10 Hollywood Moms Who Lost the Baby Weight the Fastest!

Published on October 31, 2013. Updated March 12, 2014

Many celebrities lose weight quickly after their pregnancies. They have shows filming, concerts planned and other professional commitments. Actresses, singers and models have to slim down quickly to get back into the spotlight. These women slimmed down so fast it was stunning.

10. Fergie

It’s unclear how much weight Fergie gained and lost recently with her first pregnancy. The singer was seen only four weeks after the birth of her son, Axl Jack. The singer looked even slimmer than before she had the baby.

Lost: baby weight in four weeks for a public appearance.

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9. Pink

The singer gained 55 pounds during her pregnancy. After giving birth to her daughter, Willow, the singer knew she had to hit the gym. She worked out with celebrity trainers to get back into shape. She lost the weight with hard work and exercise. It took nearly a year since she could barely exercise after the birth of her daughter. Now, she claims to be in the best shape of her life.

Lost: 55 pounds in less than a year.

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8. Halle Berry

At age 42, Halle Berry gained 35 pounds with her recent baby, Nahla. The actress was back to her pre-baby weight within three and a half months. Only weeks after having her daughter, Berry was ready to begin her workout and diet routine to slim down. She ate a sensible diet but most of her weight loss can be attributed to exercise. Cardio, lunges, jogging, hiking and kickboxing were part of Berry’s workout routine.

Lost: 35 pounds in three and a half months.

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7. Marcia Cross

After gaining 65 pounds with twins, Marcia Cross had five months to get back into shape before Desperate Housewives would renew its work schedule. The actress worked out between three and five days a week with a trainer. She jogged, used weight resistance training and worked out without her trainer too.

Lost: 65 pounds in five months.

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6. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey says she gained an enormous amount of weight. The legendary singer gained at least 70 pounds with her pregnancy. The first week after giving birth she lost almost 40 pounds of water weight. It took three months to lose the rest of the 30 pounds of weight gain.

Lost: 30 pounds in three months.

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5. Beyonce

Very curvy, Beyonce has always been proud of her body. She wasn’t particularly proud of how much pressure she put on herself to lose the baby weight after giving birth to Blue Ivy. The 31-year-old singer gained 57 pounds with her pregnancy, but needed to shed most of that for a show booked three months after she gave birth. She credits low-calorie eating and exercise to her weight loss.

Lost: 57 pounds in three months.

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4. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen gained 30 pounds over the nine months of her second pregnancy. She said with careful eating and yoga three times a week, she didn’t pack on extra weight. The supermodel took less than two months to lose 30 pounds of baby weight.

Lost: 30 pounds in two months.

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3. Heidi Klum

No stranger to the catwalk, in 2005, Klum gave birth to her son Henry knowing that within two months she would have to shed the 35 pounds she gained with the pregnancy. The Victoria’s Secret model had a catwalk, runway show planned. The model and mom worked out for two hours every day to slim down in time to wear a bra and panties in front of millions of viewers.

Lost: 35 pounds in two months.

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2. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr gained between 30 and 40 pounds with her pregnancy. After giving birth to Flynn, Kerr was walking the catwalk modeling bikinis within a few months. A month or two after that, she was smaller than ever before. Her post baby slim down can be credited to healthy eating and exercise.

Lost: Almost 40 pounds in two months.

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1. Kate Hudson

The actress gained 70 pounds during her second pregnancy. She says it was easier for her second child presumably because she had experience with how hard the weight loss can be. She had to lose the weight within three and a half months. She devoted six hours of her day to a work out plan. Hudson would perform an hour of cardio, Pilates and yoga three times throughout her day.

Lost: 70 pounds in three and a half months.

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