Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (October 29, 2018)

Published on October 28, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

This week on the Bold & The Beautiful, Bill comes out of his coma and makes a statement to the police that surprises Ridge, and the Dressmaker will destroy an important symbol of the Spencer family. Also, the feud between Pam and Quinn continues and Pam will reflect on her relationship with her late sister and mother. Learn more in the B&B spoilers for the week of October 29, 2018.

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9. Pot Calling The Kettle Black

On last week’s B&B, Quinn suggested to Charlie that he reconsider marrying Pam because she’s seen her dark side, and Quinn then wondered out loud: “What would a life with someone like that look like? Today is fine, but tomorrow, who knows?” Charlie’s response was: “I can remember when people said the exact same thing to Eric, when he was marrying you.” Viewers will find out this week what is really motivating Quinn when she tells Eric the truth about why she doesn’t want to host Pam and Charlie’s wedding.

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8. Reflections Of The Past

Pam will be upset this week about Quinn putting her foot through Stephanie’s portrait. She will reflect on her relationships with her sister Stephanie and her mother Ann. Pam wishes both were still alive to witness her upcoming wedding to Charlie. Viewers can expect to see flashbacks featuring Susan Flannery and Betty White this week.

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7. Witchy Woman

Pam told Quinn last week she “didn’t cast a spell on Charlie the way you did over Eric.” Then she threatened that if she tried to ruin her wedding to Charlie, she would chop Quinn’s “broomstick into a million pieces and make sure that someone drops a house on you.” Quinn might just make Pam’s worst nightmares come true this week when she dresses up as a witch for Halloween. The feud between the two women will continue to intensify and rumor has it, another hostile impasse will occur between them this week.

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6. Honey Bear Visit

Eric, meanwhile, is getting more annoyed by the minute at Quinn’s refusal to host Pam and Charlie’s wedding. This week, he’ll leave the house to get a break from all the drama and call on his next-door neighbor Katie. But instead of finding Katie, he’ll be greeted by a familiar face and she’ll be wearing lingerie. Talk about déjà vu! Spoilers show Eric and Donna will reminisce about all the good times they shared together.

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5. Odd Woman Out

Quinn will feel out of place this week when she goes out to dinner with Eric, Donna, Brooke, Ridge, Katie and Thorne. The six of them have known each other for years, which makes Quinn a relative newcomer to the Forrester clan and leaves her feeling like the odd woman out. Quinn also knows Eric’s ex-wife Donna has permanently returned to Los Angeles and she’s beginning to wonder if Donna has set her sights on winning Eric back.

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4. Back On The Market

A long-time buyer will be at Forrester Creations this week for an Intimates preview. Leo (Sam Myerson) will be impressed with the line and will also ask Steffy out on a date. Will Steffy say yes? Although he’s happily married to Hope, it’s been a while since the waffler flip-flopped between the sister wives, so he’s long overdue. And if Steffy does start dating someone, it could rekindle Liam’s feelings for her.

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3. Back On Track

When Bill opens his eyes this week, the first person he sees is Brooke, the woman he’s currently professing his love to, by his side. He is so moved by her words of encouragement and loyalty that he tells her he is a changed man. Rumor has it, he will remove his sword necklace and give it to Brooke. He’s hoping his change in attitude and Brooke’s concern for him will help him win her back. He also tells his sons Wyatt and Liam that he has changed for the better, and both will likely roll their eyes when they hear it.

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2. No Fault Accident

The investigation into Bill’s fall continues and Thorne will place the blame on Bill for starting the fight. To prove to Brooke that he really is a changed man, spoilers indicate Bill will tell Detective Sanchez that his fall from the balcony was an unfortunate incident and it was as much his fault as it was the fault of the Needle and Thread brothers. Ridge will be shocked by this, as he had assumed Bill would place the fault directly on his shoulders.

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1. Spencer Symbol Destroyed

Ridge will realize Bill had an ulterior motive for absolving him of any wrongdoing in his balcony fall, when he finds the sword necklace Bill gifted to his wife. Ridge becomes so angry about Bill’s advances to Brooke, that he will destroy the necklace. And later in the week, like a broken record, the Dressmaker will once again confront and threaten Bill. Stay tuned.

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