General Hospital Characters Who Went From Exciting To Boring

Published on September 24, 2020. Updated May 5, 2022

Everyone has their favorites in the land of soaps. With that said, what happens when that one special character falls into a lull? This can happen quite a bit, especially for those characters who have been on shows for decades, and have seemingly “done it all.” Below are some General Hospital (GH) characters who have gone from exciting to boring.

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12. Alexis Davis

Alexis still has her hands in many pots when it comes to GH storylines. She’s linked to Jason and Sam, Sonny (because of Kristina), and her daughter Molly. Plus, she remains very connected to a lot of her exes. Despite some interesting storylines, Alexis has gotten a little boring over the years. Perhaps a new and fresh chapter is what she needs, and her involvement with The Invader will supply new adventures.

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11. Kristina Corinthos

Speaking of, one has to wonder where Kristina has been lately? She hasn’t been a part of the Corinthos family’s mourning of Mike, and since her Shiloh storyline, she hasn’t been involved in much. Kristina has done some interesting things over the years, but seems to be very low-key in Port Charles as of late. There were rumors that she would take over Charlie’s Pub, but now that Phyllis is running the bar, Kristina is rarely seen.

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10. Jasper Jax

Jasper Jax is a legend in the land of Port Charles. He used to be a real playboy but has toned it all down significantly since he returned to GH in 2019. He was still a prominent figure in storylines up until 2021, when his relationship with Nina fell apart (and portrayer Ingo Rademacher’s relationship with GH did the same). Something tells us that Jax won’t be coming back from Australia anytime soon!

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9. Dev Cerci

When Dev showed up in Port Charles, the character had a ton of promise. He had a history with Sonny (helping him find Dante in Turkey), and the little lie they concocted to keep the youngster in town was very interesting. So was trying to keep that lie hidden from everyone. Since then, everything has gone downhill for Dev. He had zero sparks with Josslyn, and other than being the fourth wheel of the town’s teen scene, he doesn’t have much of a storyline.

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8. Franco Baldwin

James Franco’s version of “Franco” spiraled considerably over the years. How do you go from a rich, dynamic, and eccentric artist obsessed with Jason Morgan to a domesticated art therapist who can’t make ends meet? Got to love the land of soap operas! To boot, everyone loved and trusted Franco near the end of his life. It’s understandable that they chose to axe the character!

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7. Elizabeth Webber

Elizabeth is certainly a well-loved character; however, she’s gotten incredibly boring over the years. Could it be her storylines? Her marriage to Franco didn’t help matters. She is a mom and nurse, with a ton of responsibilities with raising three boys. How exciting could she be at this point? Nonetheless, she’s still a major fan-favorite, so here’s hoping the writers can think up something more creative for her.

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6. Monica Quartermaine

Monica is a legendary GH character who has done a lot on the soap opera. In fact, it has to be challenging to come up with new and different storylines for Monica each year. She’s battled breast cancer, affairs, and the passing of her beloved husband. It’s got to be hard to top some of the storylines she’s been through.

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5. Bobbie Spencer

Much like Monica, Bobbie’s lived quite the life. She’s dealt with the loss of a child, struggled with marriages, an adoption (that almost went wrong), not to mention her years as a prostitute, and the emotional and physical abuse she endured as a child. She may have “boring” storylines now, but this character has been through a lot. What more can she do at this point but pass on her wisdom to kids and grandkids?

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4. Dustin Phillips

Nice guys are great, but there’s a reason why they finish last in the land of soaps. It’s terrible to say, but sometimes “nice guys” in Port Charles are boring. Such is the case with Dustin. As horrible as it feels to relay this fact (because he’s been such a great boyfriend to Lulu), Dustin Phillips was boring. Plus, he’s no Dante.

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3. Lulu Spencer

While on the topic, did Lulu get boring because of Dustin? Birds of a feather flock together! All joking aside, Lulu Spencer has always had a certain spark to her. She’s a firecracker, and that’s why fans love her so. Ever since she has fallen into a coma, however, she isn’t the spitfire she used to be. Seems mean to call a character boring because they’re in a coma… but, c’mon, wake up already!

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2. Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins had a pretty interesting storyline last year when his brother captured him, locked him up in a mental facility, and then paraded around as him. With that said, while Ryan is the “evil” twin, Kevin is certainly the “boring” one, which makes this dynamic such an interesting watch. Yes, Kevin has gotten boring without his serial killer twin running around, but maybe that’s a good thing.

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1. Mac Scorpio

Is it that Mac Scorpio has gotten boring, or is it that his storylines aren’t as exciting as they used to be? Maybe GH isn’t using this legendary character to his full potential? It’s hard to say. It’s also undeniable that Mac is still charming, smart, a great detective, and good looking. He just needs a newer (and more exciting) chapter.

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