10 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (July 9)

Published on July 9, 2018.

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! This promises to be a huge week in the land of Genoa City! Someone gets arrested, a character makes a splashing return, while a super couple continues to make plans for the future. Learn more about what will happen to Kyle, Summer, Billy, Jack, Shick, and The Moustache in the Y&R spoilers for the week of July 9.

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10. Kyle Gets Arrested

The week in Genoa City will kick off with an arrest. Kyle’s little gravedigging debacle will get him buried into some deep trouble (pun intended), as flashing lights and sirens will meet the young Abbott as he tries to dig up some evidence at Philip Chancellor’s grave site. While Kyle is desperate to gather something for Jack in terms of a paternity test, the adventure will land him in jail.

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9. Jess Is Back

Jill returns this week shortly after Kyle’s gravedigging stunt. She’ll be all in a huff about her ex’s grave being dug up. While Jack understands what Kyle did was over the top, Y&R spoilers indicate that he will probably defend him to Jill. While Jack may point out that what Kyle did was a tad drastic, Jill has blocked every attempt the two have made to figure out if Jack is indeed a Chancellor. Drastic times lead to drastic measures.

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8. Summer Stumbles

No huge shocker her, but Summer does something really stupid this week. The real shocker does not lie within Summer’s stunt, rather the fact that Billy comes to her rescue. This move will continue a pattern between these two, which is keeping secrets from Phyllis. While Summer has nothing really to lose, Billy is digging a deep hole.

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7. J.T. Sighting

Sharon and Nikki will go on about their J.T. sighting this week. Nikki will truly believe that J.T. is alive and wonder what the foursome should do next. She’ll also be quite concerned about what J.T. has in store for them when it comes to revenge. Surprisingly enough, Sharon will try and remain cool about the entire ordeal. As the week goes on, Phyllis and Victoria will be given an update. This will inevitably spark some conflict in the group, as they banter on what to do next.

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6. Mariah Is Nervous

Mariah will lose her cool when she hears about the J.T. sighting. She’s concerned that he might be armed and dangerous, and she’ll get very nervous around the idea he’s roaming around Genoa City and the Newman Ranch. Nick reassures both Mariah and Sharon that he’ll do everything in his power to make sure no one he loves suffers at the hands of J.T.

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5. Shick Time

Some good news for Sharon this week. She and Nick will chat about their future, plan their wedding, and look onward to their happily ever after. Nick is hoping to get Christian back so the two can move forward; however, Y&R fans known that J.T. being alive could place a wedge in all the plans that Shick have on the horizon.

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4. The Moustache Gets A Message

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor gets a shocking message this week. It will rock the Moustache to his core, where he feels a big showdown is coming. There’s a good chance he’ll begin to prepare for it, but who could the message be from? While arrows seem to be pointing at J.T., the truth is, this message really could be coming from anyone. Regardless, Victor will prepare for a war this week, and it’s a showdown Y&R fans won’t want to miss!

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3. Love Is In The Air

Y&R spoilers indicate that love just may be in the air for Ashley and Neil quite soon. This week, Neil will try and place some romantic indicators out there for Ash, and Y&R spoilers hint she’ll be accepting of them. Both these characters deserve a little love in their lives and they really do have all the qualities that scream soap opera super couple. Only time will tell.

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2. Hilary Turns To Nate

Hilary gets shaken up by a baby scare this week and she’ll head to Nate with her concerns. Thankfully, the good doctor checks her out and reassures her that there is nothing to worry about. While she does let him know about some cramping, Nate believes that this is a normal pregnancy symptom and waves her concerns.

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1. More Spoilers!

Lots more going on in the land of Genoa City this week that Y&R fans won’t want to miss! Jack makes Cane a promise, while Hilary helps Phyllis out with something. Nate continues to try and settling back into town, while Mariah looks for some advice when it comes to dealing with Tessa.

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