Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (January 14, 2019)

Published on January 11, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Steffy will start looking into the adoption process, with Taylor’s help, and the pair will meet with Reese’s associate Flo, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, after his heartbreaking loss, Liam will spend some quality time with Steffy and Kelly and Thorne will feel like a third wheel when Katie invites Bill over for dinner. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of January 14, 2019.

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9. Color Bill Impressed

Dollar Bill will be awestruck by his youngest son’s ability to turn a profit this week. Maybe Bill will ask him to predict some stock market trends or prices? Or maybe for fun, Bill will ask him how Spencer Publications can make more money? Either way, Bill will be spending time with his son and will proudly realize that Will has the potential to be his heir apparent.

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8. Green With Envy

When Katie invites Bill over for dinner this week, Ridge’s Milquetoast Mayonnaise Brother will become jealous as he watches his wife and her ex-husband bond over their son Will. Thorne will notice that the three of them look like a family and he will feel left out. He will begin to wonder if Katie is starting to have feelings for the new and improved Dollar Bill Spencer. With Ingo Rademacher (Thorne) leaving the show soon, it looks like Thorne’s self-doubts this week will be the beginning of the end of Thatie.

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7. Steam Grow Closer

Liam will spend time with his daughter Kelly and her mother Steffy this week. After the shattering loss of his daughter Beth recently, some quality time spent with baby Kelly could be just what the doctor ordered. But will this also lead to some rekindled feelings between Steffy and Liam? Could another round of Steam be on the horizon?

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6. Guilt Ridden

Speaking of Liam and Steffy, both will be filled with guilt this week for what they believe were their parts in the baby Beth tragedy. Steffy will still feel terrible that Liam was with her and Kelly at the doctor’s office in LA, instead of on Catalina Island with Hope. And Liam will feel guilty that Hope was in labor all alone and he couldn’t get to her in time.

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5. Wally Visits Lope

Sally and Wyatt are heartbroken for Hope and Liam over the loss of their daughter and will pay the pair a visit this week to show their support. Wyatt will show Liam some brotherly love, and spoilers show that Sally will try to get closer to Hope, knowing she needs a friend she can confide in during such a forlorn time in her life. Wanting to ease her pain, Sally will bring Hope a gift and rumor has it she will present Hope with a puppy this week.

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4. Painful Recollections

Wyatt and Hope will talk about their own tragic past this week. Viewers will recall it was only a few years ago that the pair suffered their own agonizing loss when Hope lost Wyatt’s baby due to his mother Quinn’s interference in their lives. Losing baby Beth has been devastating for Hope, but it could also bring back some painful memories for Wyatt.

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3. Sinful Scheme

While Reese continues to act defeated over the loss of baby Beth (viewers saw just how devastated he was as he played video games on his phone while everyone else was attending Beth’s memorial), he’s got a fish named Taylor on his hook and he’s ready to reel her in. If Reese can present a baby to Taylor for Steffy to adopt immediately for the cash he needs, he knows both he and daughter Zoe will be in the clear of the thug threatening them. And, oh my, it just so happens that he will know of an infant female currently up for adoption. He confided in Taylor a few weeks ago that adoption is a long process and that it can take months to finalize. But can the process be sped up if she can come up with at least $200,000?

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2. Adoption Authority

Katrina Bowden joins the cast this week as Reese’s friend Florence. She’s come to LA at the doctor’s request and he will ask her for a significant favor, before introducing her to Taylor as an adoption specialist. Spoilers tease that viewers will get to see how Flo and Reese know each other. Is she an ex-girlfriend, or do the pair share something a lot more disturbing in their past?

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1. A Sister For Kelly

Steffy still misses her late twin sister Phoebe and will start looking into the adoption process this week. She will mention her plans to her mother who will tell her that she just happened to meet a friend of Reese’s who specializes in adoptions. Taylor will then set up a meeting between Flo and her daughter so they can discuss adoption, and according to spoilers, Flo and Steffy will hit it off. It looks like it won’t be long before Kelly has a little sister. But will Steffy unwittingly end up adopting a very-much-alive baby Beth? Keep watching to find out!

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