Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For January 2020

Published on January 2, 2020.

Trouble is on the horizon for both Wally and Lope, this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Brooke will ask Ridge to move back home, but Thomas’ actions may sideline their romantic reunion. Lastly, will Hope catch Liam and Steffy in a compromising position? Read on for more B&B spoilers for January 2020.

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12. Prodigal Logan Returns

Spoilers show Flo will be back on the B&B canvas the week of January 13. Viewers can expect to see her by mid-month as her portrayer, Katrina Bowden, returned to the show’s set in early December, following a month-long movie shoot in Australia. Will Flo’s return cause even more trouble for Wyatt and Sally, whose relationship has been a little rocky as of late? All signs point to yes!

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11. Flo’s Road To Recovery

It looks like Flo will be getting better after donating her kidney to her aunt Katie. However, she’ll still need to make sure she’s fully recovered and will visit a doctor in January. That doctor will be played by Monica Ruiz, who was recently in the controversial Peloton exercise bike commercial. Ruiz was on set filming for a day in December, and she’ll likely appear on the show in late January.

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10. Wyatt Gets Some Advice

Wyatt will be conflicted this month when he runs into Flo. Liam has been confiding in Wyatt recently, about his troubles with Thomas, and his fears about Hope sharing custody of Douglas with the designer and now working with him at Forrester. This time around, it will Wyatt asking his brother for advice about his relationship with Sally and his reignited feelings for Flo.

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9. New Man For Steffy?

Newcomer Oli Green will appear on the B&B this month. He’ll play a character named Colin, who will ask Steffy out on a date. The model and actor’s first appearance will be on January 3, 2020. Since it looks like he may only be around for one episode – for now – fans are already speculating that Steffy will be flattered by the attention but will turn him down.

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8. Andreas Georgiou Debuts

Speaking of newcomers, Greek actor Andreas Georgiou will also appear in an upcoming episode in January. No details have been released yet on what character Georgiou will play. But he was featured in some Instagram photos on the soap’s set with Don Diamont (Bill Spencer), Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer), Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber), Heather Tom (Katie Logan), Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton) and Will Spencer (Finnegan George). So, it looks like Georgiou’s appearance may somehow be connected to Spencer Publications.

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7. Brooke Asks Ridge To Come Home

Hoping for the best and that Thomas is moving on from Hope with Zoe, Brooke will try to salvage her marriage to Ridge. Spoilers indicate she will ask Ridge to move back home. Thrilled, Ridge will prepare to move back in with his wife. He’s already admitted to Brooke that he didn’t file their divorce papers yet. Although Ridge enjoyed his flirtation and stolen kisses with Shauna, he knows his heart is, and always will be, with Brooke.

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6. Thomas Threatens Liam

Thomas will issue a threat against Liam this month. Putting his cards on the table, he will tell his adversary that he better get used to having him in his life. He and Hope are getting closer, and he believes she’s starting to fall for him. Thomas will needle his rival for not proposing to Hope yet and will tell him his day of reckoning is coming. He will also ask Liam if he plans to spend his whole life waffling between Steffy and Hope.

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5. Lope Proposal

Rumor has it, after his confrontation with Thomas, Liam will get down on one knee and ask Hope to marry him. He will, however, have one stunning caveat. What his ultimatum will remain to be seen, although some spoilers show he will ask her to cut Thomas out of her life completely. But will that include giving up partial custody of Douglas? One thing’s for sure – most women don’t want a proposal that comes with conditions. But will Hope agree to whatever Liam’s stipulation is and say she’ll marry him?

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4. Destiny Averted

Unfortunately, Brooke’s romantic reunion will once again be destroyed by Thomas’ actions and Ridge’s defense of his son. Just as the couple are set to reunite, Brooke will find out that Thomas threatened Liam. She’ll beg Ridge to see his son for who he really is. But once again, Ridge will not give in. Will Bridge be done for good this time?

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3. Thomas Manipulates

Thomas becomes angry when he hears about Liam’s proposal and his stipulation to Hope, Thomas will try to manipulate Steffy into making a move on Liam in January. And it looks like his maneuver will work and spoilers tease he will set Hope up for a massive heartbreak this month. It’s no secret that Steffy still loves Liam, and even Ridge will mention to her again that he thinks she belongs with her ex-husband. In an ironic reversal of fortune, rumor has it Hope may walk in on Steffy and Liam making out.

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2. Distraught Hope

Other spoilers tease that even more karma is coming for Hope this month, and she will make a perilous decision that could cost her everything. Will she turn down Liam’s proposal and turn to Thomas, after catching the man that she loves with Steffy? Or will she be angered by his proposal stipulation and choose to continue to work on her line with Thomas at Forrester Creations over a life with Liam and Beth?

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1. Fashion Showdown

Forrester Creations will heat up in January as Hope and Thomas, and Steffy and Sally prepare for the fashion showdown. The rules of the showdown state that the buyers will decide who wins. As Hope recently said to Steffy: “Game on!” So which line will outsell the other? Viewers are already speculating Hope For The Future will ultimately win this contest, so does Steffy’s line even stand a chance? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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