Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 9 – 20, 2020)

Published on November 10, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Liam will be upset when he tries to ring the alarm bells about Thomas, and no one believes him. Also, Wyatt and Flo will act as mediators when their mothers argue. Plus, a marriage proposal will be abruptly interrupted. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for November 9 to 20, 2020.

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12. Eva Arrives In LA

Darin Brooks’ (Wyatt) wife Kelly Kruger, who has been on the B&B a few times in the past, will appear as Eva, a Forrester International Publicist. Eva had been interested in Liam back in the day but never really stood a chance. She also assisted with Paris and Amsterdam photo shoots and was the main organizer of a Spectra and Forrester showdown, which took place in 2017 in Monte Carlo.

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11. No One Believes Liam

Liam will try to warn everyone that Thomas is losing it, and no one will believe him. When he rushes to tell the Sister Wives about the mannequin, they’ll both accuse The Waffler of exaggerating. Hope will say there has to be an explanation for it and will give Thomas the benefit of the doubt. Steffy will say she knows her brother is getting better and will be peeved at Liam for insinuating otherwise.

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10. Finn Tells Liam To Cool It

Speculation teases even Finn won’t pay attention to Liam’s theories about what is happening in Thomas’ head. He’ll basically tell Liam to cool it and back off when it comes to his badmouthing of Steffy’s brother. Liam will be stunned when Finn puts him in check and tells him he needs to give Thomas a break.

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9. Hope Meets Her Doppelganger

When she sees finally lays eyes on her mannequin doppelganger, speculation teases Hope will get an eerie feeling. She has no idea Thomas is starting to think the dummy is actually her and she will believe he’s using it as inspiration for his designs. But when she comes face to face with it, will Hope admit to herself that it creeps her out?

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8. Mannequin’s Chilling Request

Rumor has it, during a dinner date Thomas sets up for he and the Hope mannequin, the dummy will double down on its request for Thomas to do away with Liam. He’s trying his best to say no but as his mental health continues to deteriorate, Thomas will feel like he has almost no choice but to comply.

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7. Father And Son Reunion

Speculation teases Thomas will spend some quality time with Douglas, which hopefully means fans will see popular child actor Henry Joseph Samiri onscreen. The father and son will bond, with Hope present. This should cause Liam’s anxiety to go up several levels as he never trusted Thomas to begin with but feels he’s now more dangerous than ever.

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6. A Trusted Brother

Speculation teases the only person who will listen to Liam’s concerns about Thomas and take them seriously will be his brother Wyatt. He will tell Liam his instincts are right, especially when he hears about the Hope doppelganger currently residing in Thomas’ apartment. Wyatt will tell Liam he will be there for him and always stand by him.

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5. Mediating Their Mothers

Speaking of Wyatt, he and Flo will be forced into the role of mediators while their mothers are at each other’s throats. In the coming weeks, Quinn will become committed to her belief that Shauna’s plan is to take her place at Eric’s side. She has moved into the guest house on the Forrester estate and is spending time hanging out with Quinn’s husband. Her former bestie will try to plead innocence, but Quinn knows better. They’ll have a fierce showdown and Wyatt and Flo will arrive just in time to referee the two women.

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4. Wyatt Tries His Best

Wyatt will try his best to convince Eric to take his mother back. Now that she’s living with him and Flo, they no longer have any privacy and it’s driving him bonkers. Wyatt will figure his last best chance of getting Quinn out of the beach house is to ask Eric to forgive his mother and let her move back into the Forrester mansion. Will Wyatt’s appeal to Eric work?

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3. Who Will Propose?

Spoilers indicate someone will get down on one knee to propose but will be alarmingly interrupted. It could be Wyatt proposing to Flo, with Quinn somehow bursting in and ruining the romantic moment. Or it could be Carter pulling out a ring and asking Zoe to marry him. In that case, viewers would assume Zende would interrupt and admit to Carter that he has feelings for his girlfriend.

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2. Questions About Carter

Zoe’s sister Paris will put her on the spot when she questions her about Carter. Paris isn’t sure just how serious Zoe’s relationship is with the Forrester COO and she’ll press her sister on the issue. A noncommittal Zoe is likely to tell her sibling that she and Carter have something going on, but it’s casual.

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1. Zoe And Zende’s Feelings

Speculation teases the runway model and the Forrester designer will have to face reality about their unspoken feelings for each other. And rumor has it that in the coming weeks Zoe and Zende will also face some bittersweet moments. But will these two finally decide they want to be more than just friends? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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