Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (August 9, 2021)

Published on August 5, 2021.

Chaos will erupt as Finn unknowingly drops a bombshell on the Forrester family, coming up this week on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, as Donna and Katie reminisce, Donna will admit she wants to pursue her Honey Bear. Plus, a malicious schemer will develop a devious plot to get what she wants. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of August 9, 2021.

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9. Down Memory Lane

While the Forrester family attends Steffy and Finn’s wedding, Katie and Donna will hold down the fort at the office. As they’re working together, they’ll also take a walk down memory lane. The sisters will look at photo albums and talk about their past, including their mother and father’s tumultuous relationship. They may even reminisce about their own weddings to Bill and Eric, respectively.

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8. Donna’s Confession

Speaking of Eric, Katie will not be surprised when Donna confesses that she wants another shot with her ex. Now that he and Quinn have split, she’ll ask her sister for advice on winning back the man she considers the love of her life. Donna will be feeling hopeful that someday soon she may be back in her Honey Bear’s arms. However, she’ll have no idea that there’s about to be a major complication thrown in her way.

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7. Finn’s Mother

Finn will be ecstatic when he meets his biological mother, shortly after he and Steffy have said their vows. She’ll tell him that when she saw his wedding announcement, she just couldn’t stay away. She’s been watching him from afar all these years, and she couldn’t be prouder of the man that he’s become. An excited Finn will accompany his mother into the main room at the Forrester estate, eager for everyone to meet her.

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6. Wedding Bombshell

Rumor has it, Finn will be over the moon as he introduces his birth mother to everyone assembled for he and Steffy’s wedding reception. However, his thrilling moment will turn chilling when he sees the looks of horror on everyone’s faces. When they all say her name, he’ll realize that Sheila is not only someone they know, but someone they despise.

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5. Utter Chaos

Steffy and Finn’s happy day will erupt into utter chaos when the guests spot Sheila standing with Finn. Brooke will be so shaken up she’ll drop her champagne glass and Ridge will immediately demand that Sheila get out. He will of course be backed up by every other guest in attendance. Finn will be devastated and confused by their reactions until Steffy sets him straight.

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4. Steffy Makes An Accusation

Steffy will be as stunned as everyone else in the room. “What did she have to say?” she’ll ask Finn and she’ll be taken aback when he tells her Sheila told him she’s his birth mother. Steffy will inform Finn that Sheila is dangerous, and chances are good she’s lying about being his mother. “I wouldn’t lie to you, I swear,” Sheila will implore Finn. The doctor will be torn about who to believe. He just met his mother, and he wants nothing more than to welcome her into his family. But as he watches his new bride’s reaction, he won’t be sure of anything anymore.

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3. Jack’s Confirmation

Sheila will look to Finn’s father, Jack, to confirm her status as Finn’s biological mother. As viewers know, he’s been keeping a secret from Steffy and his son – he’s known all along who Finn’s birth mother is. He kept it from Finn to protect him from a woman he knows is pure evil. However, he will begin to wish he’d come clean with his son years ago.

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2. Navigating The Future

Sinn will not have the wedding night they’d envisioned, and they’ll spend a lot of it arguing over Finn’s birth mother. Steffy and Finn will still be stunned about what went down after they said their “I do”‘s. Steffy loves her new husband, so of course she will want to work it out. But with Sheila now in the picture, how will they navigate their future together?

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1. Sheila’s Devious Plan

B&B spoilers tease a master manipulator will develop a plan to insert herself into her son and grandson’s life. That manipulator will be none other than Sheila. Undoubtably, Steffy will want Finn to have nothing to do with his birth mother, and she certainly won’t want her anywhere near their son, Hayes. Having anticipated this, Sheila will begin plotting. But what kind of scheme will she come up with? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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