Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 9 – 20, 2020)

Published on November 9, 2020.

Wyatt and Flo will be forced to act as referees between Quinn and Shauna, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Zoe and Zende will share a poignant moment and Finn will put Liam in his place. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for November 9 to 20, 2020.

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12. Zoe and Zende Discuss Their Feelings

Spoilers tease Zoe and Zende will finally deal with their unspoken feelings for one another. But will they act on it? Zoe is involved with Zende’s friend Carter and neither of them want to hurt him but if they care for each other they shouldn’t lie to him either. Is Carter headed for another heartbreak, or will Zoe’s sister Paris step in to help heal him his wounds?

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11. Paris Puts Zoe On The Spot

Paris will put Zoe on the spot when she asks her about her relationships with Zende and Carter. Zoe’s sister can tell the Forrester COO seems to think he’s in an exclusive relationship with her. But Paris has also noticed that Zoe seems to be attracted to Zende. She’ll ask her what she’s planning to do about the two men.

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10. Bittersweet Moment

Spoilers indicate a bittersweet moment coming between Zoe and Zende. Will they realize they have to set aside their feelings for Carter’s sake. Zende also seems interested in Paris so perhaps Zoe will find out he’s asked her sister out on a date. Regardless, the model and the designer will share a poignant moment.

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9. Will Eric Forgive Quinn?

Wyatt will ask Eric to forgive his mother this week. He knows what she did was wrong on many levels but her manipulation in this case seems mild in comparison to other things she’s done. Wyatt will try to get Eric to see this. Quinn is currently living with him and Flo although he loves her, she’s clearly cramping his style and he’s eager for her to move back in with Eric.

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8. Shauna’s Living Situation Rankles Quinn

Speaking of Quinn, she will be incredulous when she finds out Shauna did not heed her warning and is still living with Eric. Shauna had promised her bestie she was going to move out. But Eric saw her packed bag and asked her to stay. She’ll once again tell Quinn not to worry and that she’ll keep pleading her case with Eric, but Quinn’s not so sure she believes her.

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7. Flo And Wyatt Play Referee

Things are going to get extremely tense between Shauna and Quinn in the coming weeks. It’ll boil over so badly that Flo and Wyatt will have to play referee between the former besties. Quinn will become convinced that Shauna is after her husband, and with good reason. But Shauna will insist she isn’t. Wyatt and Flo will walk in on them and break up a huge argument.

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6. A Marriage Proposal Interrupted 

Spoilers tease someone’s romantic marriage proposal will be startlingly disrupted. Almost all signs point to Wyatt proposing to Flo. After all, he is the king of quickie marriage proposals and has taken his time with his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately for Wyatt, it seems like Quinn will show up or do something just as he’s proposing to Flo, which will ruin the romantic moment he had planned.

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5. Liam Warns Hope And Steffy

Although Thomas will explain to his rival that he has the mannequin for inspiration, as he’s now designing for Hope’s line, Liam won’t trust him. The Waffler will rush to tell the Sister Wives about what he found in Thomas’ apartment – a mannequin that looks eerily similar to Hope. Deep down, Liam thinks Thomas is just as disturbed and dangerous as he ever was, and he will plead with Hope and Steffy to believe him. But he’ll be stunned by Steffy and Hope when they don’t react the way he expects them to.

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4. Finn Puts Liam In His Place

Finn will put Liam in his place when it comes to his drop in visits at the cliff house. It was obvious on a recent episode that the doctor seemed annoyed by how Liam just shows up whenever he feels like it. Steffy, who is used to it, didn’t seem bothered, but Finn wasn’t happy. This week, he’ll tell Steffy’s ex he can no longer just come and go as he pleases.

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3. Hope Meets The Mannequin

Hope will experience an odd and bizarre moment when she gets a close-up look at the mannequin that’s been fashioned after her. Of course, Hope has no idea that Thomas hears its voice inside his head and that he’s been confusing the two of them. But will she begin to wonder if there’s more to Thomas’ story, when it comes to the doll, than what he told Liam?

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2. Bizarre Dinner Date

As Thomas slips in and out of reality, he’ll have a particularly strange dinner date, with the mannequin. Once again, Thomas hit his head on something, and this definitely is not helping the state of his mental health. And coming up, the designer will set up a romantic candlelit dinner with the dummy, who he continues to confuse with the real Hope.

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1. Dark Demand

Thomas will struggle after the Hope mannequin’s dark demand of him. On Friday’s episode, viewers saw the mannequin’s eyes go red again. Is it possessed or is it all just in Thomas’ mind? Then it demanded that Thomas eliminate Liam once and for all. Will he comply with its request? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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