Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (February 4, 2019)

Published on February 1, 2019.

Zoe wants to know why Flo is in Los Angeles and staying at her father’s apartment, which leads to an epic confrontation this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Hope meets Steffy’s new daughter Phoebe and can’t stop thinking about her and Liam is burdened by guilt over the loss of baby Beth. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of February 4, 2019.

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10. New Forrester Intern

Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert, the Canadian model who made headlines when she photobombed many celebrities on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, will appear on B&B on February 6. According to producers, Cuthbert will play a Forrester intern. No doubt she’ll be serving up some bottles of water to Forrester Creations’ staff!

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9. Reese’s Big Plans

Considering her father only just arrived in L.A. in late November, Zoe will be shocked and suspicious to learn that he’s already planning to leave town and hoping she’ll come with him! Although he’s paid his gambling debts to the thugs who were threatening his daughter, he’s still worried about her safety and feels that the safest bet is to get her out of L.A. as soon as possible. With an established career at Forrester Creations and a boyfriend in town, Zoe will refuse to leave. Reese also doesn’t want to be anywhere near the Forrester and Spencer families if the truth comes out about baby Phoebe, so he will make a clean getaway this week.

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8. Zoe Pays Her Dad A Visit

Looking for clues about why her father has left town, Zoe decides to check out her Reese’s apartment, and is surprised when she arrives and finds a woman staying there. Flo will introduce herself to Zoe, telling her she’s an old friend of the doctor’s and was there for a visit. Zoe will question Flo and by the time she leaves, she will be more suspicious of the woman than ever.

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7. Flo Gets A Grilling

Not known for her shyness, Zoe will return to her father’s apartment later in the week. She will immediately start grilling Flo on what she’s really doing there and why. Flo will reiterate her initial excuse, that she is just there for a visit, but Zoe will not accept this answer and will continue to interrogate her. Rumor has it, the face-off between the two women will be epic. Let’s hope Zoe gives it to her good!

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6. Ridge Has Concerns

Although he’s happy for Steffy, Ridge will query his daughter about the quickie adoption. He has been apprehensive from the get-go of how quickly the process took place. He will also express his concerns about the briefcase full of cash he found Taylor with on last week’s B&B and will ask Steffy why they had to pay such an exorbitant amount of cash for the child.

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5. Steffy On The Hot Seat

Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, Brooke will also be on “The Case Of The Speedy Adoption.” She will pay a surprise visit to Steffy’s house and, even though it’s none of her business, she will question Steffy about Taylor’s connection to baby Phoebe’s birth mother. Brooke will also ask her why there was such a rush to get it completed.

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4. Hope Meets Her Daughter

Spoilers indicate Hope will be overcome with a range of emotions when she holds Steffy’s newly adopted daughter Phoebe for the first time this week. She will remark to Steffy at how beautiful her daughter is but will also feel a strange connection to the infant. Of course, Hope will not realize that the bond she feels is more than justified, as she will be holding her own daughter, baby Beth!

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3. Eerie Similarity

Later in the week, Wyatt and Sally meet baby Phoebe and are flabbergasted by how similar she is to Steffy and Liam’s daughter Kelly. They will both notice an eerie resemblance between the two girls and will mention this to Steffy. She will remark that she has noticed it too and obviously the adoption was meant to be. Since the beginning of this whole process, Steffy has had her head in the clouds, not questioning why her mother wouldn’t tell her who her “colleague” was who had arranged the whole adoption and not asking why the baby cost $250,000. When the truth finally does come out, Steffy’s whole world is going to come crashing down around her!

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2. Emotional Rescue

Rumor has it, Hope will come to Liam’s rescue when he has an emotional collapse over the loss of their daughter. Up until now, Liam has tried to be the strong one, supporting his wife while she mourned Beth and trying to hold his emotions in check for Hope’s sake. But all the while, he has been bottling up the guilt he feels for not being there at the Catalina Clinic when Hope needed him. Hope will tell him it was just a bad set of circumstances that led to his absence from the clinic and he couldn’t have prevented the miscarriage even if he had been there. Of course, viewers know that if Liam had been there, the baby switch never would have happened.

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1. Hope Fixated On Baby Phoebe

Spoilers indicate that because Hope felt such a strong connection to baby Phoebe when she first met her, later in the week she will ask Liam to take her over to Steffy’s to visit the infant again. She will admit to her husband that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Phoebe. Liam will be glad that Hope has found a way to be happy but will also be a little concerned that his wife is becoming obsessed with Steffy’s new daughter.  As Hope continues to bond with baby Phoebe, will she start to suspect the child is her own? Keep watching to find out!

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