Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (February 18, 2019)

Published on February 15, 2019.

Reese tries to convince his daughter to keep quiet about baby Phoebe’s true identity, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Sally will be overwhelmed when she hears how Wyatt stepped up for her, and Brooke is worried that Hope wants to end her marriage to Liam. Plus, a sneak peek at the following week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of February 18, 2019.

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9. Wyatt’s News

Having heard about Thorne handing Katie annulment papers on Valentine’s Day, Wyatt will pay a visit to his father Bill. He will tell Bill about the breakup and of course Bill will say he saw it coming. He’ll brag that he knew that marriage was a mistake and he’s not surprised Thorne pulled a stunt like that on Katie. He will also tell Wyatt that this could be an opportunity for him to get his family back. Knowing his father’s track record with Katie and her sister Brooke, Wyatt will wisely remain silent on the matter.

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8. Offer And Counteroffer

Spoilers say that during Wyatt’s visit, Bill is going to try to convince him to come back to Spencer Publications and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Wyatt will hit him with a counteroffer – he will return to Spencer under one condition – if Bill will agree to re-vamp Spectra Fashions. Viewers will recall it was just over a year ago when one of Bill’s greatest obsessions was destroying Sally’s fashion house so he could build Sky. He even blew up Spectra’s building with Sally and his son Liam inside it. Will Bill want Wyatt back badly enough to agree to his offer?

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7. The Return Of Spectra Fashions

Sally will be beyond thrilled when Wyatt tells her the news. Sally has been happily designing for the Forrester Intimates Line, but her dream has always been running her own fashion house, like her aunt, who she was named after. She will be overcome with emotion that Wyatt would do something like this for her. If Spectra Fashions does make a comeback, will it also mean the return of the entire Spectra crew (including Saul, Grams and Darlita)? Keep your fingers crossed!

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6. Katie’s Difficult News

Now that Katie’s marriage to Thorne is over and she’s already told Wyatt, it looks like she will make the rounds to report her unfortunate news. On tap next will be her sisters, Donna and Brooke. The Logan women have already gone through one ill-fated event in 2019 and the year has only just begun. Katie’s sisters will lend her two sympathetic shoulders to cry on as she mourns her disastrous marriage.

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5. Bill’s Pointless Promise

Bill is going to pay a visit to Katie and Will and spoilers indicate he will promise to be there for them. Thorne accused Katie that she still loved Bill when he was breaking up with her, but does she? And could she really put herself through the hell that was her first two marriages to Bill? During the past few years, he has viewed her as a runner-up to her sister Brooke, so what happens if Ridge and Brooke break up and Brooke is suddenly available again? Bill told Justin just last week that he wants to get his family back, and this week, Justin will call Donna and arrange to meet with her so they can discuss the situation with Bill and Katie.

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4. Zoe Blasts Her Father

Now that Flo has folded like a cheap bathrobe and revealed Reese’s secret to his daughter, Zoe will be horrified and angry. She knows Hope’s baby is still alive and that her father stole her from Hope and Liam so he could pay off his gambling debts, Zoe will threaten to tell both Hope and Steffy about what he’s done. Rumor has it, Reese and Flo will both panic and go into damage control. The doctor will do his best to convince his daughter to keep his secret, telling her he could lose his medical license and possibly go to prison over it. Will Zoe divulge the truth to Hope, or will she become a reluctant collaborator in her father’s crime?

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3. Brooke Is Alarmed

Hope continues to encourage Liam to spend more time with his ex-wife Steffy, Kelly and baby Phoebe. Brooke will become apprehensive and anxious about Hope’s intentions this week. Hope has already told both Liam and Steffy that, having lost two babies, she doesn’t want to go through losing a child ever again so she believes she will never be a mother. She will confide in Brooke about this also and will mention that Liam would be better off if he was with Steffy and the girls.

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2. Unhealthy Obsession

Last week, Steffy expressed her concern to ex-husband Liam that her Sister Wife Hope was becoming fixated on her adopted daughter Phoebe. Liam stuck up for Hope, saying there was nothing to be alarmed about and that Hope was not becoming obsessed with the infant. This week, rumor has it that Liam too will begin to wonder what Hope’s true motives are when she keeps talking about Phoebe and wanting to visit her and he will share his worries with Steffy.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week of February 25, 2019

Coming up on B&B, Liam will fight for his marriage. Also, Sally and Wyatt will celebrate the revival of Spectra Fashions. This couple looks to be on the upswing, but they better watch out because trouble’s coming their way in the form of Thomas Forrester. Matthew Atkinson makes his debut as Thomas on March 15. What will his return mean for Wally? Stay tuned!

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