Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Spring 2021

Published on March 24, 2021.

The lives of the Spencers, Forresters and Logans will be changed dramatically, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) this spring. Also, Bill will be involved in a murder mystery, but who will meet their demise? Plus, Zoe will not give up on Carter and Quinn will have a new man in her life. Read on for 12 B&B spoilers for spring 2021.

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12. Flo Wants Acceptance

Throughout the season, Flo will want nothing more than to be accepted back into the Logan fold by everyone. Although Katie, Donna, and Brooke have welcomed her back to the family, there’s still one holdout – Hope. Flo’s cousin will have a hard time just looking at her, now that she’s working at Forrester, never mind accepting her. After all, Flo knew Beth was alive for months and stayed silent while she watched Hope mourned her daughter.

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11. Harsh Reaction

Flo will reach out to Hope, hoping to mend the broken fences between them. She also knows her cousin has separated from Liam and she’ll ask if there’s anything she can do to ease Hope’s pain. But Flo’s overture won’t go over as planned. Hope will turn on Flo and put her on blast.

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10. Flyatt Wedding

Spoilers tease Wyatt will propose to Flo and the two high school sweethearts will start planning their wedding. Flo will ask her mother to be her maid of honor and Wyatt will ask Liam to be his best man. Flyatt will look forward to a beautiful wedding and starting their life together as a married couple.

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9. Sinn Wedding

The wedding viewers are most looking forward to is Steffy and Finn’s. But will it take place in the spring? Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is currently off the B&B canvas, on maternity leave, but it’s rumored she filmed a fair number of scenes in advance, so fans may get a Sinn wedding in the next few months.

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8. Quinn’s New Man

Quinn will get a new man in her life this spring. But will it be a lover or someone else entirely? It’s hard to believe that after the way she fought to win back Eric’s affections, Quinn would turn around and cheat on him. Rumor has it, she has may have another son, but she gave him up for adoption years ago. She never told a soul about it, but she’ll come face to face with him shortly – and her secret son will be none other than Finn.

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7. Quinn Turns To Shauna

Spoilers tease Quinn will turn to her bestie with her dilemma and their friendship will be tested. Will she reveal to Shauna that she has a new man in her life? And if so, how will her bestie react to the news? Everyone has their secrets but if Quinn does have a secret child out there, this secret is a doozy.

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6. Zoe Is Determined

Although Carter told Zoe he couldn’t trust her and they were through, she will not accept his decision. Zoe will come to the realization that she had something special with Carter and she’ll continue to pursue him in the coming months, despite his objections. But will Carter ever soften his stance on the Forrester model and forgive her?

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5. Love Story Continues

Paris and Zende’s love story will continue throughout the spring months as these two get closer than ever. Spoilers tease this will not go over well with Paris’ sister. Zoe will be jealous that Paris has won over Zende’s heart and she will do her best to try to undermine their budding relationship. But will she succeed?

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4. Paris Offers Her Friendship

Speaking of Paris, she will offer Hope her friendship and her advice. She will tell Hope that since she is separated from Liam, she should take her time and weigh all her options before making any final decisions. Paris will also mention to Hope that she should consider herself a friend she can turn to whenever she needs someone to lean on.

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3. Hope’s Choice

B&B spoilers tease Hope will have a choice to make in the coming months. She could take back Liam and forgive him for all his philandering. Or she could move on with Thomas, a man who is 100 percent loyal to her. Thomas has professed to Ridge that he is no longer obsessed with Hope but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t jump at the chance to share his life with her. So, which man will Hope choose?

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2. Thomas In The Middle

Thomas will get between Ridge and Brooke yet again, but this time it won’t be on purpose. Brooke still doesn’t trust Ridge’s son, especially now that Hope and Liam have separated. Rumor has it, she’ll give Thomas a dire warning and tell him not to pursue her daughter. Ridge will overhear her berating his son and Bridge will argue about it.

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1. Murder Mystery

Spoilers tease Bill will be involved in a murder mystery, coming up this spring. But who will meet their demise and what will Bill have to do with it? More than likely the victim will be Vinny. And there will be plenty of suspects to choose from. After all, he angered a lot of people by altering Steffy’s paternity test. Thomas hounded him for days and Finn punched him during a scuffle. When Liam found out about the tampered test, he muttered to Hope that he’d like to kill Vinny. But who would be angry enough with the small-time drug dealer to take his life? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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