Bold And The Beautiful: Questions We Need Answered When The Show Returns

Published on June 4, 2020.

Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) viewers will want answers to many questions when the show finally returns. What did Wyatt see when he opened the door to his beach house? What will happen to his girlfriend Flo? Will Sally’s secret come out? And what really happened during Ridge’s blackout? Read on for 12 B&B questions we need answered when the show returns.

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12. Who Shot Bill?

Fans were led to believe in 2018 that Dr. Taylor Hayes was responsible for shooting Dollar Bill in the back while he stood having a drink on his balcony. But last year, Head Writer and Executive Producer Bradley Bell teased the storyline wasn’t over. There was no lack of suspects either; they included Ridge, Bill’s right-hand man Justin and even his own son Liam. So, who really shot Bill and will this question finally be answered?

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11. What Really Happened To Caroline?

Many viewers still believe Caroline may have faked her own demise. Others think she is still alive, and Thomas kidnapped her and has her hidden away somewhere. If she is being held hostage, will she find a way to escape? Could Caroline suddenly appear in Los Angeles, alive and well, and demand her son Douglas back from Hope and Liam?

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10. Will Steffy Get A New Man?

Fans have rallied for a new man for Steffy and she has had several potential suitors. She was asked out by Leo and most recently Collin but turned both men down because she was still pining for Liam. Now that Hope and Liam are married and settled, will B&B writers finally let Steffy be happy with someone new? More importantly, will she ever take down the huge Steam portrait that is hanging prominently on her living room wall?

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9. Why Did Rick And Maya Break Up?

Just before Christmas 2018, Maya returned to Los Angeles from Paris bearing bad tidings. “Rick and I are over,” she told her mother-in-law, Brooke. Maya had returned with her and Rick’s daughter alone. The news sent shockwaves through Forrester Creations, but the reason for their breakup was never explained. Will viewers ever get the answer to why Rick and Maya broke up?

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8. Will Eric And Quinn Break Up?

Quinn is still hell-bent on continuing her war with Eric’s ex-wife Brooke and will stop at nothing to take her down. Even though Eric has asked her to make peace for the sake of the family, she has defied his requests time after time. Many viewers are wondering if this will lead to the end of Queric. Will Eric and Quinn stay together, or will they break up because of her battles with Brooke?

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7. Will Bridge Reunite?

From the moment Ridge saw the video of Brooke kissing Bill, he couldn’t get the image out of his head. He left the Bridge reunion party, telling Brooke he was done. Then he took off to Vegas to be with Shauna. But then he woke up in LA the next day and realized Brooke had him flown back home. She asked for his forgiveness again, but will she receive it? Could Bridge get back together?

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6. What Happened During Ridge’s Blackout?

Another question that needs to be answered when the show returns is what happened when Ridge blacked out while he and Shauna had their night on the town in Vegas. The footage showed the couple gambling and partying, but the telltale detail was how the night ended, with the pair standing in front of a Vegas wedding chapel. Did Ridge and Shauna tie the knot?

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5. Does Ridge Have An Alcohol Problem?

Ridge has blacked out twice now in the last six months from drinking too much alcohol. The first time, he was at the Bikini Bar and when he almost fell over, Shauna and Danny helped him to a room upstairs to sleep it off. Just before B&B ran out of new episodes, he blacked out again, but this time while he was in Vegas. Will it occur to Ridge that he may have an alcohol problem?

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4. The Spiked Drink

Speaking of alcohol, will anyone find out that Quinn spiked Brooke’s orange juice with vodka? The only other person who knows about it is Thomas. What if he were to let the information slip to someone else? The incident didn’t lead to Brooke falling off the wagon, even though she was tempted to take a drink several times afterward. But if Eric were to find out that Quinn spiked Brooke’s drink, could it lead to the end of Queric?

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3. What Did Wyatt See?

The last B&B episode ended on a cliffhanger. Wyatt was standing in his doorway saying, “what the hell?” Viewers were left wondering exactly what it was he saw. Did he witness Penny and Sally dragging his unconscious girlfriend Flo out of his living room? Or did he just see the mess the two women had made after Penny hit Flo with the candlestick?

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2. Will Sally’s Secret Come To Light?

Sally has been hiding a huge secret from everyone who cares about her – she doesn’t have a fatal disease. It all started when she was suffering from some stress and went to see her doctor. Sally decided to pull the ruse when she initially saw Katie at the hospital. She knew that if she brought Katie to her fake doctor’s appointment, Katie would blab the information about her condition to everyone, including Wyatt. Just before new episodes ran out, Flo had found out her rival had been faking it all along. Will Sally’s illness scam come out once B&B returns?

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1. What Will Happen To Flo?

One of the main questions on fans’ minds is what will happen to Flo once the sudser returns with new episodes? The last time viewers saw her, she was knocked out cold and lying on Wyatt’s living room floor. Will Penny and Sally hold her hostage somewhere, or will Flo wake up with amnesia? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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