Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Fall 2019

Published on September 16, 2019.

Just because sweater weather has arrived doesn’t mean things will be cooling off this fall on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Hot plots for fall include Thomas vying for the top spot at Forrester Creations and Katie facing a major health crisis. Also, Ridge will continue to feel guilty about his night with Shauna, while the blonde bombshell sets her sights on winning him away from Brooke. Read on for 12 B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for fall 2019.

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12. Wyatt’s Move

Rumor has it, Wyatt will make a daring move with the woman he loves this fall. He’s already hinted to Sally that he’d like her to move back in with him. So, will it be an even more daring move, and he will ask her to marry him? Whatever happens, it will be upsetting to Flo. She wants Wyatt back but he’s not willing to forgive her. He’s chosen Sally and he’s going to stand by her, for now.

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11. Thomas Vies For Top Spot

Being contrite and apologetic is not Thomas’ style and he’s had enough of asking people for their forgiveness and being turned down. Spoilers tease now that Thomas is in the clear for his part in Emma’s death, he’s going to stir up more trouble and challenge Steffy for the CEO spot at Forrester Creations. But will he get what he seeks?

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10. Shocking Decision

Speaking of Thomas, rumor has it, Ridge is going to make a shocking decision and decide to appoint his son CEO of Forrester. This will upset not only Steffy, but Brooke, Hope and Liam as well. Ridge feels bad about Thomas’ recent fall from grace. He also believes he is partially responsible for it. Thomas may not have won over Hope, but maybe attaining another goal will help him get over it, at least temporarily.

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9. Zoe And Xander Want Redemption

Zoe and Xander will be determined to get their jobs back at Forrester. With a rumored fashion show coming up in the fall, will Steffy agree to hire Zoe back as a model? Although she was one of the baby Beth secret keepers, Zoe actually had a good reason to keep the information to herself as she knew if it came out, her father would be arrested. Xander believes his part in the secret was fairly minor and he’s also angry that he and Zoe paid the price with their jobs when it seems like Thomas and Flo have gotten away with their crimes. Rumor has it, both will try to take Thomas down when they hear he is vying for the CEO chair.

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8. Zoe’s Competition

Spoilers tease Love’s Island reality star Kyra Green will guest star on B&B this fall as a Forrester model. Will she take Zoe’s place as top model at the fashion house? With Zoe trying to return to the Forrester fold and back into the fashion family’s good graces, does this mean she will be left out in the cold?

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7. Queric Take Sides

Spoilers show Quinn and Eric will take sides in the aftermath of the baby Beth secret, especially when it comes to those who were involved in it. Quinn is still torn about her thoughts on Shauna and Flo, and Shauna will continue to vie for her former bestie’s forgiveness. But unfortunately, Shauna will make some bad choices that are going to create even more problems in her relationship with Quinn.

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6. Frenemy Friction

Speaking of Forrester Creations, spoilers tease that Pam and Donna will begin to experience some tension at work. Donna will support her sisters and her niece Hope in all things. On the flip side, Pam is a member of the Forrester family and will defend her family. Will there be trouble brewing between Donna and Pam this fall?

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5. Katie Collapses

Spoilers indicate Katie is going to collapse, shortly after yelling at Flo after finding out about her immunity deal. Bill will panic, afraid he’s going to lose his ex-wife and current fiancé and the mother of his son Will. Rumor has it, her heart is giving out and she’ll need a miracle to survive it. Will this be Flo’s path to redemption? Since Katie has Flo’s father Storm’s heart, will Flo be able to provide life-saving stem cells to Katie in an attempt to save her life?

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4. The Good Doctor Returns

Dr. Jordan Armstrong, who helped save Thomas’ life after his near-deadly fall, will be back this fall, as Vincent Irizarry returns to the B&B canvas. Also on tap to appear is Tisha Campbell. She will play Dr. Davis, beginning October 4. Could this mean Katie will need a specialist, or will Dr. Davis be a back-up to Dr. Armstrong?

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3. Guilty Conscience

Ridge will continue to deal with the ramifications of having slept with Shauna, even though viewers know he just passed out and nothing happened. He’ll feel guilty about it but still won’t reveal the truth to Brooke, afraid he’ll lose her for good. With Shauna’s feelings growing for Ridge, rumor has it she will set her sights on the Forrester designer and will begin to pursue him this fall. There’s no love lost between Shauna and Brooke these days, so stealing Brooke’s man would likely be the icing on the cake for Shauna.

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2. Custody of Douglas

Spoilers tease Liam and Hope may seek custody of Thomas’ young son Douglas this fall. Brooke has already told Ridge she doesn’t think Thomas is a responsible parent and believes Douglas shouldn’t be around him. Will she encourage her daughter and Liam to fight for the boy? Also, Joe Locicero will return for several episodes as Vinny. Will Thomas be bunking with the drug dealer again, or will Vinny be back for a more ominous reason?

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1. New Chapter For Maya And Rick

A major fall spoiler teases a love triangle between Maya, Carter and Rick, as they begin a new chapter in their lives. So, it looks like Rick will return from Paris – but who will portray him? All signs point to Justin Torkildsen. The actor, who portrayed Rick from 1999 to 2006, visited the B&B set in August and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) posted photos with him on Twitter. Fan speculation was buzzing that he will reprise the role and replace Jacob Young. Will viewers finally find out why Rick and Maya broke up late last year? And who will win Maya’s heart, Rick or Carter? Stay tuned!

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