Bold And The Beautiful Villains Ranked

Published on September 4, 2020.

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of heroes over the years but they just aren’t half as much fun as the villains. It takes a certain kind of wicked charm to bring a scoundrel to life and these characters have done it admirably. The following are 12 B&B villains ranked:

12. Bill Spencer

Dollar Bill arrived on the scene with a take no prisoner’s attitude in 2009. Since he’s been in LA, he has dumped Ridge out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf, relentlessly pursued Brooke when he was married to her sister Katie, sabotaged Sally and blew up the Spectra Fashions building with Sally and his son Liam inside. He also slept with Steffy while she was married to Liam, among many other dirty deeds. Bill would have been much higher up on this list, but he’s been neutered during the past couple of years. He used to be a force to be reckoned with, but when he fell off his balcony after a fight with Ridge and Thorne, he woke up a changed man.

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11. Deacon Sharpe

In previous years, Deacon would have also ranked higher as a villain, but he’s currently sitting in prison after trying to kill his ex-wife Quinn. During his reign as a B&B scoundrel, he knocked up Brooke with their daughter Hope, cheating on his wife (and Brooke’s daughter) Bridget in the process. He also blackmailed Amber and helped Quinn cover-up her kidnapping of Liam. Then he shot at Quinn and tried to kill her for pushing him off a cliff. The last time viewers saw him, Deacon was taken out of the Forrester mansion in handcuffs.

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10. Amber Moore

Amber Moore first appeared on the B&B as Rick and Hope’s babysitter. Hired by Brooke, she quickly took advantage of her situation and seduced Rick. During her nearly 15 years in LA, Amber stole and sold Brooke’s diamond tennis bracelet, pretended her cousin’s baby was her own after she miscarried, and conned Liam into thinking she was pregnant with his child. She also blackmailed Bill, stole designs from Forrester, and bought drugs off the internet for Hope.

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9. Pamela Douglas

Stephanie’s sister Pam Douglas arrived in LA in 2006. She immediately hated Donna for stealing Eric from Stephanie, and set out to make her life a living hell. She threatened her with a fake gun, turned Donna’s hair green, and set her up with a horrific tan just before her wedding to Eric. Pam even lured Donna to Big Bear cabin, poured honey all over her, and coaxed a bear inside. In the end though, it was determined that Pam had a brain tumor that was causing her villainous actions. She’s now friends with Donna and has even encouraged her to try to steal Eric from Quinn.

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8. Massimo Marone

Massimo would do just about anything to get what he wanted, in business and in his personal life. When he arrived on the B&B canvas in 2001, the first thing he did was pay Stephen Logan $5 million to take Brooke away from Los Angeles. When he found out his wife Jackie was having an affair with Deacon, he threatened him with a gun and spitefully hired someone to spike his rival’s drink, so he would fall off the wagon. He also tried to blackmail Jackie to keep Brooke and his son Nick apart and then published nude pictures of Brooke on LA billboards to try to stop her marriage to Nick.

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7. Aly Forrester

Born in 2004, Darla’s death affected her daughter Aly deeply. When she was only a child, she was so angry her father was marrying Taylor that she shredded the doctor’s wedding dress to bits. Then she and her father Thorne moved to Paris for a few years. She came back SORASed as a teen in 2013, obsessed with her hatred for Taylor. Aly threatened Taylor with an ax in 2014 but eventually forgave her for causing her mother’s passing. But she turned her anger on Taylor’s daughter Steffy and tried to hit her with her car in 2015, which resulted in Aly’s demise by the side of the road.

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6. Stephanie Forrester

Stephanie, the beloved Forrester matriarch, was a villain in her own right. She wasn’t above faking a heart attack to get her way, or luring Brooke to Big Bear Cabin so she could lambaste her and then try to strangle her. Stephanie also encouraged Andy to pursue Brooke, not knowing he would take it too far and end up raping her. She also slapped her way through LA, whacking Brooke, Deacon, Sheila, Sally, Jackie, and countless others. Stephanie also once put hot coals down Donna’s back when she was in a sauna because Donna was after her husband Eric.

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5. Dr. Reese Buckingham

Reese pretended to be a reputable doctor. He was Forrester model Zoe’s father, so just after he arrived in LA from London, he was introduced to almost everyone in town right away. But he had racked up $200,000 in gambling debts and thugs were threatening his daughter. So, when a very pregnant Hope showed up at this Catalina Island clinic with labor pains one stormy night, this scoundrel took advantage of the situation. He switched Hope’s daughter with a stillborn baby and then sold the child to Steffy.

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4. Thomas Forrester

Some fans believe Thomas was just recently turned into a B&B villain when Matthew Atkinson took over the role in 2019, but he’d actually been a bad boy for years. Ten years earlier he had attempted to set Rick’s house on fire and blew up his car. In exchange for Stephanie’s Forrester stock, Thomas lied and said he’d had sex with Brooke. Thomas also threw Rick through a second-story window and slept with Caroline when she was too drunk to provide consent. Most recently, the baddie ran Emma off the road when she was on her way to Hope’s house to tell her Beth was alive and then he secretly drugged Liam’s drink. These days, Thomas seems to have a new lease on life, but will he soon return to his wicked ways?

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3. Morgan DeWitt

Morgan was the definition of a femme fatale. A former model who dated Ridge, she was obsessed with her ex-boyfriend from the moment she arrived back in LA in 2000. During her tenure on B&B, Morgan tried to kill Clarke with a python and kidnapped Steffy and let Ridge and Taylor think she’d passed away. Then she held Taylor hostage when the doctor discovered her daughter alive and well in Morgan’s house. She also tried to drown Stephanie in a bathtub, hired someone to impersonate Brooke, and plotted to get herself pregnant by Ridge.

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2. Quinn Forrester

Quinn is one of those villains who takes delight in her actions and has no regrets. Since she arrived in LA in 2013, Quinn has pushed Ivy into the Seine River, threatened Liam with a sword, kidnapped Liam, possibly killed Mexican jeweler Ricardo Montemayor, pushed her ex-husband Deacon off a cliff, and spiked Brooke’s orange juice with vodka. Most recently, she coached her bestie Shauna to send a text from Ridge’s phone to Carter to file his divorce papers from Brooke, so Shauna could marry him. Deacon, a former villain in his own right, had Quinn pegged perfectly. “You are evil and manipulative and you’re going to wind up in a padded cell,” he told her shortly after he discovered she’d kidnapped Liam.

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1. Sheila Carter

Sheila was a nasty piece of work from the get-go. She arrived in LA in 1992, shortly after evading the law in Genoa City. And the number of depraved acts she committed during her B&B tenure is too long to list here, but here’s an attempt. Sheila drugged Eric, spiked Macy’s drink, kidnapped James, Ridge and Amber and held Stephanie, Brooke, Ridge, Lauren, Eric, and James at gunpoint. She also shot Stephanie, Brooke, and Taylor, killed Lance using a swarm of bees, and escaped from prison several times. During her 2017 stint on the sudser, Sheila tried to blackmail Charlie and attempted to kill Quinn during a couple of violent catfights, but she disappeared shortly afterward. Will this number one villain ever return to LA? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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