Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (September 30, 2019)

Published on September 27, 2019. Updated October 31, 2019

This week on The Bold & The Beautiful (B&B), Thomas puts the first step in his plot to take down the Logans into action when he tells Brooke about Ridge’s night with Shauna at Bikini Bar. Also, when Bill encounters Shauna at the hospital, trying to sneak in to see Katie, he will warn her to stay away from the Logan women. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for the week of September 30, 2019.

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9. Thomas’ Vow

Spoilers tease that after a classic stand-off between Brooke and Thomas, Ridge’s son will go on the offensive. Brooke has told Thomas she’s never going to forgive him for his manipulation of Hope and for keeping the baby Beth secret from her daughter. He’s also fully aware that she believes he is an unfit parent to his son Douglas. This week, Thomas will be on the warpath and will make a vow to take down Brooke and the Logans.

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8. Shauna Lends Ridge Her Support

When Brooke won’t support Ridge’s plan to unite his family, specifically his children Steffy and Thomas, Shauna will provide Ridge with a shoulder to lean on. Ridge is hoping Steffy and Thomas can get along again as siblings, but Brooke doesn’t believe Steffy should forgive Thomas for his part in keeping the truth about her adopted daughter Phoebe from her. Shauna will assure Ridge that she’ll be there for him when Brooke can’t be. Also, Shauna will confess to Ridge that she kissed him when he was passed out in the room upstairs at the Bikini Bar. But will Ridge be flattered or furious?

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7. Bill Warns Shauna

Speaking of Shauna, she will catch wind of Katie’s dire medical condition from her daughter Flo. Even though Flo is on the outs with the Logans, she will be very concerned about her aunt Katie and will wonder if she’s going to survive. This will prompt Shauna to head to the hospital to check on Katie. Bill will run into Shauna there as she tries to sneak in to see Katie. Rumor has it, he will warn Shauna not to come back and to stay away from all the Logan women.

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6. Bridge Bombshell

Thanks to his buddy Vincent, Thomas will become aware of his father’s secret, that Ridge spent the night with Shauna in the room upstairs at Bikini Bar. Spoilers indicate he will head to the bar to try and manipulate Danny into spilling the beans to Brooke. And Danny will do just that – he will tell Brooke about Ridge’s questionable behavior and how he crossed the line with Shauna. Brooke will be devastated and will confront Ridge.

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5. Ridge In Disbelief

B&B spoilers show that Ridge will be flabbergasted to find out that Brooke knows about his night with Shauna. Nothing happened between the pair, as Ridge had passed out, after drinking way too much. But Brooke doesn’t know this, and she will be very concerned, wondering if Ridge had cheated on her with Shauna. When she confronts him, Ridge will confess his wrongdoing to his wife and will assure her that nothing happened with Shauna. But will Brooke believe him?

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4. Custody Battle Brewing?

Concerned about Douglas, Hope will ask Liam to help her keep the little boy as far away from Thomas as possible. No fan of Thomas’, Liam will eagerly agree to this plan. Both Liam and Hope have told Douglas he is a hero for having exposed the baby Beth secret and reuniting them with their child. But will the pair go so far as to challenge Thomas for custody of Douglas?

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3. Teaming Up

Spoilers tease that Thomas is going to try to persuade Shauna to help him break up Brooke and Ridge. Thomas has made a promise that he will take Brooke down and he sees Shauna as someone who could be very helpful to him. Rumor has it, Shauna will be wary of teaming up with Thomas, considering how he had threatened her daughter only mere months ago. But she’s also been endlessly fantasizing about Ridge and trying to insert herself into the designer’s life. So more than likely she will agree to Thomas’ plan. After all, if the plot works, her prize could be Ridge.

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2. Mending Family Fences

Ridge will try to repair his relationships with Thomas and Steffy this week, specifically the crumbling connection between his two children. The last time Steffy saw Thomas, she was lambasting him for keeping the secret about baby Phoebe while he was lying in a hospital bed. A Soap Opera Digest spoiler photo shows the three family members together, and Thomas is trying to explain his position to his sister. But it doesn’t look like Steffy is buying what Thomas is trying to sell her. Will Ridge ever be able to mend his broken family?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of October 7

Spoilers tease Shauna will goad Brooke after Brooke warns the gold digger to stay away from Ridge. Also, as Katie’s condition worsens, a confident Bill will assure his fiancé they will find a kidney match for her. But deep down, Bill is extremely concerned about finding her a kidney in time. Will a donor match be found for Katie before it’s too late? Keep watching to find out!

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