Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For April 2021

Published on March 30, 2021.

The month of April will permanently change the lives of the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers when someone meets his or her demise, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Liam will make an amorous gesture towards Hope but how will she react? Plus, Zoe will discover she has a new ally. Read on for 12 B&B spoilers for April 2021.

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12. Murder Mystery

Much of the month will be spent dealing with the fallout after one character is murdered. Someone will meet their demise and spoilers tease Bill will be involved. According to TV Guide, B&B’s April 5 episode will be a “heart-stopping half hour” that viewers will not want to miss, as someone’s life will come to an end. But who will it be?

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11. Sanchez And Baker Return

Rumor has it, Detective Alex Sanchez and Chief Bradley Baker will be on the case. They’ve already busted Vinny for changing Steffy’s paternity results, so will they be on the B&B canvas investigating the small-time drug dealer’s demise? Regardless of which character meets their end this month, Sanchez and Baker will be heavily involved in solving the mystery.

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10. Her Own Worst Enemy

Throughout the month of April, Brooke will continue to tear down Thomas. She’ll tell him she still doesn’t trust him, and he needs to stay away from her daughter. This will not sit well with Ridge, who believes his son is no longer obsessed with Hope. Once again, Thomas will be a hot button issue between Bridge, and they will continue to argue about him.

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9. Brooke Interferes

Brooke will prepare to do the unthinkable when she decides to interfere in her daughter’s life. She’ll decide that Thomas being around a newly single Hope is a risk she’s unwilling to take. Brooke will head to Spencer Publications and tell Liam she’s worried about Thomas. Then she’ll insist he must do something to fix his marriage to her daughter.

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8. Liam Kisses Hope

Spoilers tease that after Brooke’s pep talk, Liam will head over to the cabin to try to romance Hope back into his arms. And he and Brooke’s plan will work, to a degree. Liam will tell Hope that his life is meaningless without her. Then he’ll grab his wife and kiss her. But will she kiss him back?

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7. Hope’s Reaction

The kiss will not go over quite as Liam expected it would. Of course, he was hoping his wife would fall into his arms and beg him to come back to her. Instead, she’ll tell him nothing has really changed. She still loves him, but she needs the time and space to decide whether she wants to remain in a marriage with a cheating waffler.

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6. Busybody Gets Blasted

Other spoilers indicate Hope will be angry when she finds out her mother is trying to protect her from Thomas. She’ll also discover that Brooke encouraged Liam to show up at the cabin to try to win her back. Hope will march up to the main house and confront her mother. Then she’ll inform her she can make her own decisions when it comes to her personal life.

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5. Zoe’s New Ally

Quinn will offer her assistance to Zoe after the Forrester model tearfully describes what happened between her and Carter. Quinn has made her own terrible errors in judgment more than once and she’ll sympathize with Zoe. Rumor has it Quinn will also offer Zoe her assistance. What kind of plan will Quinn come up with to help Zoe win Carter back?

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4. Romance Blossoms

Paris and Zende’s love story will continue to blossom during the month of April. Rumor has it, Zende will have many more surprises up his sleeve to keep Paris interested. But will he gift her another beautiful Forrester Creations original gown? Regardless, Paris will feel like she’s floating on air, due to all the attention she’s getting from the handsome designer.

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3. Steffy And Finn Make Plans

Speaking of love stories, Steffy and Finn will spread the news of their engagement to their family and friends. As they prepare to become man and wife, Sinn will continue to marvel over how lucky they are to have found each other. But not everyone will be thrilled with their news. How will Liam react when he finds out he’ll no longer have Steffy as his back-up plan?

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2. Quinn’s Mystery Man

B&B spoilers tease there will be a new man in Quinn’s life, and he’ll show up in April. But he may not be someone she expects. It doesn’t seem likely that the new man will be a love interest for Quinn. She’s in love with Eric and only just reconciled with him a few months ago. Instead, viewers are speculating this new male will be a long-lost son and could very well turn out to be Finn.

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1. Queric’s Twist

Eric and Quinn seem to be on solid ground once again. He’s forgiven her for interfering in Brooke and Ridge’s relationship and she’s moved back into the Forrester estate. But not everything will be coming up martinis and roses when it comes to Queric’s marriage. Rumor has it the couple’s love story will face a twist in the coming month. But what will it be, and will it have anything to do with Quinn’s new mystery man? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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