Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (October 3 – 14, 2022)

Published on October 3, 2022.

Important information will come to light about the call to Child Protective Services, coming up on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Donna will confide in Eric and also become suspicious of Thomas. Plus, Brooke will rush to Aspen to stop Ridge from reuniting with Taylor. But will she be too late? Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for October 3rd to 14th, 2022.

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12. Donna Confides Her Fears To Eric

Donna will find out Ridge followed Taylor to Aspen and that Brooke is also heading there. She’ll tell Eric she’s concerned that Ridge is going to leave Brooke for Taylor. But Eric will tell her she’s worrying for nothing. However, she’ll try to get through to him that she believes the “Bridge” marriage is in trouble.

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11. Donna Quarrels With Thomas

B&B spoilers tease that Donna will also start to become suspicious of Thomas. She knows he’s not a fan of her (or of her sister) and she’ll take issue with his attitude towards Brooke. Rumor has it, Donna will confront Eric’s grandson and they’ll get into a fierce argument about Brooke, Taylor and Ridge.

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10. Hope Spends Time With Thomas

Thomas and Hope will spend some time together and he’ll marvel at how she always sees the best in him. He’ll tell her he’s grateful to have her support. Hope will admit that Liam and Brooke are worried that he’s a danger to his son, but she knows he would never do anything to put Douglas in harm’s way.

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9. Liam Frets About Thomas

Liam will fret about what kind of designs Thomas may have on his wife. He believes Thomas is keeping Douglas at the Forrester estate so he can spend more time with Hope. Of course, Liam has tried to tell her not to trust the Forrester designer, but she just won’t listen to him.

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8. Taylor Pours Her Heart Out

As Taylor and Steffy spend time alone together in Aspen, she’ll pour her heart out to her daughter. She’s fed up being Ridge’s consolation prize every time Brooke lets him down. Taylor will always be in love with her ex-husband, but she’ll tell Steffy that this time, she’d like to be his first choice.

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7. Ridge Is Devastated

Ridge will be devastated that Brooke called the authorities on Thomas. Still, he’ll hope that she comes clean when he asks her about it again. However, Brooke will continue to deny she had anything to do with sending CPS over to the Forrester estate. Ridge will be heartbroken and tell Brooke that she’s let him down. Then, he’ll take off.

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6. Brooke Can’t Find Her Husband

When Brooke calls and texts Ridge, she’ll get radio silence. She won’t understand why he’s convinced she called CPS on Thomas, even though she told him she didn’t do it. But did she tell him the truth, or did she just tell Ridge what she thought he wanted to hear? Regardless, Brooke will be frantic when she’s unable to get in touch with her husband.

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5. Brooke Hops On The Forrester Jet

Bill will tell Brooke his sources have informed him that Taylor and Steffy are in Aspen, and Ridge just arrived there. Of course, Brooke will be panicked that Ridge is about to do something they’ll both regret. So, she’ll hop on the Forrester Creations jet, hoping to stop Ridge from leaving her for Taylor.

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4. Taylor Has An Awakening

B&B spoilers tease that Taylor is going to experience an awakening of sorts. She’ll take a walk through the mountains and decide, once and for all, that she’s done chasing Ridge. Unfortunately, her enlightened moment may end up being for nothing because she’ll suddenly see her ex-husband standing right in front of her.

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3. Ridge Wants One More Chance

Ridge will arrive in Aspen and find Taylor walking through the woods right after she’s had an epiphany about what she wants her life to look like. She’ll ask him why he’s there, when he clearly wants to stay married to Brooke. But Ridge will plead with his ex-wife to listen to what he has to say.

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2. Brooke Is Heartbroken

Brooke’s quick decision to fly to Aspen may only result in a broken heart. Rumor has it, by the time she arrives in the mountain city, Ridge will have already declared his undying love to Taylor. Not only that, but she’ll also find her husband in her rival’s arms. Ridge will tell Brooke he’s chosen Taylor and his decision is final. After all, he could never be with a woman who called CPS on his son. He’ll say they’re over for good and Brooke will be distraught and devastated.

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1. Important Information Is Uncovered

B&B spoilers tease that Ridge will have egg on his face when information about the call to CPS is uncovered, revealing it wasn’t Brooke who called them after all. It seemed quite convenient that Thomas remembered a former Forrester employee who now worked in social services. And it didn’t take much for Ridge to twist Walter’s arm into playing the call not once, but twice. Plus, Thomas did state he would do whatever he had to, in order to remove his stepmother from his father’s life. But did he use his son’s voice changing app to fabricate evidence against Brooke? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For October 2022

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Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For October 2022

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