Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (July 29, 2019)

Published on July 26, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Flo will begin to tell Wyatt everything just as Liam bursts in to confront her about baby Phoebe, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Hope makes a dangerous admission to Thomas and Steffy makes an alarming discovery. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of July 29, 2019.

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10. Bunch Of Idiots

“I’m dealing with a bunch of idiots,” Thomas said to himself right after he sent another threatening text message to Flo. Viewers couldn’t agree more – how many times has someone overheard one of the Three Stooges (Zoe, Flo and Xander) blabbing about the baby Beth secret? Too many times to count. But who is really the idiot here? Perhaps it’s the guy who married a woman who doesn’t love him. Once again, Hope will tell Thomas she doesn’t know when she’ll be ready to be intimate with him. So, what will Thomas do?

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9. Unhinged Honeymoon

It looks like Hope will agree to go away with Thomas on the one-night honeymoon he’s planned. But spoilers tease it will not go the way he hoped. Thomas will become agitated and angry when all Hope wants to do is talk about Douglas. Hope has been unwilling to consummate their marriage (even on their wedding night) and Thomas will assume he can persuade her if they are alone and she can’t escape to Douglas’ room or to the cabin. But it looks like there will be no convincing her. Hope cringes every time Thomas pulls her in for a kiss, so it’s unimaginable she’ll agree to sleep with him. Spoilers indicate he will become unhinged. But will Thomas harm the woman who has been the object of his affections, and his obsession, since he returned to LA?

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8. Hope’s Dangerous Admission

Thomas will receive another punch in the gut from Hope when she admits her true feelings for Liam to him this week. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Thomas, as she has told him countless times she was marrying him so she could be a mother to Douglas. He also knows she only annulled her marriage to Liam “for the sake of the children.” But will Hope’s admission put her life in jeopardy?

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7. From The Mouths Of Babes

Rumor has it, an unexpected person will lead Liam in the direction of his daughter, Beth. Since Douglas has overheard Thomas talking about how Beth is alive, could it be the little boy who ultimately leads Liam to the truth? Sure, Thomas threatened Douglas to never mention Beth’s name again, but viewers already saw Douglas looking at himself in the mirror and saying: “Beth is alive.” It’s pretty clear Liam will hear the child repeating it to himself. With Liam already investigating the anomalies in baby Phoebe’s adoption, will he finally put all the pieces together?

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6. Steffy’s Discovery

A Soap Opera Digest spoiler photo shows Steffy standing in the doorway of her daughters’ bedroom, looking like she is in shock. Thomas mentioned to Hope that Douglas would stay with Steffy, Liam and the girls while they went on their one-night honeymoon. Will Steffy hear Douglas talking to baby Phoebe and calling her Beth?

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5. Vinny’s Gift

Thomas will meet with his pal Vinny this week, who will give him a special wedding gift for Thomas to give Hope. Since Hope is refusing to sleep with him, even though they’re now married, will Thomas drug his new bride? When he drugged Liam several weeks ago, things went exactly according to his plan. Liam was uninhibited and he slept with Steffy. Thomas will expect to have that same success with Hope.

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4. Frantic Flo

Spoilers tease Flo will panic when Brooke, Katie and Donna tell her about Thomas’ dark past. Will she learn that he attempted to kill Brooke’s son Rick by blowing up his car? Or will they tell her about how Thomas took advantage of Caroline when she was upset and inebriated and that was how Douglas was conceived? Later, Flo will once again want to come clean to Wyatt, but Shauna will calm her down and convince her to remain mum about the secret.

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3. Wyatt Blindsided

Wyatt will find out this week that his perfect girlfriend Flo is nowhere near as perfect as he thinks. He’s known something was going on with her ever since Thomas and Hope’s wedding, but he couldn’t have imagined the depth of her deception. Spoilers indicate Flo will be both heartbroken and relieved when she begins to confess the truth to Wyatt, just as Liam bursts in to confront her about baby Phoebe. Wyatt will be completely blindsided, and Liam will be furious beyond words. It looks like Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend Sally’s words will come back to haunt him. “The joke is on you, Wyatt. There’s no such thing as a perfect woman.”

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2. The Truth Will Set You Free

Rumor has it, Thomas will panic when he realizes Liam is on to him. He knows the walls are closing in and he will attempt to flee Los Angeles, with a bewildered and alarmed Hope by his side. But will Mad King Thomas manage to escape with his damsel in distress before Good Knight Liam can rush in on his white horse and save her?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of August 5

Spoilers tease an epic showdown between Liam and Thomas will end with Hope learning Beth is alive, and Lope will cry tears of joy when they are reunited with their child. Also, Flo, Zoe and Shauna will finally get their comeuppance, when an angry Brooke rages at them about their treachery. And Hope and Liam will give shocking news to an unsuspecting Steffy. How will Steffy react when she finds out baby Phoebe is Beth? Stay tuned!

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