Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 19 – 30, 2022)

Published on September 19, 2022.

Steffy will intercept a phone call meant for Ridge, which will spoil Brooke’s plans, coming up on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Deacon will face an interrogation when he meets up with his ex-wife. Plus, a furious Hope will put Thomas on blast. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for September 19th to 30th, 2022.

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12. Brooke’s Surprise Evening

B&B spoilers tease that Brooke will set up an intimate evening for two in an attempt to prove to Ridge that their love is worth fighting for. She’s tired of Taylor and her children interfering in her marriage, so she’ll plan a romantic surprise for her husband. Brooke hopes that Ridge will remember just how much she loves him.

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11. Steffy Takes The Call

Brooke will call Ridge to tell him she looks forward to seeing him when he gets home. But Steffy will pick up his phone and answer it. She’ll tell Brooke that Ridge is busy with Taylor and probably won’t be available for some time. Of course, Steffy will also imply that her parents are sharing a close moment and don’t want to be interrupted.

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10. Deacon’s Frustration With Sheila

Rumor has it, Deacon’s going to have his hands full as he tries to deal with Sheila’s insistence on seeing her son and grandson. He’ll reiterate that everyone thinks she’s gone, which is for the best — because if they knew she was alive, they’d call the police. But will Deacon be able to get Sheila to listen to reason?

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9. Deacon’s Past Comes Calling

Deacon will get a visit from The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) Nikki Newman. She’ll be in Los Angeles to question the former conman about his part in helping Diane Jenkins fake her demise. But will he admit to helping Diane, and will he have any other useful information to impart to his former wife?

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8. Nikki Visits Forrester Creations

Nikki will also pay some other L.A. residents a visit when she arrives at Forrester Creations. She’ll be there to pick up a wedding renewal dress for her granddaughter, and she’ll likely interact with Eric and Ridge. A spoiler photo also shows the Newman Enterprises co-CEO posing with Hope, Steffy and Eric.

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7. Ridge Is Fed Up

Ridge will be fed up with his children’s interference in his love life. He’s done with them bashing his wife and he’ll let Thomas know, in no uncertain terms, that he loves Brooke and she’s not forcing him to be with her. Ridge will also tell his son that he’s got to stop pushing him towards Taylor.

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6. Unwanted Visitor

Rumor has it, Ridge and Thomas will get an unwelcome visit. But from whom? It could be Bill showing up to bash Thomas about keeping Douglas from Hope. He may even be there to tell the Dressmaker to start showing Brooke more respect. Or will Sheila have the audacity to show up at Forrester Creations in her disguise?

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5. Bill Tells His Sons About Ridge’s Reaction

Speaking of Bill, he’ll tell Liam and Wyatt about Ridge’s reaction upon entering the house and seeing him and Brooke embracing. He’ll laugh and tell his sons that the Dressmaker’s reaction was priceless, and he wishes they could have been there. But Liam will also fret and wonder if the incident will have a negative effect on Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.

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4. Brooke Faces Off With Taylor

Brooke will be furious about Steffy meddling in her plan to surprise Ridge, and she’ll face off with Taylor about it. She’ll ask her rival how long she’s going to let her children fight her battles for her. Of course, Taylor will say she’s allowing no such thing, even though viewers know the psychiatrist seems to enjoy it when her children stick up for her.

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3. Hope Puts Thomas On Blast

Hope will get wind that Thomas helped his sister sabotage Brooke’s special evening with Ridge, and she’ll put him on blast. She’ll tell him she’s had more than enough of he and Steffy interfering in her mother’s marriage. But, while she’s at it, will she also insist that he return Douglas to her and Liam?

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2. Brooke Accuses Thomas Of Manipulating Hope

After Thomas gets blasted by Hope, he’ll be faced with her mother’s anger. Brooke will tell him she knows he was in cahoots with Steffy. And she’s also well aware that he’s once again trying to manipulate Hope. But when Thomas denies Brooke’s accusations, is there any chance she’ll actually believe him?

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1. Frightened Of Thomas

B&B spoilers tease that Thomas and Brooke’s confrontation will get so heated that she’ll become alarmed. But what is it that Thomas will do or say that could frighten Brooke? Will he threaten violence, or will Thomas tell her that he’s going to take Hope to court for custody of his son? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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