Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 24 – November 4, 2022)

Published on October 25, 2022.

Regardless of how Deacon’s proposal goes, there’s a wedding coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B)! Stephen Logan will return to Los Angeles, while the Forresters unite for a black tie event. So, which couple will be tying the knot? And what will Sheila do next? Find out with B&B plotline predictions for October 24th to November 4th, 2022.

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12. Brooke Will Reflect On Deacon’s Proposal

Let’s start off with Deacon’s proposal stunner! Out of the blue, Hope’s dad asked Brooke to marry him. And while there’s no way Logan will say “yes” on the spot, she’ll definitely reflect on the offer over the coming weeks. Could Ridge and Taylor’s newly domesticated life prompt Brooke to make an impulsive move of her own?

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11. Bill Will Be Livid

Needless to say, this proposal will not endear Deacon to any of his detractors. Bill recently showed up at Sharpe’s apartment and warned him against going near Brooke. If we know Dollar Bill at all, he won’t let this proposal linger without giving Sharpe a piece of his mind. Still, Deacon has a much bigger problem than Bill.

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10. Sheila Feels Betrayed

If there’s one thing B&B viewers know about Sheila Carter, it’s that she’s never more dangerous than when she feels betrayed. The fugitive from justice has her claws in Deacon – both romantically and strategically – so she’ll consider all options when it comes to keeping Brooke out of the picture. Could she imprison or blackmail Deacon in order to keep him to herself?

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9. Sheila’s Target

Since we’re talking about a woman who once killed someone with a beehive, there’s no underestimating what Sheila (particularly a jealous Sheila) is capable of. Could Deacon’s life be in danger? Probably not, as Deacon portrayer Sean Kanan just inked a two-year deal to remain on B&B. However, Brooke is in a very vulnerable situation. Will “Lina” make her presence known and tell Logan to back off? Or, could she sabotage Brooke’s sobriety all over again? It would be difficult to blame Sheila this time, since everyone thinks she’s a goner!

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8. A Wedding Is Imminent

But enough about Deacon’s proposal, because it sounds like another wedding is about to be announced regardless! Viewers have been speculating that Eric and Donna could make sudden plans to walk down the aisle, while others suspect that Carter and Katie could do the same. So, which Logan sister will tie the knot? After all, something has to compel their dad to come back to L.A.

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7. Stephen Logan Returns

Want more evidence that a major wedding is afoot? Actor Patrick Duffy is set to reprise the role of Stephen Logan at the end of November, for a special two-episode run. What else could bring the reclusive Logan patriarch back to the canvas, but the time-honored tradition of giving a bride away? Duffy will be accompanied by actress Laura Purl, who is set to portray Logan’s partner. Sounds like she’ll be a plus-one to some kind of event!

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6. All Dressed Up

But hang on a minute: a new spoiler photo reveals that Li and Douglas will be in attendance at a swanky celebration inside the Forrester mansion. Since the CBS soap films about a month in advance, it’s possible that they’re still shooting its Thanksgiving episodes. However, the two are dressed way too formally for a nice dinner with family, which makes us think they’ll be attending an entirely different ceremony.

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5. Another Wedding?

Could Li and Douglas be invited to a wedding? While Douglas would be included at any Logan event, it seems unlikely that Steffy’s mother-in-law would score an invite, given the current state of relations between Logans and Forresters. Unless Li attends as Bill’s plus-one, it seems more likely that this will be a Forrester-only shindig. So, will Taylor and Ridge get married?

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4. Ridge Will Regret Everything

Let’s hope not, because that reunion won’t last! Ridge was overjoyed when Taylor purchased Wyatt’s beach house and invited him to live with her. He also has Carter preparing annulment papers so he can walk away from Brooke. These two are eager to make up for lost time, but Ridge’s love for Brooke will keep him from being fully present. If he’s still nursing his feelings for Brooke now, when he believes that she called Child Protective Services on his son, imagine how strongly he’ll feel when he learns that Logan never made the call at all!

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3. Brooke And Liam Are Suspicious

More eyes will be watching the budding connection between Hope and Thomas. From the beginning, Brooke has worried that Thomas had dangerous designs on her daughter, and now Liam is in the same camp. “I’ve got eyes on him,” Liam says in the B&B preview video. “I’m not gonna let him just move in on my wife.” Ya sure, Liam? Cause it looks like it’s happening!

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2. Blast From The Past 

As Thomas and Hope put the finishing touches on Forrester Creations’ Hope For The Future fashion show, Hope will come face-to-face with an unpleasant memory. Teasers suggest that the mannequin Thomas once made up to look like Hope will come out of storage, and force Logan to reflect on her difficult period with Liam. Will this blast from the past help Hope see the danger she’s in, or will her sympathy for Thomas overshadow her doubts?

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1. A Return To The B&B Runway

Speaking of which, that Hope For the Future event will bring fashion shows back to the canvas! It’s been years since B&B showcased a proper runway event, which is bizarre given the soap’s long tradition of glitz and glamor. Spoilers hint that some incredible drama will go down on the runway. Could Hope and Thomas kiss? Will someone reveal Thomas’ role in the CPS phone call? Stay tuned for more teasers!

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