Popular Bold And The Beautiful Couples Ranked

Published on July 23, 2020. Updated October 28, 2020

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of popular couples during its 33-year history on daytime television. While some pairings have enjoyed years-long love affairs, others were brief, scandalous relationships. But what makes one couple more popular than another? Listed below are B&B’s most popular couples ranked.

12. Brooke And Bill

Brill lands at the bottom of this list due to the scandalous nature of their relationship. They’ve got great chemistry together, but this coupling was controversial from the start. These two carried on behind Brooke’s sister and Bill’s wife Katie’s back, making them a toxic combination. But recently, after witnessing a video of Bill and Brooke kissing, Katie told Bill they were through and she wouldn’t take him back. And with Brooke’s marriage to Ridge all but over, will Bill and Brooke turn to each other again?

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11. Flo And Wyatt

Flo ran into Wyatt at Bikini Bar just over a year ago and the two were surprised to see each other. They had been high school sweethearts back in Vegas and it wasn’t long before Wyatt dumped Sally to reunite with Flo. This couple is not exactly a fan favorite, but some viewers do like Flyatt together. Other fans will never be able to get over Flo’s involvement with Reese and will forever see her as a baby thief who is unworthy of Wyatt.

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10. Steffy And Liam

Steffy and Liam have broken up and gotten back together many times since they first met ten years ago. Liam professes to love Steffy, but the problem is, he always goes running back to Hope at the first opportunity. He’s broken Steffy’s heart many times over the years and although there are still some Steam fans left, most Steffy fans are happy she’ll finally be getting a new love interest. Could viewers have seen the last of Steam?

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9. Taylor And Ridge

Taylor first appeared on the B&B in 1990 and she and Ridge started dating shortly after Ridge’s wife Caroline passed away. Tridge was quite possibly one of the most popular super couples the B&B has ever seen. Ridge and Taylor had great chemistry between them and were on and off for years. But Taylor always had to compete for Ridge’s affections and although he did choose her occasionally, Brooke usually won his heart.

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8. Sally And Thomas

When Thomas returned to the B&B in March 2019, many fans were hoping it meant Sally and Thomas would reunite. Instead, they saw a Thomas who had blinders on. He was set on winning over Hope and barely spared a glance for Sally. But now that Hope has humiliated Thomas again and Sally’s relationship with Wyatt is about to crash and burn, will viewers see this popular couple reunite?

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7. Shauna And Ridge

Ridge and Shauna haven’t been together long but fans like their chemistry together and this couple’s sense of fun. Shauna is in love with the Forrester designer and he enjoys her company and seems captivated by her. And by the looks of it, fans will see a lot more of this popular couple. B&B spoilers tease Ridge and Shauna got married during their recent night out on the town in Vegas.

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6. Sally And Wyatt

Sally and Wyatt were both nursing broken hearts when they ran into each other at Bikini Bar. Sally had been abandoned by Thomas when they were in New York and she had returned to LA to drown her sorrows. Wyatt was in a similar place, having just been dumped by Katie. Knowing she had nowhere else to go, Wyatt told her she could stay at his place for a night. Then before they knew it, Sally and Wyatt ended up in bed together. This popular couple seemed like they were headed to the altar, until Flo arrived on the scene.

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5. Stephanie And Eric

The matriarch and patriarch of the Forrester family, Stephanie and Eric were one of the most popular couples on the B&B, until Stephanie passed away in 2012. Despite their often turbulent relationship, due to Eric’s habitual cheating and Stephanie’s obsession with controlling everything and everyone, these two always made their way back to each other.

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4. Maya And Rick

Rick and Maya endured several breakups and reconciliations over the years and were still together when they left LA for the Forrester Creations office in Paris. But when Maya returned to LA alone in December 2018, she shared the news that she and Rick had broken up. Since then, viewers haven’t seen much of Maya, although B&B’s Executive Producer Bradley Bell keeps hinting this popular couple will return.

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3. Quinn And Eric

Their relationship was an unconventional one and started out on rocky ground, but Quinn and Eric are one of the most solid and popular couples on the B&B. They have their ups and downs and Quinn even cheated on him once with his son Ridge. But Queric seems to be able to overcome any obstacle placed in their path and they remain together to this day.

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2. Hope And Liam

Hope and Liam have always enjoyed what seems like an eternal spark between them. They’re friends as well as lovers, which makes their love an enduring one. Even when this popular couple is apart, they always seem to be drawn to one another. Lope has been married three times, and most recently tied the knot again in March 2020. Will this couple finally get their happily ever after?

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1. Brooke And Ridge

This popular couple has been on and off for years now, having first met at a party Brooke’s family catered at the Forrester estate 33 years ago. They were immediately attracted to each other and have been married countless times. Brooke believes Ridge is and always will be her destiny. And although spoilers tease Ridge is now married to Shauna, Bridge is never apart for long. Will these two reunite some day? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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