Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (May 27, 2019)

Published on May 24, 2019.

The end of Liam and Hope’s marriage will have major repercussions, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Flo and Zoe will be overheard once again discussing their roles in the baby switch saga – and someone else will learn the truth about baby Phoebe. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of May 27, 2019.

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9. Thomas Can’t Handle The Truth

Liam tells a smug Thomas this week that Hope is indeed in love, but not with him, with his son Douglas. He also tells him that Hope will never love him. However, Liam’s words will have little to no effect on Thomas, and he will shock Hope by kissing her again this week. But now that her marriage to Liam is over, will she kiss him back?

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8. Short-Lived Victory

Thomas will become privy to some vital information this week. Some spoilers tease he will find out about the baby switch scheme and that Hope’s daughter Beth is alive. However, this seems unlikely at this point. Other spoilers say Hope will agree to live with Thomas and Douglas. Hope is still in love with Liam, so she will tell him it will be a co-parenting situation, much like he had with Caroline. Although he’s thrilled that he’s managed to break up Liam and Hope, he will struggle with this news. Thomas claims to be in love with Hope, but does he love her enough to wait until she’s over Liam?

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7. Romantic Dinner

Having agreed to one last night together, Hope and Liam will talk about the life they should have had with their daughter Beth. Liam will set up a romantic dinner, but it will still be a heartbreaking evening. Hope is still in love with her husband, she’s just doing what she believes is in the best interest for the children in their lives.

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6. Flo And Wyatt Make Love

Wyatt and Flo will have the Forrester estate to themselves one night this week and spoilers show the couple will enjoy the benefits. They will reminisce about their high school years and what the future may hold for them and the pair will make love. Wyatt will be ecstatic, as Flo was his first love and he’d never really gotten over her. But what Wyatt doesn’t know is that Flo still has a terrible secret hanging over her that could blow their whole relationship out of the water.

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5. Pros And Cons

For the hundredth time, Zoe and Flo will discuss whether they should tell Hope the truth about her daughter being alive. The news that Liam and Hope have split will be weighing heavily on Flo’s mind and her guilty conscience will start acting up again. These two fools have already been heard by Hope of all people, yet they can’t stop talking about the terrible secret they share. Zoe and Flo’s constant discussions about Beth will come back to bite them hard this week when someone else overhears their entire conversation

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4. Xander Is Appalled

It turns out Xander will be the one eavesdropping on Flo and Zoe this week. Rumor has it, he will discover Beth is alive, and his girlfriend and Flo have been keeping this information from Hope for months. Xander has known something was up with Zoe for quite some time now and he has been worried about her. He had also figured out it had something to do with her father Reese. Xander will be horrified to find out about the horrible secret Zoe has been keeping and he will demand answers from her.

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3. Hope For The Future

Steffy will be completely shocked this week when Hope reveals her vision of the future. She already knows Hope has broken up with Liam but is flabbergasted when Hope tells her she should reunite with him for the sake of Kelly and Phoebe. More than likely, Steffy will tell Hope she is more than capable of handling the girls by herself. But will Hope’s words stick with her and will she begin to consider reuniting with Liam?

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2. Sibling Confrontation

It looks like Steffy will be none too happy with her brother Thomas. Liam has filled her in on Thomas manipulating Hope to his own advantage and she will confront him about it this week. No doubt, her brother will try to explain himself by saying Douglas needs a mother and Steffy’s children need a father. He will also tell his sister she should consider taking Liam back since his marriage to Hope is over. But will Steffy accept Thomas’ explanation, or will she still wonder where his motivations truly lie?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of June 3

Xander’s knowledge of the baby switch secret will put him in grave danger next week. Spoilers tease this character is on his way out. So, will Zoe or someone else try to harm him so he doesn’t tell anyone, or will he meet with a tragic accident while he’s on his way to spill the beans to Hope? Plus, Lope’s breakup and Thomas’ prodding will evoke memories of when she and Liam were together and Steffy will remember it fondly next week. Now that Hope and Liam have split, this means the door is wide open for a possible Steam reunion. Last summer, Steffy handed Hope over to her ex-husband, telling them she wanted an end to the infighting. Now Hope has handed the Waffler back to her Sister Wife – but will Steffy take him?  Stay tuned!

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