Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (November 11, 2019)

Published on November 7, 2019.

This week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Hope will feel guilty when she is unable to locate Thomas after he chased her around Forrester Creations. Also, both Ridge and Liam will be stunned when they find out Thomas signed the adoption papers and Hope is now Douglas’ legal parent. Will it adversely affect their relationships with Brooke and Hope? Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of November 11, 2019.

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9. Pursuit Claims A Life?

As Hope raced through Forrester Creations looking for Douglas, Thomas chased her. “Who are you and how can you be so cruel to your son?” Hope shouted at him in a B&B video preview. But what happens next? Spoilers indicate Hope will emerge the winner, but what about Thomas? Will he fall into the vat of hydrofluoric acid and meet his demise?

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8. Guilty Conscience

Spoilers tease Hope will begin to feel guilty about how things ended with Thomas. After the frenzied chase, Hope will not be able to find Thomas. Is he just hiding out somewhere, trying to test her, to see what she will do? But rumor has it, Thomas will still be missing by next week, and Hope will begin to fear the worst.

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7. Steffy’s Two Cents

Steffy will give Ridge a piece of her mind about Brooke this week. She’s already fed up with Hope and her attempts to manipulate Thomas to get custody of Douglas. Spoilers show that she’ll tell Ridge that whatever Hope is up to, her mother must be in on it too. Steffy believes Brooke is capable of just about anything. Ridge and Brooke have been arguing about Thomas for weeks now, so will Ridge side with Steffy?

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6. Hope Gets Custody

Spoilers indicate that Hope will get custody of Douglas – but will it be legal? Rumors are rampant that when Hope can’t find Thomas, she’ll forge his signature on the adoption papers. This would seem like poetic justice, as Thomas had forged his late girlfriend Caroline’s signature on a letter this past summer, to guilt Hope into marrying him and becoming a mother to Douglas. Other spoilers tease Hope will face a moral dilemma this week, so will she falsify Thomas’ signature to get what she wants?


5. Liam Is Stunned

Rumor has it, Liam will be stunned when he discovers Hope is now Douglas’ legal parent. He had expressed his misgivings about the adoption to Hope from the start and will be upset and apprehensive about how she went about getting the signature from Thomas. Liam will have many questions about why Thomas would give up his rights to his son. Will Hope come clean with Liam about manipulating Thomas, or will she continue to keep the truth from him?

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4. Reclaiming His Birthright

Liam has been pondering whether to return to work with his father at Spencer Publications. This week, he will resign his position at Forrester Creations and reclaim his birthright at Spencer. Both Bill and Wyatt will be thrilled to welcome Liam back into the fold. But spoilers tease Hope will feel both blindsided and guilty when she hears the news. She’s been so obsessed with Douglas, that she’s neglected Liam and she’ll feel that her actions have pushed him to make this life-altering decision.

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3. Ridge Demands Answers

Ridge will be angry and suspicious when he discovers Thomas signed his son over to Hope. He will confront Brooke and Hope to find out how the custody deal came to pass. Rumor has it that Ridge will lose control during the confrontation and accuse Hope of manipulating his son and Brooke will be desperate to diffuse the situation.


2. Brooke Covers For Hope

Trying to end the conflict between her husband and her daughter, Brooke will choose to cover for Hope, rather than admit the truth to Ridge. Her husband suspects that Hope was manipulating Thomas all along, but Brooke will say that nothing like that happened. She’ll instead once again accuse Thomas of trying to take advantage of Hope, but will Ridge believe her?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of November 18

Spoilers show that Steffy will become worried when she realizes she has no idea where her brother is. It will occur to her that she hasn’t heard from Thomas since he told her about his plans for a special evening with Hope and Douglas. Also, Ridge will find out about his son’s quid pro quo with Hope. But will Brooke and Hope tell Ridge the truth – that Thomas wanted a relationship with Hope? Or will they imply to Ridge that Thomas’ offer of joint custody was only about wanting to sleep with her? Keep watching to find out!

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