Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital Star Finola Hughes

Published on July 5, 2017. Updated January 18, 2022

Finola Hughes is a soap opera legend. She has played the dynamic role of Anna Devane (on and off) on General Hospital (GH) from 1985 until now, as well as on All My Children (AMC). She’s beautiful, talented, charming, and loved by her peers and colleagues. Is there anything more that we can say about GH’s Finola Hughes? Absolutely! Below are some things you may not know about the soap opera actress.

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10. Arts Education

Finola plays super spy Anna Devane, an incredibly strong and intelligent woman who fights for justice. However, she has a love of dance and performing with training at London’s Arts Educational Schools. She took part in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s London production of Cats in 1981 by playing Victoria the White Cat.

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9. Films

As accomplished as Hughes is in the land of daytime drama, she’s made a significant contribution when it comes to movies as well. Some may be aware of her Staying Alive role as “Laura” who was romantically linked to John Travolta’s Tony Manero character. Hughes also played a soap actress in 1991’s Soapdish, and gained a leading role in Aspen Extreme. She’s also dabbled in film direction with her debut in 2013 for a movie called The Bet. Her second stint as a director took place more recently with the Byrd and the Bees in 2015.

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8. Prime Time

Like a lot of other soap actors/actresses, Hughes has a long prime time resume. She landed a role on the comedy series Blossom and also had a huge part in Aaron Spelling’s primetime soap, Pacific Palisades. Sadly, that show didn’t last long, but Finola could also consistently be seen on Charmed, and had guest roles on CSI: NY, Melissa & Joey, as well as Hope and Faith.

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7. Family Life

The life of a busy soap actress should not be all work and no play! In 1992, Finola wed Russell Young. Some years later, their son Dylan arrived… and then there was three! In 2005, the couple decided to adopt a boy (Cash) and then later adopt their daughter, Sadie, in 2007. Seems like Finola definitely has her hands (and heart) full with an incredible family!

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6. Good Twin/Bad Twin

GH fans have recently been re-introduced to Anna Devane’s evil twin Alex in a crazy storyline that also involved Valentin Cassadine. Interesting enough, while she won a Daytime Emmy in 1991 for her Anna Devane character on GH, years later she’d be nominated for her AMC Alex character, yet did not capture the statue that time around. The good twin always wins!

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5. Special Relationship With Robin

Both Finola and Kimberly McCullough (Robin, Anna’s daughter) debuted on GH in 1985 and have a unique bond. After all, Hughes has watched McCullough grow up over the years and has played her onscreen mom for over three decades. In a Soap Opera Digest article from earlier this year, Hughes relayed just how important it felt to have Kimberly around during Anna’s cancer storyline, and how she appreciated her support.

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4. Digging Deep For A Storyline

Speaking of Anna’s cancer storyline, the acclaimed actress dug really deep to understand the emotions that her character would feel, dealing with such a deadly illness. She reached out to a patient who had the rare blood cancer of polycythemia vera (PV), and took notes on how the woman dealt with the condition on a daily basis.

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3. Professionalism At Its Best

An actress doesn’t stay on the same show for decades without showing the utmost professionalism. It must be interesting for Finola to work with Kathleen Gati, the actress who portrays Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Anna Devane’s onscreen nemesis, but the two have an incredible relationship. In an October 2013 interview, Gati relayed just how amazing it is to work with Finola, and how hard-working and professional the actress is. She also stated how much fun she’s had over the years being Anna’s number one nemesis.

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2. How Finola Feels About Faison

Cesar Faison has had this weird obsession with Anna Devane over the years. While he undoubtedly loves her, he’s done some terrible things to her and Robin. How does Finola feel about the actor that plays Faison? In an October 2013 interview, Hughes relayed how much she’s loved working with Anders Hove over the years. She noted that he is inventive, electric, and a giving actor. Despite the horrible plots over the years at the hands of Faison, Hove is clearly amazing to work with and Hughes completely adores him.

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1. Most Memorable Scene

What has Finola’s most memorable scene over the years been? In that same October interview, Finola stated that looking for little Robin when she was lost in the late ‘80s was the one that has remained with Hughes all these years. Interesting tidbit, while Robin was found on the streets of San Francisco after a search, it turns out all those scenes were all shot in Canada, of all places! Who knew?

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