Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For November 2019

Published on October 29, 2019. Updated October 31, 2019

November sweeps are on the way, and it looks like at least one character will be in mortal danger, this month on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is on the verge of collapse, as Shauna moves ever closer to winning over the object of her affections. And Hope’s obsession with Douglas will take a perilous turn. Read on for more B&B spoilers for November 2019.

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12. Character In Danger

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that a major character is in danger and could pass away on November 8. But who could it be? The last time something like this was teased, Emma lost her life in a car crash on the side of a highway. But she was hardly a major character and had only just returned to the show days earlier. So, who will it be? Some viewers are speculating it could Flo. Katrina Bowden, who plays Flo, is currently in Australia filming a movie but has said she will return to B&B. Other potential victims include Zoe, Hope, Brooke, Thomas and even Douglas.

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11. Fixation Takes Dangerous Turn

Speaking of Douglas, B&B spoilers show that Hope’s obsession with acquiring custody of Douglas is going to take a very dangerous turn for the worse. Will Hope decide to steal Douglas away from his father, thereby endangering the young boy’s life somehow? Or will Hope somehow find herself in peril due to her actions?


10. Brooke’s Ultimatum

Spoilers tease Brooke will give Ridge another ultimatum – he must finally choose a side, either hers or Thomas’. She’s already returned her wedding rings to Ridge, the day he and Thomas took Douglas from Hope, so it seems clear where her loyalties lie. But she’s hoping her husband will come to his senses and see Thomas for who he really is and admit his mistake and return to her.

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9. Ridge Makes His Choice

Silly Brooke, did she really think Ridge would choose her over his own son, especially when she’s been belittling Thomas every chance she gets? Something else she’s not privy to is that Ridge has a more than willing new partner waiting in the wings for him, namely Shauna. Rumor has it, Ridge will again choose Thomas over his wife. But will this mean the end of Bridge for good? And what will this mean for Shauna?

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8. Shauna’s Obsession Grows

Rumor has it, Shauna will set her sights on Ridge. She has been daydreaming about him for weeks now and with his marriage to Brooke seemingly on the verge of collapse, she’s going to strike while the iron is hot. With Ridge moving into the Forrester estate with Thomas and Douglas, this will give Shauna ample opportunity to get to know the object of her affections much better. And Ridge will begin to lean on Shauna more often, confiding his troubles to her.


7. Thomas Still Wants Hope

Speaking of obsessed, viewers have seen in recent episodes, that as much as Thomas is hell-bent on revenge against the Logan women, he’s still obsessed with Hope. His ultimate goal is to win her back and make her a mother to his son Douglas. As for Hope, she’s hoping she can use his feelings for her to get him to sign custody papers, handing Douglas over to her and Liam. And she may just get that chance, as spoilers tease Thomas will make an indecent proposal to Hope. But is she desperate enough to take him up on it? Executive Producer Bradley Bell has stated there will be a “very unexpected twist” coming up regarding this storyline. But what will it be?


6. Forrester Fashion Show

Viewers will finally see another Forrester fashion show the week of November 4. Todd McKee will return as Jake Maclaine, the jack of all trades who helps out at the shows. Sierra Paxton will appear as Maxie and Jaida King as Carmen, presumably as runway models. B&B hasn’t featured a fashion show since Steffy’s Intimates show, so fans can look forward to a star-studded event.

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5. Lope In Jeopardy

Hope pushing Thomas to give her custody of Douglas could end up backfiring on her with spectacular results. She may end up jeopardizing her relationship with Liam, who is already doubtful about adopting Douglas. Rumor has it, she will neglect both her daughter Beth and ex-husband Liam in her quest to be Douglas’ mommy. Will Steffy be waiting in the wings to help Liam if his relationship with Hope implodes?

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4. Liam Is Stunned

It looks like Steffy’s not putting her life on hold while Liam decides which Sister Wife he wants to be with. Spoilers tease that Liam will be stunned when he finds out Steffy is dating. Many fans are hoping the new man she’s with will be either Leo or Carter. Liam assumed Steffy would wait around for him while he once again waffles between her and Hope. Even though he’s currently living with Hope and their daughter Beth, will Liam get jealous?

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3. Zoe Kisses Thomas

Early in the month, rumor has it that Zoe will seize a moment and kiss Thomas. The former Forrester model has already forgiven Thomas for his threats during the baby Beth debacle and she was gushing to his friend Vinny about how great he is. For his part, Thomas told Zoe she was beautiful and was the inspiration for his new designs. But what Zoe doesn’t know is that Thomas is still obsessed with Hope. Could Thomas fall for Zoe or is she just a distraction to him?

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2. Liam Returns To Spencer

Spoilers tease that on November 25, Bill, Justin and Wyatt will welcome Liam back to Spencer Publications. Bill’s assistant Emmy, played by Sheryl Underwood, will also be there to help welcome him back to the fold. Will Liam quit Forrester Creations and his work on ex-wife’s Hope For The Future fashion line? And what could this signal for Liam and Hope – is it a hint that there will be more trouble in paradise for Lope?

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1. Forrester Thanksgiving

The annual Forrester Thanksgiving celebration will take place at Eric and Quinn’s house, as usual, this year. Viewers can expect to see Charlie and Pam joking around while they work hard in the kitchen, and at least one new guest is expected to be there, Quinn’s bestie Shauna. Will her daughter Flo join her? It should make for some great holiday drama to see the looks on Brooke and Hope’s faces while they sit around the dinner table breaking bread with two women they can’t stand. Also, will Thomas and Brooke also be forced to sit down at the same table together? And who will be obliged to awkwardly compliment their nemesis this year? Stay tuned to find out!

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