Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For July 2021

Published on June 30, 2021.

Ridge, Steffy and Hope will become increasingly concerned when they can’t get in touch with Thomas, coming up this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Finn’s parents will arrive in L.A. to meet their new grandson and his mother. Plus, after Brooke busts Quinn and Carter during Queric’s wedding renewal ceremony, a heartbroken Zoe will leave town. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for July 2021.

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12. Baby Finnegan

At the beginning of July, Steffy will give birth at home. Her fiancé Finn will be with her while she goes through labor, and they’ll happily welcome their baby boy into the world. It’s still not known what they’ll name their new son, however John Finnegan Junior seems like it’d be a good fit.

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11. Ridge Meets His Grandson

Proud grandpa Ridge will meet his second grandson, shortly after he’s born. Ridge will be thrilled for Steffy, Finn and for his granddaughter Kelly, who will have a little baby brother to cuddle. He’ll tell Steffy he couldn’t be prouder of her and he’s excited that she’s starting a new chapter in her life with Finn and their child.

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10. Finn’s Parents Arrive In L.A. 

Dr. Finnegan’s parents will also get to meet their new grandson this month. Spoilers tease that Jack and Li Finnegan will head to Los Angeles for a reunion with their son and viewers will finally learn the beginnings of Finn’s backstory. Jack and Li will also meet their soon-to-be daughter-in-law Steffy. But will they approve of the woman in their son’s life?

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9. Liam Has A Nagging Feeling

Liam has had a nagging feeling about the hit-and-run accident lately. He mentioned to both Bill and Hope that they need to find out what Vinny was doing out on the road the night he was killed. The feeling will stick in Liam’s head during the month of July, and he’ll be sure he’s onto something. But viewers know there are only two people who know exactly why Vinny was on the road that night. One of them doesn’t want anyone else to know and the other is locked in a cage.

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8. Thomas Goes Missing

Ridge is already becoming concerned about Thomas’ whereabouts. He mentioned to Brooke recently that his son missed a meeting, which is very unlike him, especially these days. Ridge and Steffy will text Thomas and wonder why he’s not responding. Hope, too, will become worried when she realizes she and Douglas haven’t heard from Thomas in days.

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7. Desperate To Escape

B&B spoilers indicate that Thomas will frantically try to escape Justin’s clutches. After trying to reason with Bill’s right hand man and then pleading his case, Thomas went nowhere fast. He’ll quickly realize the only way he’s going to get out of the cage Justin locked him in, is to do it himself. But how?

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6. Will Justin Be Caught?

Surely Justin’s not going to get away with his crimes, will he? Even if Thomas doesn’t manage to escape the cage below Spencer Publications, it doesn’t seem possible for the character to ever be redeemed. But will Wyatt become wary of the lawyer and figure out his plan, or is Bill already onto him?

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5. Donna’s Feelings For Eric

While Donna is busy comforting Katie about Bill’s jailbird status, she herself will face an uncomfortable truth: she’s still in love with Eric and always will be. Donna will admit to her sister that Eric is her one true love. Although she’s happy for him that his marriage to Quinn has worked out, she’ll tell Katie she’s never gotten over her Honey Bear and doesn’t think she ever will.

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4. Brooke Learns Quinn’s Secret

Prior to Eric and Quinn’s vow renewal ceremony, Brooke will listen outside Quinn’s bedroom door as she warns Paris not to say anything about her big secret. Brooke’s mouth will drop open, and she’ll take Paris aside after she leaves the room. She’ll tell her Eric deserves better than Quinn so if there’s something underhanded going on with his wife, he needs to know. Then Paris will proceed to finally unburden herself of the secret she’s been keeping for weeks.

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3. The Truth Will Set You Free

B&B spoilers tease that Brooke will put an abrupt stop to Queric’s romantic ceremony. She’ll walk into the living room and accuse Quinn of being disloyal to Eric with Carter. It’ll be a spectacular, juicy soap moment viewers won’t want to miss! Quinn will rage at Brooke, who will smile and tell her ‘actions have consequences’. A fierce argument will ensue. And when it starts to get physical, Eric will have to break them up.

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2. Eric Doesn’t Want To Believe It

Rumor has it, Eric will at first refuse to believe Brooke’s scandalous accusations. It’ll seem impossible to him that Quinn and Carter have betrayed him in such a way. Quinn will continue to deny, deny, deny, but when Eric sees the look on Carter’s face, it’ll hit him that Brooke is telling the truth. So, will Eric dump Quinn on the spot?

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1. Zoe Leaves L.A.

Spoilers indicate that Carter will definitely get dumped. Zoe will attend the recommitment ceremony and be humiliated by the turn of events. She’ll be stunned that she could be so filled with joy one moment and then completely heartbroken the next. Once she knows the truth, Zoe will feel so degraded that she’ll lash out at both Carter and Quinn. She’ll then break off her engagement, rush to Carter’s loft, pack her bags and leave town. But will Zoe ever return one day? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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