Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (September 23, 2019)

Published on September 19, 2019.

Wyatt makes a life-changing decision, this week on the Bold & The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Katie’s medical diagnosis is dire, and Shauna continues to fantasize about being in a relationship with Ridge. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of September 23, 2019.

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9. Wyatt’s Choice

Wyatt is still torn over his love for both Sally and Flo and this week he’ll make a huge decision that will affect their futures. He seems to be taking on the traits of his brother Liam, waffling over two women. But despite his mixed feelings, spoilers tease Wyatt will propose to Sally. The Spectra redhead has told him she wanted to take things slow, so she’ll be taken aback by his proposal. However, Sally does loves Wyatt, so will she say yes?

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8. Meddling Mother

Spoilers tease Quinn will do what she does best this week and will meddle in her son Wyatt’s life. She’ll tell Wyatt he should forgive Flo and kick Sally to the curb. Despite Flo’s lies and deceptions, Quinn still thinks she’s the right woman for Wyatt and she’ll be appalled when he tells her he proposed to Sally.

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7. Unsupervised Visit

B&B spoilers show that Ridge will catch Thomas in an unsupervised visit with his son Douglas. Does Thomas sneak into Brooke and Ridge’s house so he can see his son? Why Thomas would need supervision to see his own son is a mystery – he’s still his primary caregiver, even though the boy has been staying with Ridge and Brooke. Viewers know the last time Thomas saw Douglas, he was cruel to him, but he did have a breakthrough when the child told him he missed the daddy he used to be. Through his apologies to Steffy, Hope and Ridge, Thomas seems to have turned over a new leaf – but is it all just an act?

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6. Sally And Flo Run-In

Spoilers indicate Sally and Flo will have an unpleasant run-in at Bikini Bar this week. Sally will triumphantly inform Flo that Wyatt has proposed to her. This will certainly be tough for Flo to hear, as she knows Wyatt still loves her. He has been one of the few people who has shown her any compassion in the wake of the baby Beth reveal. Has Flo lost Wyatt forever?

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5. Exasperated Daughter

Flo will be irritated with Shauna this week as she continues to gush over Ridge. Shauna will once again be fantasizing about having a relationship with the fashion designer. Meanwhile, her daughter would just like to be accepted by the Logan women again and brought back into their fold. She knows if her mother decides to pursue Ridge, it would bring her nothing but a world of trouble.

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4. Shauna Is There For Ridge

Ridge will need to make an important decision next week and Shauna will be there to support him. Considering her growing feelings for the Forrester co-CEO, she will be thrilled to provide whatever encouragement he needs. What Ridge’s decision is remains to be seen, but will it propel Shauna even further into Ridge’s good graces?

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3. Katie Needs A Transplant

Katie will receive a dire diagnosis after her collapse. Rumor has it, her kidneys are failing her, and she will need a transplant to survive. Viewers are speculating that this will this be the start of Flo’s redemption story, as Katie’s family members get tested and Flo will be a match. But will Flo be willing to give up one of her kidneys to an aunt who just lambasted her and said she’d never forgive her for what she’d done?

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2. Logan’s Hold Vigil

Katie’s loved ones gather as her medical team seeks a solution to her condition. Vincent Irizarry will return as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, who helped save Thomas’ life after his fall at the cliff house. And Bill will proclaim his undying love to a comatose Katie. Will he end up losing the love of his life and mother of his son?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of September 30

Spoilers tease that Shauna will tell Ridge it’s just the start of her being in his life. Ridge seemed to appreciate Shauna’s caring attitude towards him after their chaste night together, but how will he react to her assertion? Also, it looks like Thomas has gotten over Hope. Rumor has it he will set a plan in motion to rid Forrester Creations of the Logans. What is Thomas’ revenge plan, and will it work? Keep watching to find out!

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