Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 21 – October 2, 2020)

Published on September 21, 2020.

Ridge will give Brooke some devastating news that she’s been dreading, this week on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Thomas will try his best to make amends with Hope, as they co-parent his son Douglas. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for September 21 to October 2, 2020.

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12. Thomas Apologizes

Spoilers tease Thomas will apologize to Zoe this week. He knows that he put her through the wringer when he pretended to be in love with her. But their relationship was just a ruse so he could make Hope jealous. Thomas will offer Zoe a genuine apology and ask for her forgiveness. Zoe knows how it is to do something you regret and then ask for redemption, so she’ll likely forgive him.

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11. Thomas and Hope

Thomas and Hope will forge a new path as they work on co-parenting Douglas together. He will also try to make amends with Hope for everything he’s put her through during the last year and will tell her he’s sorry. But he’ll also discuss Liam and Steffy and The Waffler’s jealousy issues when it comes to Finn, which will have an adverse effect on Hope.

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10. Devastating News

Ridge will give Brooke the devastating news she’s been dreading, he’s going ahead with the do-over wedding to Shauna. Once again, she’ll beg him to reconsider. But Ridge is nothing if not pig-headed and he’ll tell Brooke he doesn’t need her permission to remarry the former Vegas showgirl and he’s going ahead with it.

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9. Shauna Thrilled

On the flip side of the coin, Shauna will be over the moon with happiness when Ridge agrees to repeat his I Do’s. She’ll excitedly prepare for her glamorous wedding day with the help of her bestie Quinn. Shauna is about to have a real wedding with the man of her dreams, what could possibly go wrong?

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8. Steffy Lashes Out at Liam

Spoilers tease Liam will walk into the cliff house, only to find Steffy unconscious and unresponsive. Once he finally wakes her, he’ll accuse her of still being on opioids. She will deny it, of course, but he’ll then search her house for drugs as Steffy lets loose and lashes out at him. Will Liam find her secret stash?

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7. Liam Takes Kelly

Liam will make a heart-wrenching decision out of a deep concern for Kelly. Steffy will shout at her ex and tell him he has no right to judge her. He’ll realize she’s in no shape to take care of Kelly and Liam will grab his daughter and take her out of Steffy’s house.

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6. Hope Goes to Brooke for Advice 

Hope will confide to her mother this week that she is frustrated with Liam. She’ll tell Brooke about her husband’s jealousy issues when it comes to Steffy moving on with her life. But considering Brooke’s sister wife history herself, with Ridge flip-flopping between her and Taylor for years, is Hope going to the right person for advice? Will Brooke tell Hope to hang on to The Waffler for dear life?

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5. Steffy’s Accusations

Once Liam takes Kelly, Steffy will be on the warpath. She’ll show up at the cabin and will accuse Hope and Liam of kidnapping her daughter. Lope will be stunned as she rages at them. Rumor has it, Brooke will also be there and Steffy will take the opportunity to sound off on her as well.

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4. Thomas Expresses His Concern

Spoilers tease Thomas will notice his sister acting very strangely. He’ll wonder if she somehow got her hands on more pain pills. But will he put two and two together and figure out there was more to Vinny’s feel better gift than just a teddy bear for Kelly? Regardless, he’ll express his concerns about Steffy to their father.

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3. Ridge Supports Steffy

Ridge will rush to his daughter’s side after Thomas tells him about Steffy’s troubling behavior and his suspicions. Thomas will also inform Ridge that Steffy accused Lope of kidnapping Kelly. When Ridge finds Steffy crying and acting nonsensical, it will seem obvious to him that his daughter is emotionally compromised. But will he do anything about it?

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2. Steffy Makes a Dangerous Move

Steffy will be so paranoid this week that she’ll start to believe everyone is against her. Her brother ratted her out to her father and now she’s terrified that Lope will take her daughter away from her. She’ll feel like she has nothing left to lose and will make a dangerous move. Will a drug-induced Steffy take her motorcycle out for a ride?

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1. Intervention

Steffy’s behavior lately has everyone who cares about her concerned. Rumor has it after Liam informs Ridge that Steffy’s still taking opioids, Ridge, Liam and Finn will stage an intervention. The Forrester CEO is in denial that she’s addicted to the pills and will definitely push back, but the three men will stand firm in their resolve. Will the intervention help Steffy?  Keep watching B&B to find out!

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