Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (November 5, 2018)

Published on November 5, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

This week on the Bold & The Beautiful, Bill discovers that Judge McMullen’s custody ruling in favor of Katie was not all that it seemed. Also, Quinn will begin to worry about the state of her marriage as Eric and Donna reconnect, and a spirited Steffy rocks the showstopper at the Intimates fashion show. Learn more in the B&B spoilers for the week of November 5, 2018.

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9. Intimates Fashion Show

Viewers will be treated to the first official Intimates fashion show, and it’s about time. It’s been months since there’s been a fashion show and isn’t that what B&B is all about? Spoilers indicate the show will be a smashing success, topped off by a vibrant Steffy sizzling on the runway as she models the showstopper. Xander’s aunt Vivienne and uncle Julius will attend the show to support their nephew and Sally’s grandma Shirley will also be there to encourage Sally.

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8. Interns Drama

As usual, Emma will be jealous this week when she observes her boyfriend Xander flirting with his ex Zoe behind the scenes at the Intimates fashion show. Increasingly frustrated with Emma, Xander will ask Emma to take the next step in their relationship. Rumor has it, Emma is going to focus on learning more about the business side of Forrester, so she may just tell Xander to go back to Zoe!

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7. Honey Bear Banter

After feeling like the odd woman out during a dinner party with Eric, Donna, Brooke, Ridge, Katie and Thorne, Quinn will face even more challenges this week when she eavesdrops on a conversation between Eric and his ex-wife Donna. It looks like Donna will be holding a bottle of Honey Bear as the pair reminisces about the good times they shared when they were married.

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6. Donna and Quinn Quarrel

All of this will lead to Quinn confronting Donna about her intentions toward Eric. In a preview, Quinn tells Donna: “If you try to get your hooks into my husband, I’ll destroy you.” But if Quinn was hoping to intimidate Donna, it’s not going to work. Spoilers indicate Donna is not going to back down from this argument and is going to give it back to Quinn in spades.

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5. Frenemies Join Forces

Rumor has it, Pam and Donna, once adversaries, are going to connect over a common enemy – Quinn. Pam will remind Donna about how much she used to love Eric and will enlist Donna to help her take Quinn down. This shouldn’t be much of a problem for Donna, as she already has her Honey Bear in her sights.

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4. Foul Flashback

On last week’s B&B, when Eric mentioned Australia, Brooke had an unpleasant flashback, remembering Ridge kissing Quinn on the beach, the day before she was supposed to marry him. Now that Bill has made it perfectly clear he wants her back, she’s beginning to wonder if maybe she should take him up on his offer. Ridge’s anger and his interference in the custody case for Katie and Bill’s son Will is also never far from Brooke’s mind. Is she subconsciously looking for ways to justify leaving her husband, so she can reunite with her stallion?

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3. Closer To The Truth

To top it all off, Bill will ask Brooke this week if she thinks her husband somehow manipulated the outcome of the custody case. Brooke is going to be conflicted between telling Bill the truth and remaining a loyal wife to Ridge. She not only feels bad for Bill but also knows that what her husband did was wrong. Still, she’s not going to tell Bill anything, for now. Previews show Brooke warning Ridge that “Bill is onto you and he’s not going to let this go.”

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2. Ken The IT Guy

Danny Woodburn returns to B&B this week as Ken the IT guy. Ken is tasked with a fact-finding assignment for Bill. Viewers will recall that Ken is no slouch. Mere months ago, he pinpointed where the threatening messages posted on the Hope For The Future website came from, which led to Sally’s computer and ultimately outing Zoe as the culprit. This time around, Ken will likely be digging into Judge McMullen’s background and any connection the judge may have to Ridge.

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1. Dollar Meg

Like the shark he is, Dollar Bill is circling and smells blood in the water. And when it comes to Ridge’s role in the custody case, he’s getting ready to strike. It looks like Bill’s changed man routine lasted for about 10 seconds. Bill is getting very close to the truth and when he finally finds out Ridge financed the judge’s law school tuition, he will have enough ammunition to send Ridge to jail and have the judge disbarred. But will Bill go through with it or will he use the information to break up Bridge for good?

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