Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (February 22, 2021)

Published on February 19, 2021.

Finn will lay down the law to Liam when it comes to Steffy and Kelly, this week on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Carter will decide if he wants to face the future with Zoe or without her. Plus, Wyatt will ask Katie for a favor on behalf of Flo. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of February 22, 2021.

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9. Carter Looks To The Future

Carter has been unlucky in love. First, it was Maya, who left him for Rick, and now Zoe has betrayed him by pursuing Zende behind his back. This week, the Forrester COO will decide if he wants a future with Zoe. Will he stand firm on his decision to break up with her, or will he forgive her? At the same time, Zoe will implement a new plan for her own future and rumor has it she may decide to go after Zende again.

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8. Hope Waffles

Spoilers tease Hope will remain confused about what to do when it comes to her marriage. She was willing to give The Waffler another chance, until she found out Steffy’s unborn child was Liam’s. Now she’s waffling herself. Hope isn’t sure if she can continue living with her husband, knowing he’s having another child with his ex. The paternity result changed everything, and her head is spinning.

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7. Steffy’s Speech

Steffy will lecture both Hope and Finn about her feelings for Liam. Despite everything that’s happened, her unborn baby is her ex-husband’s, and she wants him to be a big part of the child’s life. She’ll make it clear to her boyfriend and Liam’s wife that he will also be involved in the pregnancy.

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6. Another Apology

Steffy will also apologize to Hope for sleeping with Liam and throwing a wrench into her life. She doesn’t regret being pregnant and she already loves the child she’s carrying but she does regret what it’s done to Hope. She knows the whole situation has been hardest on her Sister Wife and Steffy will tell her she’s sorry for everything that’s happened.

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5. Liam’s Limits

Finn will show up at Spencer Publications to have a private talk with Liam. He’ll lay down the law when it comes to Steffy. He’ll tell Liam he’s been selfish, and he’ll make it abundantly clear to Liam that boundaries will be set, and he will adhere to them. He can no longer just show up to see Kelly when he feels like it and Finn will say that a formal custody agreement is going to be drawn up. Finn will also tell Liam that Steffy has agreed to these boundaries.

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4. Finn Recognizes Someone

Rumor has it, Finn will recognize someone he sees when he’s at Spencer Publications, and at the same time, Shauna will also be there. Does Finn have a history with Shauna? Could she be a long lost relative? Or is it possible that Finn lived in Las Vegas at one point and he dated Shauna’s daughter Flo?

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3. Lean On Me

Bill and Liam will commiserate about the mistakes they’ve made with the women in their lives. They’ll lean on each other for support as Bill bemoans cheating on Katie with Brooke again and Liam laments cheating on Hope with Steffy. Bill has always thought Wyatt is a lot more like him than Liam ever was, but now he’s beginning to wonder.

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2. Ridge Counsels His Son

Speaking of fathers and sons, Thomas will tell Ridge that Vinny encouraged him to pursue Hope. He still loves her and has been considering his friend’s words ever since he heard Liam was Steffy’s baby daddy. But Ridge will caution Thomas about listening to Vinny’s advice. He’ll tell his son that Hope’s heart is torn in two right now and Thomas should take Vinny’s suggestion with a grain of salt.

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1. Wyatt Asks For A Favor

Without Flo knowing, Wyatt will ask Katie if she’d be willing to speak with Brooke and Donna about forgiving his girlfriend and welcoming her back into the Logan fold. He knows Flo is back in Katie’s good graces. After all, she did donate her kidney to her aunt. But will Katie agree to speak to her sisters on Flo’s behalf? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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