Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Fall 2021

Published on September 15, 2021.

There’ll be a definite chill in the air as Sheila plots her revenge against Steffy, coming up this fall on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Ridge will give Justin a secret mission and a strange person from Hope and Liam’s past will return. Plus, Brooke will be determined to confirm her suspicions that Quinn is up to no good. So, pull on a comfy sweater, grab your pumpkin spice latte, and check out our B&B spoilers for fall 2021.

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12. Will Wyatt And Flo Get Married?

Wyatt and Flo have been engaged for months now but it seems like Wyatt’s proposal signaled the point of no return for the couple. They’ve barely been seen onscreen since their betrothal, and it’s barely been mentioned (although Wyatt’s mother Quinn did ask him a few weeks ago if he’s set a wedding date yet). But will Wyatt and Flo finally tie the knot this fall?

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11. Ridge And Brooke Won’t Quit

Ridge and Brooke will be happier than ever, and their marriage will remain solid throughout the season. But that doesn’t mean they’re just going to stand by and let everyone else live their lives without any interference. Ridge will be even more protective of Steffy than ever, knowing Sheila’s still out there and undoubtably scheming against his daughter. Then there’s Brooke, who will do a deep dive into Quinn. She still doesn’t trust Eric’s wife and Brooke will be determined to get to the bottom of whatever it is Quinn is up to.

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10. Justin’s Mission

B&B spoilers tease that not only will Justin return this fall, but Ridge will task him with a secret mission. However, what will it be? Will Ridge ask him to spy on Eric and Quinn? Much like his busy-body wife, Ridge also wants to know what’s really going on between his father and Quinn. But viewers will recall that when Justin first made a deal with Ridge to stay out of jail, he promised to give him all the dirt on Bill. So he may just make good on that promise soon.

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9. Bill Wants Katie To Move In

Speaking of Bill, the Spencer Publications magnate will finally be back onscreen, after being absent for quite some time. Bill will spend most of the season trying to figure out a way to put his family back together. Katie seems to have forgiven him for breaking her heart for the hundredth time and he’ll ask Katie and Will to move back in with him. But will she agree to it?

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8. Blast From The Past

Hope and Liam will continue to resettle into their married life now that Liam has been released from prison. But a blast from the past will drop like a bomb into their lives and may cause their happy little world to detonate. Will a former love interest of Hope or Liam’s return to LA, determined to win them back? It could be anyone from Ivy to Oliver, and fans will find out who it is this fall.

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7. Love Interest For Thomas

B&B producers are promising a new love interest for Thomas this fall, which is great because his obsession with Hope has gone on for far too long. However, will the powers that be bring in a new character or will someone already on the B&B canvas fall for him? Thomas is a fashion designer so perhaps a new Forrester Creations model is going to suddenly catch his eye. Other speculation indicates that he may begin to develop a romantic interest in Paris.

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6. A Thorn In Steffy and Finn’s Side

Speaking of Paris, she will continue to be a thorn in Steffy and Finn’s side throughout the fall. She’ll stay put in the cliff house and interrupt them at inopportune moments. Although it is rumored that at some point late in the season, Paris may come to an important realization about her living situation. She may even finally determine that she shouldn’t be living with the newlyweds and needs to find her own place.

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5. Will Paris And Zende Split?

Whether or not Paris moves out of the cliff house, her unhealthy interest in Finn may spell the end of her relationship with Zende. The Forrester designer has already noticed she has a bit of an obsession with the handsome doctor and has even pointed it out to her. But will her infatuation with Finn signal the end of her romance with Zende?

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4. Sheila’s Revenge

Sheila will continue to use Jack to get to her end-goal. She knows she’s got him over a barrel when it comes to the secret he’s hiding from Finn and Li. Jack will be forced to act as Sheila’s go-between throughout the season. She’s made it perfectly clear to him that she wants to get to know Finn and Hayes, but he’ll have no idea that she’ll also be targeting Steffy. Sheila sees Steffy as the main roadblock to getting what she wants, and she’ll plot her downfall.

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3. Will Donna Pursue Eric?

For weeks now, viewers have watched Donna gush over Eric to anyone who would listen. She describes him as the love of her life, and wishes she’d never let him slip through her fingers. But he’s reunited with Quinn, so will she still pursue her ex-husband? Longtime fans know his marriage to Stephanie didn’t stop her from going after Eric back in the day, so why should his union with Quinn?

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2. Quinn’s Conflicted Feelings

Quinn will remain conflicted throughout the fall. She loves both Eric and Carter but in different ways. Quinn will be living with Eric but sleeping with Carter, with her husband’s blessing, and she won’t be sure how to reconcile it in her mind and in her heart. She’ll ultimately need to choose between her husband and her lover, but which man does she truly want to be with?

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1. Eric And Quinn’s Scandalous Secret 

Ridge and Brooke will keep prodding Eric to find out what is going on in his life. They know something is off, they just don’t know what it is. But Eric’s not going to divulge anything to them. Even if he hinted around what’s happening, they probably wouldn’t believe the truth if it smacked them over their heads. Eric, Quinn and Carter will have a scandalous secret — they’re in a polyamorous relationship. But how long will they be able to keep it a secret? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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