Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 1 – 12, 2021)

Published on November 1, 2021.

Quinn will have a number of angry confrontations, coming up on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Eric will claim that what happened between he and Donna was harmless. Plus, Hope will go all out to have a relationship with her father, as Ridge and Liam pull out all the stops to undermine Deacon. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for November 1st to 12th, 2021.

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12. Quinn Issues A Threat

Quinn will continue to threaten Donna, now that she knows about Eric’s breakthrough with his ex. Last week, Quinn expertly weaponized a chair, immobilizing Donna against a desk. Donna will fear what Quinn’s going to do next. “Let me go,” Donna says to her in the B&B weekly preview. But Quinn will tell her she’d better stay away from Eric, or she’s going to regret it.

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11. Hope For A Reunion

Even though Quinn has warned her, Donna will still hold out hope that she and Eric will reunite. But will she tell her Honey Bear about Quinn’s behavior and her threats? Viewers know Donna was going to let Eric go because he was happy with Quinn. However, Quinn may just be her own worst enemy, as her actions may cause Donna to be more resolute than ever to win Eric back.

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10. Eric’s Claim

When Quinn confronts Eric, he’ll claim his encounter with Donna was completely innocent. But Quinn knows better, and she’ll let Eric know she doesn’t believe him. Eric will tell his wife that as far as he’s concerned, she’s blowing it out of proportion. Then she’ll hit him with an ultimatum – he’s to have zero contact with Donna.

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9. Katie And Carter’s Bond

B&B spoilers tease that Carter and Katie’s bond will strengthen. As they get to know each other over the coming days and weeks, they’ll discuss their past relationships and why they haven’t worked out. Perhaps Katie can give Carter a little insight on falling too hard, too fast, and Carter can advise Katie to stop being a doormat to Bill. Regardless, viewers are keen to find out how Quinn will react if Katie and Carter become romantically involved.

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8. Another Confrontation

Quinn’s going to have her share of confrontations in the next two weeks. And she’ll find out quickly that Donna’s little sister is not half the pushover Donna is. In fact, B&B spoilers indicate that Quinn will be upset when she spots Katie and Carter together. And when she confronts the Logan sister about it, Katie will stand up to Quinn and tell her what happens between she and Carter is none of her business.

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7. Steffy And Hope’s Argument

Hope and Steffy will find themselves on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to Deacon. Steffy thinks Hope should listen to Liam and just stay away from her father. But, of course, Hope will vehemently disagree. They’ll be frustrated with each other as they argue. However, the situation will hit a boiling point when Steffy finds out that Finn has been leaning on Hope and confiding in her about Sheila.

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6. A Blowout

Steffy and Hope’s disagreement about Deacon and Sheila will turn into a blowout. Hope will make the mistake of mentioning to Steffy that she thinks Finn should get to know his birth mother. Steffy’s going to be more incensed when she discovers Hope has been advising Finn about Sheila. She’ll even accuse her of meddling in her marriage.

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5. Walk Down Memory Lane

Hope will ask her mother to try to see Deacon in a different light. She knows there must have been a time when Brooke and Deacon were close, otherwise she never would have been conceived. And rumor has it, Brooke will take a walk down memory lane, which will include flashbacks of she and Deacon’s affair.

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4. Hope Defends Her Dad

Hope will be more determined than ever to forge a relationship with her father, and she’ll let him know she’s in his corner. She truly believes him when he says he’s changed his ways, even though everyone around her seems to distrust him. But could her family be right about Deacon, and will he end up breaking his daughter’s heart?

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3. Ridge And Liam Team Up

B&B spoilers indicate that Ridge and Liam will team up to protect Steffy, Hope and Brooke against Sheila and Deacon. Ridge will come up with the idea when Liam tells him that Deacon and Sheila claim to be in love with each other. An alarmed Ridge will confide in Liam that he’s going to take decisive action.

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2. A Restraining Order?

On the heels of his agreement with Liam, Ridge may go so far as to take out a restraining order to keep Deacon away from Hope. He’s already taken one out against Sheila, to keep her away from Steffy – not that it’s had much, if any, of an impact on the villain. But how will Brooke and Hope react when they find out?

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1. Sheila’s Angry With Deacon

Sheila’s got a plan in motion to break up Finn and Steffy, as well as Hope and Liam. More than anything, she wants her son to hook up with Deacon’s daughter. She’s even photoshopped a creepy picture of all of them together as a family. However, Deacon knows his daughter well and is sure she’s not going to leave Liam. And he’s going to make a bold move that will not only annoy Sheila but may also firmly place him on her list of enemies. But what is Deacon going to do to provoke Sheila? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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