10 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 2)

Published on July 3, 2018.

Surprises, shocking old friends return, and Colonel Sanders? Port Charles celebrates American Independence Day as General Hospital (GH) storylines continue to heat up. Learn more about Nelle, Michael, JaSam, Peter, Carly, Sonny, and more in the 10 GH spoilers for the week of July 2nd.

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10. Nelle Is Taken Aback

GH spoilers indicate that Nelle will get surprised by Michael this week. Perhaps a diamond ring is in her near future? Michael is working over-time to make everything seem legit between him and Nelle, and a proposal seems like a perfect way to convince Nelle. Here’s hoping she slips up soon.

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9. Sonny Gets Good News

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Sonny receives some positive news this week. More than likely Jason will have a good update to give him on the status of his investigation. He, Spinelli, and Sam have been working very hard to help clear Carly, so here’s hoping she is close to getting released from Ferncliff.

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8. Sonny Offers Hope

GH spoilers hint that Sonny will provide some reassurance again this week. This probably means that he stops by Ferncliff to visit Carly. Much like he’s done in the past, he will most likely try and lift Carly’s spirits up this week in hopes to keep her sane. Carly is having a rough go at it right now.

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7. Liz Gets A Visit From An Old Friend

Liz receives a bit of shock this week when an old childhood friend visits, except she doesn’t really look the same. Terry, who happens to be Liz’s first kiss, shows up at her doorstep, and it turns out the old friend is now transgender. While Franco will be jealous at first, he will get over when he meets Terry himself.

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6. New Cameron

Cameron will look a tad different to fans, as actor Cade McWatt is recast into the role this week during July 4th celebrations in Port Charles. Clearly, Cameron will be SORASed, so GH audiences should note he will now be hanging around in the teen scene with Oscar and Josslyn moving forward.

Source: Cade McWatt’s Instagram

5. JaSam

Jason and Sam will share some nice moments with son Danny on the footbridge this week. After July 4th celebrations, Sam will keep on moving away from Drew’s scene. Sam realizes that a solid break is what these two need and she’ll continue with that in the weeks to come. It’s just easier for both individuals.

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4. Hope For Peter

Peter sees some hope this week when it comes to freedom. While there is some light at the end of the tunnel, GH spoilers still indicate that being let go will be delayed somewhat. Here’s hoping Peter can be patient, as it seems that Valentin is inches away from the truth.

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3. Julian’s Dreams

GH spoilers indicate that Julian is dreaming big for the future. He has expansion plans and he fills Kim in on them this week. There seems to be a lot going on for Julian, and GH spoilers promise a ton of fun for these two in the coming weeks as we dive deeper into summer.

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2. Program Notice

GH will be pre-empted on July 4th (American Independence Day). The ABC network will broadcast a repeat GH episode, the one in which Ava Jerome was in surgery and haunted by past sins (aired on January 17th of this year). The show will resume programming on July 5th.

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1. More Spoilers

Despite the four-day broadcasting week, there is a lot going on in Port Charles! Chase decides to come clean on something, while Maxie feels very conflicted about a current situation. Franco ends up having a very deep conversation with dad Scotty Baldwin, and George Hamilton will join the cast on Friday, July 6th, playing Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders.

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