Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Spring 2020

Published on March 23, 2020.

Flo will become suspicious of Sally’s intentions and will try to warn Wyatt, this spring on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Bridget will return home for a Bridge reunion party, only to witness a stunning betrayal. And with the collapse of her marriage due to her kiss with Bill, will Brooke fall off the wagon? Read on for more B&B spoilers for spring 2020.

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12. Sally’s Scheme

Viewers now know that Sally isn’t facing a fatal illness after all. It was all part of an elaborate scheme on her part to get Wyatt back. Her plot was revealed when she was left alone with Dr. Escobar, who berated her for playing with Wyatt’s feelings. “Don’t lecture me Penny – I really don’t want to hear it,” Sally replied. Then she revealed, while she argued with the doctor, that she was perfectly fine. Was she misdiagnosed, or is Dr. Escobar not even a doctor? And what is Sally’s plan moving forward?

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11. Flo Becomes Suspicious

As the weeks roll by, Flo will become more suspicious of Sally’s motives by the day. She and Wyatt believe Sally’s days are numbered, but she will continue to survive, somehow beating the odds. Sally’s condition may even seem to improve, and Flo will begin to wonder if Sally really is sick, or if she’s been feigning ill for weeks.

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10. Upending Sally’s Plan

Rumor has it, as Flo investigates, she will discover Sally’s stunning lie and attempt to foil her rival’s plan. She’ll realize that everything Sally has been doing is to keep Wyatt by her side. But will Flo be able to back up the knowledge that Sally has been faking her fatal illness all along with hard, cold evidence? And even if she does, will Wyatt believe her?

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9. Shauna Decides To Head To Vegas

Spoilers show Shauna will make the difficult decision to return to Las Vegas. Now that Brooke and Ridge have reunited, she’s given up on the object of her affections. However, Shauna won’t have any idea that Quinn decided to use the video against Brooke, and emailed it to herself, despite her best friend’s wishes. But as she’s packing her bags, the truth will come out, and the former Vegas showgirl may not need to leave LA after all. The result of Bill and Brooke’s kiss could lead to the collapse of Bridge.

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8. Quinn Toys With Brooke

Quinn will mock Brooke, as she desperately tries to locate the video that shows her in a passionate embrace with Bill. Brooke will head to Eric’s house to confront Quinn. But her rival will lord it over her, which will spike Brooke’s fury toward Quinn even further. “I’m not going to let you blackmail me,” an angry Brooke tells her in a B&B preview. “As they say,” Quinn replies, a huge grin on her face. “Payback is a you.” 

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7. Bridget Returns For Bridge Party

Bridget will surprise her mother by returning to LA for a Bridge reunion party. She hasn’t been home since Christmas 2018 and she will be excited to see everyone for the happy occasion. What she doesn’t know is that the party is about to go south very quickly. Poor Bridget will make a special trip, only to see her recidivist mother publicly humiliated yet again. In 2002, at a baby shower Bridget was throwing for Brooke, she overheard her mother and her husband Deacon discussing their affair. She was stunned to realize her mother was carrying her husband’s baby. As viewers know, Brooke never learns her lesson and Bridget knows this all too well. This time, she’ll be an involuntary witness to her mother betraying her aunt Katie.

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6. Fallout From Brill Kiss

The fallout from the public airing of Brill’s kiss will be nothing short of spectacular. A stunned silence will still the party attendees as the video plays out. But once it’s over, all hell will break loose. Cries of disbelief will be bellowed, and accusations will fly. And perhaps Katie may even take a page out of Brooke’s slap-happy playbook and give both her sister and her husband a richly deserved smack.

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5. Quinn’s Satisfying Moment

One person will watch with satisfaction as the entire scenario plays out. Quinn will finally get to exact the payback she believes Brooke so richly deserves. She recently told Shauna that “when Ridge finds out Brooke has been kissing Bill, his head is going to explode.” And that may be pretty close to the truth. Quinn will sit back, like the cat that got the cream, and watch the chaos that unfolds after the truth comes out.

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4. Bill Tries To Explain

Spoilers tease Bill will try to explain to Katie why he and Brooke shared that passionate kiss in the cabin. He will tell her Brooke was upset and it was just a one-time moment of weakness on his part. Bill will say he loves her, and only her, but will she listen? Katie is bound to feel very betrayed by both Bill and her sister. But does she have it in her heart to forgive them?

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3. Ridge Files The Papers

While Bill tries to reason with Katie, Brooke will beg Ridge for another chance. But rumor has it, Ridge will file the papers to end their marriage. He will tell Brooke he’s had it with her betrayals and has given her enough chances to last a lifetime. Ridge will say that he came clean about his kisses with Shauna and she had her chance to tell him about this kiss with Bill.

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2. Will Brooke Fall Off The Wagon?

It doesn’t look like Ridge is going to forgive Brooke for her indiscretion anytime soon. He’s just moved back into their home, but he’ll be packing his bags again in early spring and moving back to the Forrester estate. Having had happiness within her grasp and watching it slip away so quickly will have a detrimental effect on Brooke’s state of mind. Viewers know she inadvertently consumed alcohol a few weeks ago when Quinn secretly spiked her orange juice with vodka. And Brooke will once again begin eyeing bottles of vodka. But will she take a drink?

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1. Leaving On A Jet Plane

Someone will be taking a trip in the spring, as Kevin Frazier, the host of Entertainment Tonight, will appear on the show on April 14 as a pilot named Matt. Maybe it’ll be Bill and Brooke, taking a trip in the Spencer jet, flying far away from the huge mess they just made of their lives. Or will it be Ridge jetting to Vegas to tell Shauna he wants to be with her and hopes she will return with him to LA? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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