Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For November 2020

Published on October 29, 2020.

November is always an exciting time in the land of soap operas, which is all thanks to sweeps! Romances are a little bit steamier, adventures a little more intense, and character returns are over-the-top! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is no exception to the sweeps rule, and below are some Days spoilers for November 2020.

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12. Baby Momma Drama

DOOL spoilers for November tease that fans will finally learn whether or not Tripp is Henry’s father. He said/she said storyline continues when the results do prove that Tripp is the baby’s dad, while Dalton continues to stand his ground and state the results are wrong. Kayla and Steve will still feel torn over the entire situation, with no resolution in sight.

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11. Allie Unleashes Her Inner Sami

According to Days spoilers, Allie will be very upset when Tripp STILL denies her assault and being Henry’s father, despite the test results proving he is. The entire scenario will unleash Allie’s inner Sami, as she makes some interesting moves against Tripp that will mirror what her mother would do. Watch out Salem! Sami 2.0 may be more vicious than the original!

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10. Ava’s Return

Speaking of Salem watching out, DOOL spoilers state that momma bear will be making her back to the little town sometime this month, just as it feels like everyone is turning their backs on Tripp. Added teasers indicate a plot twist to the entire Tripp-Allie saga in the form of a family tie, which means that while the DNA tests will link Tripp as Henry’s father, he is not.

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9. Gwen Sets Up A Trap

Across town, DOOL spoilers hint that Gwen will set Abigail up in a trap to destroy her own parent’s anniversary party. Sadly, Abby will fall for it. Gwen will plant a letter from Jack to Kate for Abigail to find. Abby will fall for the entire plan, hook, line, and sinker and will try to “expose this secret,” turning the entire party upside down.

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8. J.J. Returns

Sadly, the entire family will be privy to Abby’s outburst, as her brother J.J. is headed back to Salem this November! Actor Casey Moss will reprise the role, and Deveraux will stroll back into town for his parent’s party, and it seems as if he’s there to stay. There’s a very good chance that Gwen could try to cozy up to J.J., or maybe not? Some fans do speculate that Abby and Gwen may be sisters. If that’s the case, J.J. would be related to Gwen too.

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7. One-Night Stand

Speaking of getting cozy in the DiMera mansion, DOOL spoilers for November reveal that Jake and Kate will end up in bed together sometime this month. Days fans need to gear up for some steamy scenes ahead with these two; however, an unexpected character return could turn this romance upside down.

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6. The Hernandez Siblings Come Home

The good news is that Gabi and Rafe are headed back to Salem this coming month, but the bad news is that they’ll return to some chaos. While Kate and Jake will try to keep their one-nighter under wraps, Gabi is a smart cookie who will sense something is up, and see red once she figures out what went down.

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5. Rafe Is Devastated

Meanwhile, DOOL spoilers indicate that Rafe will be happy to home; however, devastated once he finds out what has gone done. Learning that Ciara has passed away and Hope has left town will leave him broken beyond belief. Is there anything that Hernandez can look forward to now? He may just throw himself into working at the police station.

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4. Wedding Bells For Shelle

DOOL spoilers hint at a “recommitment ceremony” for Belle and Shawn in November, and it’s important to note that this super couple never did get re-married after their last divorce. Added teasers note that Jan Spears won’t be too pleased with the event, and just may let her “crazy” show in a very dire way.

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3. Schemers Gonna Scheme

In some interesting Days spoilers, Xander will finally be able to convince Sarah that Philip can’t be trusted, and join forces with her boyfriend to scheme and bring Philip down! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Sarah and Xandy will work hard to figure out what Kiriakis is really up to and find out who his mystery “partner” is.

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2. Elani Drama

DOOL spoilers for November reveal that Lani will find out about Eli’s lie, and his role in getting BFF Kristen to confess about Victor’s stabbing. Seems as if he’ll be worried about her finding out, and that will cause him to confess. But will what Eli did jeopardize their soon-to-be happy little family? The twins are set to arrive, and DOOL spoilers offer plenty of hints around that happening by the end of November.

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1. Baby Love

Eli’s mom is headed back to Salem soon, as actress Vanessa Williams (Valerie Grant) posted photos and videos on her Instagram about being on the DOOL set. Lani’s brother Theo is also set for a return, with young actor Cameron Johnson recast in the role. Expect to see Theo and Valerie later in November. Does this mean they both return to see the twins? They’ll both want to be a part of the babies’ lives!

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