Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For April 2020

Published on March 30, 2020. Updated March 31, 2020

Ridge will go running straight to Shauna after Brooke’s betrayal, but he won’t get the reception he was counting on, this month on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Thomas will return to the canvas and he will want to see his son. Plus, Sally will try to seduce Wyatt, as Flo gets closer to learning the truth about her fatal illness. Read on for more B&B spoilers for April 2020.

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12. Thomas Returns

Rumor has it, Thomas will return to the B&B canvas in mid to late April. He’s still wounded by all that has happened, but did it finally cure him of his obsession with Hope? When he does show up again, he will demand to see his son Douglas. But will Hope comply with his wishes and will Douglas agree to a visit with his father?

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11. Zoe Goes Out With Carter

Speaking of Thomas, his former fiancé will go out on a date with Carter. The Forrester attorney recently expressed an interest in her and advised her several times that she could do much better than Thomas. In April, he will put his money where his mouth is and show her just how much better she can do. Carter will treat Zoe to a romantic evening out on the town.

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10. Katie Suffers A Setback

Spoilers tease Katie may suffer a health setback, due to her husband betraying her with her sister once again. Poor Katie was stunned, as she watched the video of Bill kissing Brooke. Viewers know she’s had her share of health problems – she’s had a heart transplant and suffered from post-partum depression after she gave birth to Will. Most recently, she had a life-saving kidney transplant. Will Katie have heart problems again, due to what has gone through?

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9. Bill Vows To Win Kate Back

Having already achieved the dream of reuniting his family, Bill’s realizes his one stupid mistake has flushed it all down the drain. But, as fans know, Bill does not give up easily. Although Katie will tell him they are through and she no longer trusts him, he won’t let that stop him. Bill will tell Katie he’s going to fight for her and for their family and he’s not going to give up.

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8. Quinn Encourages Ridge

Quinn will tell Ridge that although she told Shauna to go to him with the video evidence of Brooke kissing Bill, she refused and deleted the evidence from her phone. She will explain that her best friend had no intention of showing him the video because she didn’t want to hurt him. Then she’ll let him know that Shauna is leaving town to go back to Vegas. “Ridge, you have to stop her,” Quinn will tell him. She believes Shauna is the woman for him and she’ll encourage him to pursue her bestie. But will Ridge take Quinn’s advice to heart?

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7. Brooke And Quinn Have It Out

Rumor has it, Quinn will continue to take delight in the part she played to destroy Brooke. And her rival will once again confront her and tell her there is no way she’s going to break up her marriage to Ridge. Quinn will tell her she’s already dealt her cards and has nothing left to play, for now. She also believes that Brooke has only herself to blame for the implosion of her marriage. If she hadn’t crossed the line with Bill, she and Ridge would still be happily reunited. But what Brooke won’t know is that while she is busy threatening Quinn, Ridge will be on his way to see Shauna.

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6. The Designer And The Showgirl

Ridge will decide to take Quinn’s advice and pursue Shauna, heading to the apartment she shares with Flo. He’ll tell Shauna he was wrong, and that Brooke wasn’t the woman for him after all. Ridge will say his marriage is over and he wants to be with her, although he likely won’t mention that it’s impossible for him to be without a woman for five minutes. Ridge will tell Shauna he can’t lose her, but she won’t exactly be receptive. She’ll say she’s not his consolation prize and will head to Las Vegas. But Ridge won’t give up that easily and spoilers tease that he’ll follow her. Viewers know the former Vegas showgirl won’t need too much convincing and will be sure to eventually give in to the object of her affections. Ridge and Shauna will then rekindle the sizzling romance they started in the fall.

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5. Flying High

Spoilers tease that Kevin Frazier will be appearing on the B&B on April 14. So, it’s safe to assume someone will be taking a trip somewhere. Will Ridge be flying Shauna back to Los Angeles on the Forrester jet, after convincing her they should be together? Or will he whisk her away for an exciting vacation to an exotic locale?

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4. Special Delivery

Early in April, Sally will arrange for a special delivery for Flo, after she eavesdrops on a conversation between Flo and Wyatt. What will Sally overhear the couple talking about – will Flo be questioning Sally’s illness? And if so, what will she decide to send her rival? The last time she saw Flo, Sally acted as though she was grateful to her for temporarily giving up Wyatt. But Flo did not have a heartwarming feeling about it, instead, she became doubtful about Sally’s true intentions. Will Sally’s special delivery make Flo even more leery?

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3. Flo Starts Digging

Speaking of Flo, she will start digging into Sally’s diagnosis. And her first stop will be paying a visit to Dr. Penny Escobar. Rumor has it, she will put Penny on the hot seat, asking her many pointed questions about Sally’s illness. What the doctor should do is kick Flo out of her office, citing doctor patient confidentiality. But instead, she’ll fumble about for excuses, which will make Flo even more suspicious about what is really going on.

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2. Clueless Wyatt

Even though he is living with a woman who is faking a fatal illness, Wyatt will continue to trust Sally. Flo will bring up her suspicions, but he will dismiss them out of hand. He will tell her he knows Sally well and she would never gaslight him. He also believes that she has no reason to make up such an elaborate lie. He will point out to Flo that Sally didn’t even want him to know about her condition after she was diagnosed. Flo will try her best to get through to him, but he won’t be having it.

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1. Intimate Set-Up

Sally will arrange for an intimate evening at Wyatt’s beach house. A B&B sneak peek photo shows Sally steadying herself with a walker and Wyatt looking awkward as he realizes she has set up a romantic night for the two of them. Will she lie to Wyatt and tell him she wants to make love to him just one more time before she passes away? Many fans are surmising that Sally will try to get pregnant to trap him. But will Wyatt fall for it? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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