Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 21 – October 2, 2020)

Published on September 21, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Brooke will encourage Hope and Liam to take Kelly. Also coming up, Finn, Liam and Ridge hold an intervention for Steffy. Plus, did Thomas know what was in Vinny’s get-well gift? Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for September 14 to 25, 2020.

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12. Ridge Agrees To A Do-Over

Viewers know Ridge feels guilty for not remembering anything about his Vegas wedding with Shauna. Now that Quinn has told him his wife wants a real wedding, he’s been left in a bit of a quandary. Ridge is still in love with Brooke, but he’s committed to Shauna. Spoilers tease that ultimately he’ll decide to remarry the former Vegas showgirl.

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11. Shauna Savors Her Good Fortune

As Shauna prepares for her wedding, she’ll be savoring the good life as Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Her husband will design a gorgeous gown for her, and her bestie is arranging a gourmet feast to take place after the ceremony. Shauna will feel like the luckiest woman in the world. But will her happiness last?

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10. Motherly Advice

Speculation teases after her conversation with Liam about Sinn, Hope will turn to her mother for advice. When she dropped Kelly off, she noticed the chemistry between Steffy and Finn and was happy for her sister wife. The Waffler, however, had the opposite reaction and rushed over to the cliff house. Hope will confide to Brooke that Liam still has jealousy issues when it comes to his ex.

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9. Liam Finds Steffy’s Stash

Liam will lose it when he finds Steffy passed out on the couch at the cliff house. After he finally manages to wake her up, spoilers tease he will rifle through cupboards, drawers, and furniture, looking for pills. When he finally finds the stash, he’ll be sure they were from Finn. Steffy will deny it and then she’ll unburden years worth of pain on her ex.

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8. Steffy Pleads

Liam will tell Steffy he’s taking their daughter. He doesn’t believe she can provide a safe environment for Kelly, considering what he walked in on. Liam will tell Steffy she is a danger to herself and to their daughter. Steffy will beg and plead with him not to take her, but Liam will make the difficult decision to grab the tot and take her home with him to the cabin.

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7. Alternate Reality

Speculation teases Steffy is falling straight down the rabbit hole of addiction. She has stumbled into a bizarre and disorienting alternate reality in which she believes everyone is against her. Now that Liam has taken her daughter away, the only thing that makes any sense to Steffy is the pills. All she knows is that when she takes one, it makes her feel better.

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6. Bizarre Behavior And Accusations

With Steffy acting out of character in the next few weeks, rumor has it she’ll make an unusual accusation. After Liam walks out of her house with Kelly, she will follow him to the cabin and demand her daughter back. When he refuses, she will accuse Lope of kidnapping her child.

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5. Steffy Takes Aim

Upset after her confrontation with Liam and Hope, Steffy will take aim at Brooke next. She will point the finger at her former stepmother and accuse her teaming up with her daughter to steal Kelly. Hope took Thomas’ child, is her daughter next? Steffy isn’t thinking straight at all and some speculation teases that she will make a dangerous move. She may not only blast Brooke verbally, but she may also threaten her with a weapon.

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4. Brooke’s Advice

Once Steffy is through blasting her, Brooke will be convinced there’s something terribly wrong with her former stepdaughter and it’s not safe for Kelly to be around her. Rumor has it, she’ll encourage Hope and Liam to take Kelly and she may even suggest suing Steffy for custody of the girl. Will Lope agree with Brooke?

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3. Finn Clears The Air

Liam knows Steffy got her hands on more pills, so he’ll accuse the most likely suspect of giving them to her, Dr. Finnegan. But Finn will swear up and down that he refused Steffy’s refill request. The two men will realize they need to find out how Steffy got her hands on more pills and they’ll go to Ridge with their concerns.

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2. Steffy’s Intervention

Ridge, Liam and Finn know why Steffy’s behavior has been so odd lately. She’s hooked on opioids and they’ll attempt to help her by staging an intervention. The three men will confront her at the cliff house. A weeping Steffy will feel cornered and will deny she’s addicted to the pills, but everyone in the room knows better. Will the intervention do any good?

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1. Did Thomas Know?

There’s been some fan conjecture that Thomas knew exactly what was in Vinny’s gift to Steffy. He saw his sister going through a lot of physical and emotional pain and asked Vinny to help her out. Thomas didn’t tell her he knew because he didn’t want to put any pressure on her. He felt it would be best to leave the decision up to Steffy on whether to take the pills. Did Thomas know what was hidden underneath the teddy bear? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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