Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (July 20 – July 31, 2020)

Published on July 20, 2020.

When the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) returns with new episodes, the storyline will pick up where it left off – Wyatt will open the front door of his beach house and deal with the chaos he sees within it. Fans will also find out Flo’s fate, and the status of Katie and Bill’s relationship. Plus, Steffy will end up in the hospital when she’s involved in a motorcycle accident. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for July 20 to 31, 2020.

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12. Katie and Carter Fill Views In

Spoilers tease viewers will catch up early in the week on the latest Los Angeles goings on through Carter’s eyes and ears. Katie will tell Carter all about how Quinn sabotaged Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party. Then Zoe and Carter will discuss her romance with Thomas and how his manipulations blew up in his face and how it also ultimately ended up leading to a Lope reunion. Zoe will also inform Carter about Sally’s illness and Wyatt and Flo’s reaction to it.

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11. Bill Begs for Forgiveness

Still hoping to salvage his relationship with Katie after she found out he had kissed her sister; Bill will once again plead with her to forgive him. This week, he’ll inform his ex-wife that he is more than willing to accept the consequences for his actions. He’ll have one caveat — the only outcome he won’t accept is losing her and their son Will.

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10. Katie’s Choice

Katie’s position on Brooke will begin to soften during the next two weeks. Although she’s still angry with both Brooke and Bill, she’ll carefully consider her options. “She couldn’t possibly cut her sister out of her life,” Heather Tom recently told The Talk. “I think that she’s, you know, kind of weighing Bill and figuring out, ok clearly this is part of his character, and what am I willing to put up with.” Will Katie ultimately forgive her fiancé and her sister?

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9. Wyatt Doesn’t Know What Happened to Flo

Speaking of Wyatt, it looks like he won’t see Sally and Penny dragging his girlfriend Flo out of his living room. “What the hell?” he said back in April when he walked into his home and viewers had no idea what it was he saw. B&B will pick up from that moment and Wyatt will see a big mess with stuff thrown about. He may even begin to worry that something bad has happened to Sally.

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8. Flo Becomes a Hostage

Rumor has it, Sally and Penny will hold Flo hostage in Penny’s apartment. Viewers will recall that just before Wyatt walked in, Penny had bonked Flo over the head with a candlestick when she threatened to tell her boyfriend that Sally was faking her fatal illness. The women will haul an unconscious Flo to Penny’s and then chain her to a radiator.

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7. Sally’s Diabolical Plan

Flo will be disgusted, and Penny will be stunned when Sally reveals her plot to win over Wyatt. Sally’s plan is to keep Flo tied up until she gets pregnant with Wyatt’s baby. Although Penny was the one who hit Flo in the first place, she certainly didn’t plan on holding her hostage for the foreseeable future. She’ll tell Sally she’s not going to keep Flo at her place for months.

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6. Motorcycle Accident

Steffy will decide she needs some alone time later in the week and will head out on her motorcycle for a ride. But it won’t go as planned and she’ll end up being hit by a car. The driver will disembark from his vehicle and it’ll turn out to be none other than Dollar Bill.

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5. Bill Is Devastated 

A devastated Bill will be stunned when he realizes he hit Steffy. He’ll call 9-11 and have her rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Bill will hold vigil at Steffy’s bedside, feeling guilt-ridden about what he’s done to the Forrester Co-CEO and he’ll beg her for forgiveness. Then Bill will call Ridge and Brooke to let them know what happened, and they will rush to the hospital.

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4. Ridge Rushes To Steffy’s Side

Ridge will be understandably upset when Bill calls him with the news about his daughter. He will be afraid for Steffy and it may even bring back some heartbreaking memories for Ridge. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Steffy’s twin sister Phoebe died in his arms at the side of the road shortly after being involved in an automobile accident. Ridge will rush to the hospital and will immediately confront Bill, when he finds out the Spencer magnate was the one who hit her.

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3. Brooke Is Forced to Choose 

Brooke will also make her way to the hospital to support her stepdaughter. She may not have always gotten along with Steffy, but she still cares for Ridge’s daughter. However, Brooke may get more than she bargained for when she’s forced to take a side during a fierce argument between Ridge and Bill. Which man will Brooke support?

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2. Steffy’s New Man

Spoilers tease viewers will be introduced to Steffy’s new love interest when Tanner Novlan debuts on the B&B as Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan on July 23. It looks like Finn will be Steffy’s attending and it’s not clear yet who will fall for who first. Or perhaps it will be love at first sight and the two will have a mutual attraction towards each other. Although it’ll be touch and go at first, Steffy will end up being okay.

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1. Wyatt Looks for Flo

Sally will be taken aback when she attempts to seduce Wyatt, but instead of falling for it, he will demand that she tell him where Flo is. Spoilers indicate that just before Flo was knocked out, she sent Wyatt a text informing him she had something important to tell him about Sally. Flo had asked him to meet her at his beach house right away, which is why Wyatt arrived when he did. But what will Sally say when Wyatt confronts her? Will she finally come clean? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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