General Hospital Character Returns That Totally Underwhelmed Fans

Published on October 8, 2020. Updated November 23, 2021

There’s nothing worse than when a favorite soap opera character is written off-canvas; however, there’s nothing more exciting than their comeback! Citizens of Port Charles leave the little town for several reasons, but there’s always room for a return. Sadly, some are better than others! Below are some General Hospital (GH) character returns that totally underwhelmed fans.

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12. Mac Scorpio

Once a staple in the land of Port Charles, Mac Scorpio is occasionally seen on GH nowadays. Undeniably a fan-favorite, there was a time in 2014 when he faded onscreen and wasn’t really involved in storylines. He did return in-and-around 2015, but the focus of his comeback centered around storylines that involved Maxie.

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11. Felicia Scorpio

The same could be said about Mac’s better half, Felicia. When she returned to storylines during that same time, it was more for the benefit of Maxie and her trials and tribulations. Having said that, the pair did have an interesting part to play in the Ryan Chamberlain twin-switch storyline in 2019. While their “returns” may have lacked luster, they both made up for it during this time.

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10. Nikolas Cassadine

Nikolas Cassadine’s comeback in 2019 has been stellar; however, back in 2016 when then-Nik (played by actor Tyler Christopher) was going through contract negotiations, his return was confusing. GH axed Cassadine in May of that year, but later it would be revealed that Nikolas was very much alive (played by recast Nick Stabile). As contract negotiations grew stale some months later, Nik passed away … again. With that said, there was a silver lining and Cassadine would end up very much alive come 2019!

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9. Jasper Jax

Jax is an iconic GH character, a fan-favorite, and has always been a risk-taker that was all about adventure. So, what’s happened? While fans were excited to see him return in 2019, and his link to Cassadine’s comeback was cool, he’s slowly become a bit of a homebody. Time to spice up the Jax character again!

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8. Hayden Barnes

While on the topic of 2019 returns that failed, fans can add Hayden Barnes to the list. She whirled back into town in the summer, Violet in tow, and many viewers held their breath for a Finn/Hayden reunion. Gladly, no one passed out, because audiences are still waiting to see these two reconnect. As quickly as she flew into town, she flew out. This was underwhelming on so many levels!

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7. Holly Sutton

While most fans had a feeling that Holly was alive, it feels like this storyline has gone on for far too long before a reveal. Could we blame the global health crisis on Holly’s underwhelming comeback? Not only did lockdowns delay show tapings, which resulted in reruns, actress Emma Samms has also been taping her current scenes remotely. This could explain the extreme plot twists.

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6. Ethan Lovett

Speaking of Sutton, was anyone else hoping that Ethan was returning for good? That wasn’t exactly the case, which was more than underwhelming. Comeback soap spoilers are great to help fans gear up for a return, but they can turn ugly (and fast) when viewers realize that the characters are only back for a short stint. Such was the case with Ethan Lovett’s 2020 return.

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5. Griffin Munroe

The same could be said about Griffin Munroe’s quickie appearance on GH, circa December 2019. He had a very abrupt exit from the soap earlier that year, so many were excited to hear about a return. Sadly, that lasted less than a week, with maybe a handful of scenes that he was involved in. There’s always a chance he could return in the future.

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4. Helena Cassadine

Whenever there are spoilers that tease a Helena appearance on GH, fans have to wonder if it’ll be a dream sequence, a memory, or she’ll appear as a ghost. With that said, there’s always a chance that she could come back to life; after all, she is a Cassadine. While it’s amazing to see her back in the fold when she does return, it is a tad annoying that her scenes are far and few between. Maybe it’s time to bring Helena back for good?

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3. Robin Scorpio

Everyone loves it when Robin Scorpio returns to Port Charles! We get an update on her life, her kids, her hubby, and more. With that said, her 2018 Nurse’s Ball comeback didn’t offer that much substance. Sure, it fulfilled some nostalgic memories around the event and Robin’s history in the little town, but not much more.

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2. Tracey Quartermaine

Tracey returned for the holidays in 2019, caused a little chaos, and then left. It was to be expected; after all, she only just left the show a couple of years back, so a brief visit was in order. But having her back in the mansion was just a reminder of the hole that is missing in the Quartermaine clan. It’s too bad her comeback wasn’t longer.

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1. Britt Westbourne

Since she left in 2014, Britt has been in-and-out of Port Charles multiple times. While some of her brief returns have brought forth some interesting storyline plot twists (like the time she lured her mom back to town for Anna), some haven’t been as exciting. Such was the case when she came back for the 2015 Nurse’s Ball. It seemed as if she only “caught” up with Brad, Liesl, and Spencer … so what was the point of Westbourne’s “return?”

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