inadvertently wreak her own brand of havoc on the happy couple, which will cause a strain in their relationship.

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8. Tempted By The Fruit Of Another

Zoe and Zende will be working late at Forrester one night and their growing feelings for each other may overtake them and they’ll make love. Afterwards, the model and the designer will feel incredibly guilty. Neither of them wants to hurt Carter, so they’ll keep it a secret and agree to never speak of it again.

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7. Paris Suspects

Paris is happy for her sister. Zoe seems to have it all – a great job and a great guy in Carter. But Paris can’t help but wonder if there’s something she’s missing. Paris has also questioned Zende’s feelings about the Zarter engagement and asked him why he seemed grumpy about it. She’ll begin to suspect there are some unspoken feelings between her sister and the Forrester designer.

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6. Family Time

Hope, Thomas and Douglas will spend some quality family time together at his apartment. Thomas purchased a big box of toys for his son, which included games, and the three of them will sit down to play and then they’ll have dinner together. Hope will enjoy the evening, until Thomas begins to act strangely.

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5. Unreal Moment

While hanging out with his son and Hope, Thomas will experience and unreal moment and will make a critical mistake. Rumor has it, he’ll begin to speak with the mannequin, in front of Hope and Douglas. Confused and wary, Hope will politely tell Thomas that she and Douglas have to leave.

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4. Unanswered Calls

Spoilers indicate Liam will arrive home at the cabin, only to find it empty. He’ll call Hope repeatedly and she won’t answer, as she’s busy spending time with Thomas and Douglas. But instead of staying put and waiting for Hope to come home, he’ll spring into action and decide to hunt her down.

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3. Caught In The Act?

Liam will walk into Thomas’ apartment and see his shirtless rival kissing Hope. Of course, he’s going to flip out but won’t confront the pair. Instead, his mind will reel about what he just saw. Liam has wondered why Hope keeps defending Thomas and his actions and he’ll begin to wonder if it was because she’s had growing feelings for him.

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2. Liam Devastated

Completely stunned, a devastated Waffler will head to Sister Wife Steffy’s house to describe the unbelievable scene he just witnessed. He thinks Hope has betrayed him, but what he doesn’t realize is that what he saw was Thomas having his way with the Hope mannequin. It seems like he’s forgotten that the dummy has taken up residence there. As he always does, Liam will turn to Steffy for comfort, but will it lead to more?

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1. Finn To The Rescue

As the real and the unreal unite in Thomas’ mind, he will become even more troubled and disturbed. But it looks like someone will show up at his apartment out of the blue to knock him out of his reverie, at least temporarily. Finn will arrive unexpectedly but what will he walk in on? Is he going to find Thomas in a compromising position with the Hope mannequin? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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