Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (January 11 – 22, 2021)

Published on January 11, 2021.

The next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful are going to be especially dramatic! What will happen? Liam and Steffy’s betrayal will be revealed, and LA will welcome Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott! Plus, Hope and Finn won’t accept any excuses from their significant others. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of January 11 to 22, 2021.

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12. Y&R Crossover Event

Spoilers tease Y&R’s Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott will show up in Los Angeles, asking questions about Sally, who is now living in Genoa City. Neither of them trusts the fiery redhead and they’re hoping to find proof of her shadiness to bring to both Jack Abbott and Lauren Fenmore. Will Skyle dig up the dirt that they need to send Sally packing?

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11. Wyatt Introduces Summer To Bill

Wyatt will interrupt his father’s workout to introduce him to a beautiful stranger from Genoa City. When Bill meets Summer, he’ll find out her visit to LA is twofold; she’s there to promote Fenmores to Spencer Publications, but she’s looking for any information she can get on Sally. Will Bill tell her everything she needs to know about the former owner of Spectra Fashions?

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10. Zende Questions Zoe

Zende will get the feeling that something isn’t right, after all the drama that went down between Zoe and Paris. He’ll ask Zoe what happened with her sister, and he’ll also question her about her feelings for Carter. As they talk, Zoe will try to get Zende to admit that he has feelings for her. But will he admit it or hold back?

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9. Paris Changes Her Mind

With some convincing from Zende, Paris will change her mind about rejecting the Forrester Creations job offer and heading out of LA. Zende will be thrilled and will tell her she’s making the right move. Zoe, on the other hand, won’t be so happy when her sister stands up to her and tells her she’s going to accept the position.

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8. Steffy And Liam Confess

Steffy and Liam will confess their indiscretion to their significant others this week. Both have felt incredibly guilty since they slept together, and they’ve argued about whether or not they should come clean. Liam finally convinced Steffy that telling the truth was the right thing to do. So how will Hope and Finn react to the news?

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7. Heartbroken Hope

Hope will be utterly devasted by Liam’s betrayal with Steffy. When he accused her a few weeks ago of kissing Thomas she had told him she would never betray their marriage “any more than you would.” What she didn’t realize at the time was that when The Waffler saw Thomas kissing the mannequin, it gave him the perfect excuse to hop into bed with her Sister Wife. He’d probably been looking to do so since the moment he found out Steffy was dating Finn.

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6. Thomas Comforts Hope

Thomas and Hope have become a lot closer in recent weeks and she even helped to save his life when she called 911 after he passed out in front of her. Since he’s moved into her mother’s house, Hope has visited him every day and the pair have bonded. She’ll need her friend more than ever in the coming weeks and Thomas will do his best to comfort her as she grieves the loss of her relationship with Liam.

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5. Hiding Her Pain

Rumor has it, Hope will hide her pain from her mother. She’s embarrassed and heartbroken that Liam has betrayed her with Steffy, yet again. When Brooke sits down with a chat for her, she’ll sense that something is wrong. Hope won’t want to tell her what’s happened, but Brooke will encourage her to open up. Will she tell her mother what Liam has done?

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4. Vinny’s Unexpected Visit

Vinny will visit Thomas this week, which may bring back some unpleasant memories for the Forrester designer. His friend will come over to the big house to check on how he’s doing, but his very presence may just remind Thomas of his constant obsessing to Vinny about Hope. It was a time that both Thomas and Hope would like to forget.

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3. Stand Your Ground

It looks like Liam and Steffy will be in for a rough ride as both Hope and Finn stand their ground and won’t accept any excuses from them for what they did. Steam’s significant others will be angry and neither of them is going to back down. Will Steffy and Liam be able to convince Finn and Hope to forgive them?

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2. Finn Is Stunned

Spoilers indicate Finn will be extremely upset when he finds out the woman he loves cheated on him with her ex. But he’ll also be stunned when he finds out the real reason Steffy confessed, she’s pregnant. Part of Finn will hope the child is his, but the other part of him may want the baby to be Liam’s, so he can run as far away from the situation as possible.

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1. Finn Confronts Liam

In a confrontation that viewers have been looking forward to for weeks, Finn will faceoff with Liam. Not only will he be upset that Steffy cheated on him, with Liam of all people, but he will also be angry. He will accuse Liam of taking advantage of Steffy’s weakness for him and he may even point to the Steam mural on the wall and tell Liam it’s nothing but poison to Steffy. But will the heated confrontation between the two men turn physical? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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