Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (February 28, 2022)

Published on February 24, 2022.

A brokenhearted Brooke will attempt to fend off Sheila, Taylor and Deacon, coming up this week on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Hope will ask her father to do her a huge favor. Plus, Sheila will make a mistake while she’s arguing with Thomas. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of February 28th, 2022.

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9. Will Carter Tell Paris?

B&B spoilers tease that Carter and Paris will share a special moment after they make love. Paris will be thrilled that Carter is giving their relationship another shot and she’ll tease him about his earlier hesitation. But will he tell Paris the reason he wavered was because her mother warned him to stay away from her?

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8. Sheila And Brooke Quarrel

Sheila will make it abundantly clear to Brooke that she knows her marriage to Ridge is over. She’ll rejoice in the karma she’s dished out to her nemesis and lord it over her. Sheila will tell Brooke she’s getting exactly what she deserves for threatening to interfere in her life. But will Brooke fight back?

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7. Taylor And Brooke’s Face-Off

Speaking of Brooke, she is not going to have a good week at all. Not only will she be mourning the loss of her marriage, but immediately after her argument with Sheila, she’ll face Taylor’s wrath as well. Rumor has it, Taylor will give it back to Brooke as good as she gets. But let’s face it, Taylor should be getting down on her knees and thanking her rival. Not only did Brooke kiss Deacon but then she defended him, which ultimately sent Ridge running straight into Taylor’s open arms.

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6. Sheila’s Slip-Up

When Sheila runs into Thomas, she won’t receive the warm hello she was hoping for. She’ll talk to Thomas about her place within the Forrester family. But Thomas will tell her she has no place whatsoever and he’ll make it clear that no one wants her around. B&B spoilers tease that Sheila will be so furious, she’ll have a slip of the tongue. But will Thomas begin to suspect that she had something to do with Brooke breaking her sobriety?

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5. Father Son Moment

Now that Ridge has reconciled with Taylor and their family has been reunited, he’ll share a warm moment with his son. They’ll talk about the problems Thomas has faced in the past and how he has overcome them. And Ridge will tell his son he couldn’t be prouder of him than he is at this moment.

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4. Last Ditch Effort

Although Deacon has told Hope he’d do just about anything for her, his daughter’s request will take him by surprise. Hope will ask her father to speak to Ridge and try to convince him to forgive her mother. She’ll tell Deacon that Brooke is heartbroken and devastated. Hope will also remind him that if it wasn’t for them, Brooke and Ridge would still be together. Then Deacon will agree to do it.

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3. Ridge’s Reaction

It doesn’t look like Ridge is going to react too kindly to Deacon’s request that he reunite with Brooke. In fact, he’ll see right through him and instead of a civil conversation, the two men will get into yet another fierce argument. But it won’t turn into another brawl this time. Instead, it will end when Ridge tells Deacon to get bent.

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2. Professing His Love

Fresh off his annoying conversation with Ridge, Deacon will head to Brooke’s. He’ll tell her he loves her and will always be committed to her happiness. Once again, he’ll plead with the woman he loves for another chance. However, he’ll quickly realize that Brooke may not be ready to move on just yet.

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1. Deacon Comforts Brooke

History will repeat itself when Deacon finds himself comforting a brokenhearted Brooke. Longtime viewers will recall that’s how Brooke and Deacon got together in the first place. He’ll try his best to sympathize and console her. But will his attempts to soothe Brooke turn into unbridled passion between them once again? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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