Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 17 – August 28, 2020)

Published on August 17, 2020.

Brooke will confront Quinn and Shauna about the Las Vegas wedding, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Ridge will plead with Brooke to forgive him and Finn will find himself in an ethical quandary. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the August 17 to 28, 2020.

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12. Carter Makes His Move

Spoilers tease Carter will make his intentions known to Zoe this week. As if all his flattery during the past few weeks and telling Zoe she can do better than Thomas wasn’t enough of a hint. However, it’s looking like things will heat up between the two of them, as they start dating and hitting it off.

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11. Hope And Steffy Fight

Other spoilers tease that Hope and Steffy will get into a bit of an argument. A Soap Opera Digest photo shows the two women quarreling. Will Hope realize Steffy’s in a lot of pain and suggest she and Liam take care of Kelly for a while? It would give Steffy a chance to rest and recover from her injuries. Hope will more than likely be asking out of a deep concern for her. However, the Forrester Co-CEO will not see it that way and will push back at the suggestion.

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10. Steffy Suffers

When Steffy winces in pain again in front of Thomas, he’ll ask her if she did as he suggested and had her prescription refilled. Steffy will inform her brother she asked for a refill, but the doctor declined it. Instead, Finn offered to prescribe her a high dose of ibuprofen, but she told him she had an over the counter version at home.

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9. Thomas Helps Steffy Out

Rumor has it, when Thomas finds out Steffy’s prescription has run out and she can’t get anything stronger than ibuprofen to dull her pain, he will offer to procure his sister some heavy-duty pain meds. He may tell her that all he needs to do is put in a call to Vinny, who will be able to get her something to take the edge off. But will she take him up on it?

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8. Finn Checks on Steffy

Speaking of Finn, he’ll drop by Steffy’s place again this week. The doctor will be concerned about how she’s managing her pain since she’s been off the heavy-duty painkillers. She’ll tell him she’s feeling just fine, all the while hiding the extent of her pain from Finn. He’ll also meet Thomas, who is just leaving as he’s arriving, and Thomas will tell him to take care of his sister.

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7. Ethical Quandary

It turns out Finn will find himself in a bit of an ethical quagmire when he realizes just how much pain Steffy is in. He doesn’t want her to become dependent on pain medication, but he also wants her to be able to live her day to day life without being in agony. Will he put his better judgment aside and renew her opioid prescription?

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6. Ridge Is Going to Commit

Ridge will need to deal with the mess he’s made of his life. He wanted to reunite with Brooke, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. He’ll inform a stunned Steffy that he and Brooke are over, and he’s married to Shauna now. Ridge will describe the Vegas wedding, or what he remembers of it, to his daughter. He will also confide that he’s considering sticking to his commitment to Shauna. How will Steffy react?

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5. Thomas Finds Out About Ridge and Shauna’s Marriage

More than likely, Thomas will show up at Steffy’s when Ridge is there, and he’ll also hear the news about his father’s new bride. Spoilers tease that he’ll pretend to sympathize with Ridge about his marriage to Brooke being over. But viewers know that inside, Thomas will be dancing a gleeful little jig.

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4. Quinn and Shauna’s Plan

Quinn will become increasingly nervous this week as she tells Shauna to stick to their plan. She knows her bestie is feeling guilty about how they duped Ridge into marrying her. Quinn will also find out from Shauna that Ridge has told her he’s going to honor their commitment. This will please her but she’s also well aware that one word from Shauna about how the wedding really went down could blow the whole thing up in their faces.

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3. Ridge Overhears Something

Speaking of which, it’s rumored Ridge will overhear a conversation that is not meant for his ears. It’s possible he’ll eavesdrop on a chat between besties Shauna and Quinn regarding his Vegas nuptials. But what will he hear? Is he going to find out the two ladies conspired to dupe him into marrying Shauna, or will he overhear something else altogether?

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2. Brooke Smells A Rat

Once she gets over her initial disappointment in Ridge’s foolish actions, Brooke will begin to wonder how Shauna could have manipulated him into marriage. She’ll smell a rat whose name is Quinn and she’ll head over to the Forrester mansion to confront her. Brooke will accuse Quinn of setting Ridge up, and it won’t be long before Shauna makes an appearance. And Brooke will get the final word. She will tell her rival to mark her words – Shauna may have won this fight but she’s going to lose the battle.

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1. A Plea For Forgiveness

Ridge’s commitment to Shauna may not last as long as she thinks. Spoilers tease, he will plead with Brooke for forgiveness. He’ll tell her he made a stupid mistake and completely regrets it. Then Bridge will look back at all the mistakes they’ve both made. It will lighten the mood and she’ll find it in her heart to forgive him. But Ridge and Brooke shouldn’t get too comfortable as rumor has it, Quinn will hatch a whole new plan to separate them, involving none other than Dollar Bill. Will she urge Bill to go after Brooke?  Keep watching B&B to find out!

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